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Illia is a land built on strife. Wars and conflict have shaped, defined and reshaped the continent. Recently Illia has been blessed with a few decades of peace. Unfortunately it was not meant to remain that way.

Dragons, beings of elemental fury that were thought extinct, returned and darkened the sky. In one horrific day the world as you know it has changed. Cities razed, armies of dragonborn marching across the land and hobgoblins, orcs, giants and worse emerge from their settlements to join in the carnage. Never before has such a wide-scale takeover occurred. Humans are scattered and their empire has fallen. The Elves and Eladrin have been pushed from their homes and are on the verge of defeat. Dwarves fend off against giants and orcs and are constantly under siege.

A small group of heroes emerges from the despair, aided by the enigmatic Order of Vigilance. They strike the dragons when the world is still reeling backwards. Though why did the dragons attack? How did they mount such a comprehensive offensive simultaneously? The answer is out there, though there’s no knowing what you’ll find At World’s End.

Welcome to the home page for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign At World’s End! Here you will find information about the world, people, places and other bits of information that might not be mentioned in game. It is recommended that you look over the stuff here so that you have a bit of an understanding about how this world works.

At World’s End is an online 4th Edition D&D campaign, played using the Maptool Virtual Table Top (v. 1.3.b63) and Team Speak 2 voice chat programs. The scheduled time is Monday evening from 6pm to 9pm Pacific Standard Time (9-12 EST). If you have any questions, you can email me at

At World's End

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