At World's End

A New Ally

Krinya submits, Bridge is yours

So this week you continued the battle with Krinya, the commander of the forces holding Bridge. You previously learned she was Arjhan’s niece, and she fought viciously knowing that you had killed him. She presumed that you killed him to take power: to rule over New Arkhosia as High Prophet.

Despite the battle looking grim at times, you subdued Krinya and forced to her talk. With a few well-worded arguments and not a few threats she realized the truth about Arjhan’s death: it was his own doing, and his choices regarding the resurrection of the empire was built on false pretenses. You told her about the dragons’ cruelty and lack of divinity. She did not believe you at first, but slowly came around to see that the dragons were merely using their subjects for selfish reasons; not for any noble attempt to recreate the dynasty.

You asked for her help in the war, if she would join forces and fight with you. She refused to join because the red dragon Rathoraiax (RATH-or-EYE-ax) watched over the lands, and sometimes checked on the city. If he found the city deserted, there is no doubt he would raze the surrounding land until he caught the deserters and slaughtered them. You learned that Rathoraiax is especially cruel and sadistic. You also learned that he keeps his lair built within the ruins of the old keep Harrenhall; some of you have heard of it.

As you relayed this information back to Eramor and the other leaders Jiergan informed you that this dragon, Rathoraiax, is keeping prisoner a very important creature, one that could very well turn the scales in the coming battles. He stressed it was imperative that you rescue this prisoner at all costs, and that slaying Rathoraiax was secondary to this goal.

So with that information you decided, rather quickly, to head to the keep and slay this dragon (your first red dragon) and see what creature could be so important.

Session Log:



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