At World's End


The heroes were ambushed! While traveling in Hestevar, the heroes were ambushed by a group of devils and dragonkin, all of whom were very intent on killing the group. In fact, there were a few times when the enemies were one or two strikes away from killing the whole party.

Still, like the stubborn heroes they are, the group pulled it together and hung onto victory and defeated the assailants. The devils’ corpses didn’t remain long to be examined, but the dragonkin, which you found out were a strange type of Mithril Dragonkin, had some kind of religious symbol emblazoned on their armor: a multicolored circle with golden threads trailing off the top and bottom of it. You’re not sure what this could imply, but it’s something you could look into at the Swan Tower.

In other news, you found some magic items!

  • 2 Astral Diamonds on the dragonkin
  • +5 Mithril Dragonscale Armor (in compendium: Pelaurum Rampager’s Scale Armor)



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