At World's End

Beneath the Ruby Court

The doorway to hell

This session started with the resurrection of Runt, finally. Though he was revived as a pretty chibi schoolgirl, unfortunately, since Lumi couldn’t manage to get his original body. That didn’t last long though, and Lumi was forced to remove the illusion after a beating.

Shortly there-after the heroes picked up the trail of Sanzenin and her bodyguard Ryuunosuke. The two of them descended beneath the throne room into a labyrinthine cavern. Hours of tracking trails later they passed through the home of a medusa, who they found hacked and slashed to pieces. Apparently the two had come through this way.

Further in you passed through a crypt, with unmarked sarcophagi. Further past this you descended deeper into the bowels of the earth. The temperature increased to an uncomfortably high point, and in random spots the temperature plummeted to freezing. It was very strange.

At the very deepest point in the caverns, you entered into a rough cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. At the entrance you could feel a light, warm breeze blowing towards you, making this entire chamber feel like the maw of some monstrous beast.

More to come tomorrow

Session Log:

Also, rest in peace Justin, you will be missed. Orsik is in good hands.



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