At World's End

Confronting Drakenrad

Drakenrad is a mithril dragon that conspired to rule in Bahamut’s stead. When he brought this to Bahamut’s council, he was flatly denied, and cast out of Celestia for his insolence. It was then he conspired with an archdevil to regain the radiant throne, and with this archdevil’s help, assaulted Bahamut’s realm. Drakenrad slew the council members, the angelic hosts, and any others that were unfortunate enough to be there, including Jiergan, who only just barely managed to send a message for help.

That message got to our heroes, who were back from Granville and dealing with Howell. They quickly traveled to Celestia and found the place looking pristine. Everything in Bahamut’s realm looked as if it were made of precious metals or gems; leaves looked to be made of emeralds, skin looked like agate, the sea seems to be made of liquid silver crystal. Angelic blood stained the floors gold.

After battling through a host of infernal defenders, as well as a colossus of justice, the heroes found Jiergan recently deceased. Lumi got to work resurrecting the dragonborn, and when he had returned, he sought to enter the fray once more, and he did so, defending the halls from more hordes of devils while the heroes dealt with Drakenrad in the Hall of Judgement; a courtroom where Bahamut doles out his justice.

Drakenrad was not like normal dragons; he was instead snake-like, with no wings and short clawed legs (like an East Asian dragon). When the heroes first saw him he was talking with a regal devil, who disappeared soon after their arrival. Drakenrad informed the characters that their efforts to defeat Tiamat and resurrect Bahamut was folly, for the two exist as two halves of a whole. With one, so must there be the other, and so if Bahamut were to return, Tiamat must inevitably return as well. His goal was not to resurrect Bahamut, but to end both of them, and in doing so, end the war that has existed between them since their birth.

Needless to say, the characters found his actions deplorable, and a fight broke out. The fight ended, however, when the characters, through a combination of tactical genius, clever improvisation, and a lot of luck, subdued the dragon. Krayus offered him a choice: Either he dies, or he surrenders his shard of Io’s essence and can live. Drakenrad took the latter option, relinquishing his shard of Io’s divinity to Krayus.

After the battle, the powers blocking the portals in the chamber were released, and two portals activated, and figures stepped out of either of them: Moradin, and Kord, the two other deities residing in Celestia. The talk with them was also brief, but they vowed to aid the characters, and to marshal their armies against Tiamat to end this conflict. The characters were tasked with one thing: to find the location of Tiamat’s lair, so that it could be assaulted. Before they left, Moradin gifted the hammer War to Brimtim.

After the deities left, a third figure entered: the devil the characters saw with Drakenrad appeared in the room, stating how impressed he was, and that he has a proposition for the characters that they’ll certainly be interested in…




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