At World's End

Fight for Survival

Sorry for the delay; there isn’t much special that’s going on except for combats, so I’ve not recorded anything important.

However, last session something new happened: Kalarel arrived, riding atop a dracolich, and threatened to destroy your army, forcing you to take to your airship and fly up to meet him. We stopped before the fight started since only 3 people were there, and I didn’t want to slaughter you. Next session you’ll have to face off against him and save your army!

Part 2

Session Log:

Part 1

This week, At World’s End, the heroes finished their research at the Swan Tower in Hestevar and returned to Starfall to discuss their next move. They have 3 options sitting before them:

1) Travel to Granville and confront Skyshatter the exarch of Tiamat and as such, he could be the key to defeating Tiamat. While in Granville, they can also deal with Howell, whom Dispater told Lumi, Tallon and Sorn to kill.

2) Find a way to get to Celestia, home plane of Bahamut, and find out what’s going on with Drakenrad, the Mithral Dragon who sent assassins to kill the group while in Hestevar.

3) There is report of a small group of survivors from the attack on the Imperial City that are located in some ruins in a forest south-west of the city. Rurik was dispatched to see what’s going on, and hasn’t reported back. It might be worthwhile to see if these survivors are still alive.

In the end, the heroes chose to investigate the reports of survivors in the forest. Jiergan had gone away to Celestia to deal with Drakenrad as well as he could, and left word that he would bring the players there if he needed their help. And Howell or Skyshatter weren’t in immediate need of dealing with.

The trip took a week on the Death Knell, but they eventually found the hidden ruins among the forests, where Rurik came to greet the heroes, and show them back to camp. We’ll see how this turns out next week.



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