At World's End

Forest Guardians

"Trees shouldn't have faces"

Our heroes departed from the drow cave after rescuing the elves. Using Tallon’s magical and very fast phantom steeds, they trimmed a 2-3 day walk into a mere 12 hours of hard riding and no rests. Upon reaching the isle in the middle of the Morning Sun lake, they searched for where Lucan’s tomb might be. They found a heart-tree in the center of a clearing, with a small tunnel leading underground. This tunnel lead directly to a small grotto in which several trees grew, despite no sunlight. A single large tree dominated the room.

They met with a beautiful elf, whom mistook them for intruders and power-seekers. Her fury channeled into the surrounding trees, and a treant awoke, along with two woodland warriors. The battle raged, with the treant’s bulk warding against attacks. Even hell-fire and magic had little effect on the power of nature’s furry. Lets hope that our heroes can survive the fight and find their way to Lucan’s tomb. Hopefully that will hold some clues as to what the dragons might be after.

Session Log:


“Even hell-fire and magic had little effect on the power of nature‚Äôs furry.”

I’m fairly certain Lia was on our side in that fight.

Forest Guardians

Shh! I meant “flurry”

Forest Guardians

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