At World's End

Go to Hell!

Part 2: A Deal with the Devil

Session Log:

Part 1: Ten seconds into Hell, and all I got was captured.

Our first session of the new year saw some trouble brewing for the group. Team A (Lumi, Tallon and Sorn) continued their descent beneath the ruined city of Vor Rukoth, where they previously found, and destroyed, a gateway to hell. When that happened, they also learned that the warlord of Lumi’s home village was also there, and somehow mixed up in all this. She fled through the gate after it had been destroyed, and the team wasn’t nearly prepared enough to go after her, so she got away.

They’re back there now, and searching for this warlord, as she may have some connections the players need to know about. Well, they got to Vor Rukoth, and did a little investigating. A quick View Location ritual showed them the gate, and it seemed that there wasn’t too much activity. Some kind of building was erected on the other side of the portal, but this side had little going on, save for some patrols of devils. The caverns had shifted to a more infernal look: rivers of lava, stone being turned into twisted and jagged metal, the usual.

Well when the group sneaked down and through the portal as boss-status characters are wont to do, they learned that the structure built on the hell side of the portal was a fortress made entirely of metal. Inside, well, were a bunch of devils.

Battle soon broke out between the 3 heroes and the legions of devils, led by three powerful generals: Baalzephus the Iron Tyrant, Mephistus the Mkindbreaker, and Entralius the Thane of Elements. Battle ended quickly in the heroes’ surrender as the devils overwhelmed Sorn by immobilizing him in lava, away from where anyone could save him. This led to his near-death and the surrender.

The heroes later found out they would be taken to the Iron Citadel, wherever that may be, and were clamped in chains and shackles for the trip.

For causing the party of heroes to surrender, Team B’s players all receive 2 prestige points!



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