At World's End

In Search of Knowledge

After Team A’s debacle in Hell, and Team B’s half-success in the Shadowfell, the two teams regrouped at Starfall to plan their next move. Since knowledge is power, the party decided to travel to the Astral Sea and seek out Ioun, the goddess of knowledge. To that end, they’re going to search for the same portal that kicked them out into Sigil, and see if they can find their way from there. The other option was hunting down a crashed Githyanki dreadnought, stealing its engine, and adding it to the Death Knell.

You decided to go to Sigil, since you found the portal on Starfall still remains. You came out somewhere different, but managed to track down a helpful Celestial who told you about Hestavar, where Ioun is located, and some other tidbits in exchange for some gold. Krayus went on a hunt and found the old merchant who sold you your first gate key, and purchased a similar gate key, this one a glass flower, that leads to a plaza in Hestavar.

You got to Hestavar, and an elf approached you, offering to lead you around, since the city can be confusing to new-comers. As Jon the Elf showed you around, you noticed you were being followed. You kept your distance and kept moving. You focused so much on that stalker, in fact, that you didn’t notice that you walked into quiet back-alley of Hestavar, where a cleverly laid ambush was sprung.



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