At World's End

Kalarel Falls

A long way

The heroes fought a short and violent battle with Kalarel 200 feet above the ground. Several of the heroes were injured and it was looking grim, but their victory was sealed when Runt leaped onto the flying dracolich and punched Kalarel off his mount, sending him falling 200 feet, and killing him.

Kalarel’s death rippled through the hordes of undead, causing them to lose their coherence and begin wandering aimlessly; it was a simple matter to clean up the rest of the enemies. Of the 180 troops that went into this battle 145 remain standing, if a little worse for wear.

Upon inspection the heroes found that Kalarel’s body is missing and left in the spot where it would be is a pile of ashes ground up into the muddy rock, and a mummified hand, severed right below the elbow. This hand seethes some kind of dark magic, but you have yet to unlock its powers. When Lumi touched the hand, it sprang to life and attempted to claw at his left arm, and became still when he quickly dropped it in response. Lumi has tucked this hand safely away in a locked box and is keeping it on his person for future study.

In the aftermath of the battle, the soldiers begin talking about relocating to a castle town a few days away; with the undead threat gone for now they can make the trip without being attacked. The heroes decide this is a good idea and accompany the fighting force. Runt even convinces the Shifters to go with, and begins integrating them into society. To mark Runt’s newfound leadership, his pack has gifted him with a set of cloth armor made for the leader.

Meanwhile, Tallon has become a popular person among the soldiers: the youthful face of the new order. When everyone arrives at the town and discover its citizens were spared Ashardalon’s wrath there is hope for a new life. The noble running this town was not so lucky, however, and had gone mad what with everything going on, leaving the people to fend for themselves.

Next session will see the heroes traveling back to Granville to confront Howell, as they were told to by Dispater. Perhaps while they’re there they will find Skyshatter, whom they know is an exarch of Tiamat, and they know that to face the Dragon Queen, they’ll need to craft weapons and items from the remains of a slain exarch.


  • You all gains 2 levels! You can earn a prestige point by sending me your character sheet and updating your token before our next session (I’ll start the server early)
  • Runt, thanks to your new leadership position, you were given some really nice cloth armor
  • Leave a comment and let me know if there’s anything specific you want to do with this town situation, otherwise I’ll assume that nothing of interest happens, and we can move on.



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