At World's End

Khorvash of the Red Hand

With a side of dragon

This week we started with the heroes ambushing a group of human mercenaries and soldiers, along with their dragonborn commander: Khorvash, Sergeant of the Red Hand. The battle was short and fierce, with major wounds all around. Khorvash somehow gleaned power of Tiamat and was able to stun the heroes with his frightening roar and dark presence, but the heroes overcame! They knocked out Khorvash and interrogated him for the meaning of their presence.

Khorvash did not supply anything important, save that they were looking for the tomb of Rhogar to find the powerful artifact sealed with his tomb: these Mortal Instruments must be powerful for the dragons to send such a strong dragonborn to find it. They learned that there was a deep cavern below the ruins that housed a terribly beast to guard Rhogar’s resting place. After leaving Khorvash in the hot sun, our heroes venture down the deep pit that lie beneath Rhogar’s supposed tomb. The pit opened into a vast cavern, filled with jutting pillars of rock from a sandy floor. The heroes stand upon a square platform in the center of the cavern, that looks up to a large semi-circular platform that has a darkened tunnel heading away. To quote the last paragraph of the session:

You all reach the bottom after a strenuous climb, but since you are not rushed you can take your time. When you arrive at the bottom you find yourself standing on a stone platform 20 feet by 20 feet. A series of stairs from the platform lead to a higher platform. Your lights illuminate the cavern. It’s quite huge, with several pillars of rock jutting from the sand 40 feet below. Some pillars rise higher than our platform, some lower. As you step to the higher rise of the platform you hear a voice. It is quiet at first, but grows louder, echoing around the cavern. It sounds… like a laugh.

The sound grows to a crescendo, bouncing off the walls. The hallway to the south is still dark, which is where the laughter is coming from. “Hahahaha…. HAHAHAHA….” From the shadows you hear slithering, before you glimpse a snake-like head rush from the shadow and on to the platform south of you, which is 10 feet above your platform. It is covered in brown scales and spikes. Along it’s serpentine back are two elongated fins that look like wings. It’s forked tongue lashes out at you.

The creature speaks, “You have returned, arrogant mortals. I have yet to finish devouring your commrades, and you bring me more snacks… HAHAHA!” The snake-like dragon leans over the edge and peers at you, sizing you up, presumably to see who would taste the best. It’s tongue lashes out as sand swirls from its scales. “The way is blocked, foodlings. I have not had human in a long time…”

Session Log:

Any questions, comments, concerns or praises can be left as a comment! Question of the week: How did b62 work for you? Was it any faster? It seemed to run faster for me, at least with macros. There were a few bits of slowness, but I don’t think that was from the program, but rather from internet connections.


I think .62 was a success. I think the combat was awesome although I wish I wasn’t dazed/stunned for so long. There were also a few times I had a brain fart or something and totally forgot the rules or something. In anycase, I think that’s the first time that Sorn ever really got hit hard multiple times in one combat. I think Tallon did a really good job with his AoE spells, and I think that Orsik’s power from the Raven Queen is growing stronger as he gains more experience, but he’s also loosing more and more control. Not that he would hurt you guys, but when he’s channeling the Raven Queen, especially during his Daily power he really stops having his usual good alignment, and shifts over to Unaligned focusing a lot more on helping the Raven Queen than helping out other people. He’s going to have to balance out the power he gets from the Raven Queen with the loss of control he also has.

Also, I was AFK for much of the conversation between you guys and Khorvash, so I’ll try to re-read the session log later to make sure I know fully what’s going on. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did during the last session and like usual I can’t wait for next week.

Khorvash of the Red Hand

I took so much damage because I knew that Dragonborn could dish out some major damage and I thought I would try and use Destiny Inversion on him so I provoked an opportunity attack. Well, that didn’t go so well since I did not realize that Immediate Actions could only be used during someone else’s turn. I have to really use the Destiny Inversion and Fortunes Binding powers in any way. I may have to rethink keeping those powers. In the right situation it could be really cool but the problem is that type of situation is so rare and hard to pull off that it almost becomes worthless. So I have 2 encounter powers that never get used. Yeah, I think during the next level-up I can find some more useful powers.

I was a bit down because I was so excited thinking I was finally going to get to use those powers in a cool way that it was a huge let down for me when I found out that I couldn’t use them that way (my own fault. I should have known). So I was disappointed the rest of the fight and didn’t care so much what happened which is why I got hit so much.

Anyways, I still enjoyed the game and look forward to next week.

Khorvash of the Red Hand

I don’t know about Destiny Inversion, but Fortune Binding is a great power; especially since, as I recall, some of the powers you can get later actually deal effects to you when you use them, allowing you to transfer the effect to your enemy for a double-whammy.

Khorvash of the Red Hand

There aren’t many powers that force you to take a save ends effect, just normal damage. Those are a lot of the Dark Pact powers, but I’m not so sure about powers that force you to take some “save ends” effect. I agree that Destiny Inversion is a bit more finicky than Fortune Binding, and when I suggested the combo, I was saying that as a Starlock who plays most of battle right up in the enemy’s face. Most of the time I move up, attack the target, wait to get the attack on the foe’s turn then use Destiny Inversion. Yeah, you still take damage, BUT it’s only half damage, which effectively weakens the foe for the attack.

So perhaps the combo might work a bit nicer once you have a stack of temp HP, can step up to the enemy and use Hellish Rebuke. Get the foe to attack you, it takes extra Rebuke damage, you get our Destiny Inversion and can use Fortune’s Binding next turn. But if you don’t have much chance for that in combat, feel free to retrain, there’s some cool stuff in the magazines and arcane power.

Khorvash of the Red Hand

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