At World's End

The Mortal Instruments

This session you finished off the dryad and her entourage, and continued into the tomb. The next room contained the tomb of Lucan, covered by a large tree that extended through the ceiling. The dryad returned, and revealed several treasures for you. The journal and biography of Lucan was the first of these. Along with this you found:

Battlestrider Greaves
Gloves of Missile Deflection
Predator Earthhide Armor
Ritual Book (Call Wilderness Guide, Endure Elements, Traveler’s Camoflage)
Lucan’s Journal

You learned that the he held what is called a Mortal Instrument, which appear to be one part of a collective group of ancient artifacts of great power. You’ve also gained some information about a travel stone in Dorne, where Rhogar’s tomb is supposed to lie.

You are now off to Dorne to track down Rhogar’s tomb and see if there is any extra knowledge there, that can lead you to the instruments.

Session Log:

There was a lot of RP info thrown around this last session. If you need help remembering it all, let me know and I can post more here.


I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like we left the Elven lands without really helping too much. I mean, we saved a bunch of elves, but something is just bothering me that we left something unfinished.

Oh well, moving on. I do like visiting all these different places.

The Mortal Instruments

I don’t think you helped on such a grand scale as you did in Hammerfast, with the siege. However, as a group, you seem pretty intent on finding the tombs and getting to whatever the dragons are getting at.

After paragon, I think there’ll be a lot more chance for your characters to shape what goes on in the world. It’s a huge world, and it’s pretty messed up, and it’s a bit big for them to be saving right now. But don’t worry, you’ll get there.

The Mortal Instruments

I suppose you are right. We did help, I just wish we got to hang out with the elves a bit more, but we are on a time schedule. One would assume that the dragons would find this stuff eventually if we delay.

I’m still waiting for when we reach this apparent vault, that the Dragon’s or whoever is leading this army thing is actually just following us, thanks us for leading him right to the vault, and them inprisons us on some extra-dimensional prison. It would probably be pretty cool if it did happen, but I’ve probably watched too many tv shows and comics to not just assume that’s going to happen ;) Things have been going along way too smoothly (for the most part).

Anyway, excited about tonight :)

The Mortal Instruments

That’s actually not a bad idea… Part of it, and I’m lowering the DM shield here, is that I think that much of the stuff going on is very overwhelming for a set of heroic adventurers, and that I really want to exaggerate the difference between heroic and paragon. To me, that’s when the real game starts and the characters can really go wild with dragon-slaying. We’ll have to see. :)

The Mortal Instruments

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