At World's End

Red Dawn

Orsik takes his leave

This session we see a finalization of the war efforts as Krayus puts Iojad in command of the Dragonborn, while Rurik commands the dwarves, Varithralis commands the eladrin and Eramor remains in charge of the humans. At this point you have a plan of attack, and you have a name: Red Dawn. It’s suitably grim and hopeful at the same time. Jael also gave you some sending stones that transmit messages between all the commanders and yourselves for easy communication.

After this meeting Orsik had some good and bad news to tell you. Good news is that the gods have finally started acting on the things that are going on. Bad news is that the gods have to act on what’s going on as it is not localized to just your world. The necromancer Krayus and Orsik killed oh so long ago has been a player in that, and Orcus has remained silent for too long and has the Raven Queen worried. Not only that but Bahamut has been looking into issues that Orsik was not privy to know.

Also in the news is that the Raven Queen has requested Orsik’s presence in the Shadowfelll; she wants him to work for her there. The parting was bittersweet, though Orsik promised it wouldn’t be the last time you saw him, and that you would certainly be meeting again, and for now, he’ll be in the Shadowfell watching over you, keeping you all safe.

After this eventful departure you spent he rest of the day preparing equipment for your push into Alden towards the Imperial City.

Session Log:



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