At World's End

The Swan Tower


The session started with you hailing a patrol of angels to your location, and immediately after you were accused of murder, as you were sitting on top of the bodies of two slain dragonkin. However, you convinced the angels of law and order to go along with a speak with dead ritual on one of the dragonkin, and the results proved your innocents; the patrol let you go.

You made your way to the Swan Tower, where you spent the better part of a day searching through tomes, guided only by the spirit of pure knowledge. You learned much in the library, including some information on how you might oppose Tiamat, resurrect Io, as well as a biography on Skyshatter, who you learned is one of the exarchs of Tiamat.

On the subject of Tiamat, you learned that the only way to slay her is to either lure her to a place blessed by Bahamut, or by crafting weapons and items made from the flesh, bone and blood of her exarchs; the only one you know still living is Skyshatter.

While researching, Tallon was approached by an exalted spirit, claiming to have seen them in a prophecy, and in the vision she was showing them a room. And so she waited at the library until this day. She showed Tallon into the room in her prophecy, as was her duty.

In this room was a cache of items and money, along with a small piece of parchment, addressed to whomever was reading it. It contained short passages for each of the heroes, offering insight and advice on your futures, assumed to be written by Ioun herself. The items you found consisted of:

Ancient Warrior’s Ringing Hammer Grandmaster Training**
Property: Whenever you score a critical hit, you deal an extra 3[W] damage, as the spirits inside you come to life and fight by your side.

Session Log:



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