At World's End

The Rebel Alliance

One does not simply rock into Mordor

The Red Dawn began their march! It was along and uneventful 2 weeks of marching, but it was the beginning of the long and final campaign against Ashwing in the Imperial City. After two weeks you made it to Bridge. Well, Sorn and Runt did as they were scouting ahead. They ventured into the city and found it empty and destroyed, likely by the dragons. There were a few makeshift huts and shelters, but nothing substantial. That is, until you stepped onto the main roads, you found several bulwarks and barricades just before you were ambushed and surrounded by men (whom you could have easily taken out on your own).

You discussed a bit with their leader, and gave him a sending stone to communicate with the rest of the group to corroborate your story. You ended up convincing this leader, Logan, and he led you to his office of sorts. There you waited for the rest of the group to meet up with you and discuss tactics.

You learned that the only bridge to the other side of the city is blocked by two large gates, each locks on their own side. The dragonborn guard the far side, which is locked. That leaves only two options: sneak over the 170 foot deep, 145 foot wide canyon, or break down the gates. You opted to sneak across. There, you agreed to make your way up into the keep in the hopes of taking out the commander before a suitable defenses is able to be mustered. Then you can use the chaos to let your army in and wash over the city. That’s the idea at least.

Session Log: For some reason I can’t upload the file, so I’ll get it in the next few days.



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