At World's End

The Taru Maaj

A Reunion for Lumi

You started off this session looking for a way to to activate the runes that were around the foundation of the missing building. You learned that the runes represented celestial bodies, planes, deities, and elements: These runes were placed in a pattern: an outer pentagon, with a smaller, inner and inverted pentagon, with a smaller triangle inside of that. These runes, when matched up properly, created a bright light to surround the foundation and teleported you to the Taru Maaj library. There you were met by the Luminary, an old tiefling who guards the library. You were able to sweet-talk this tiefling into letting you peruse the library, as well as show you a resurrection ritual. In return, the Luminary took all of Krayus’ memories, magically recording them in a large scale-hide tome.

While in the library you also found several interesting tomes. Krayus found a book on the history of the Turathi/Arkhosian Blood War. Orsik found a book on cults and dealings with Orcus. Tallon found a book on Queen Najala’s history within Vor Rukoth. Sorn found a book about the history of tieflings and how they bound themselves to devils. Lumi had his ritual books, where he found several rituals (detailed below).

Once you left the library you found yourself trapped in a restraining circle of energy that had been placed in the center of the library’s foundation. The perpetrators of this trap were, as you soon learned, cultists from Cromlech, Lumi’s home town. Leading them was the female warlord Sanzenin and her two higher up lackies: Hideyoshi, the human sword-fighter, and Ryunosuke, the dragonborn executioner. Shortly after arriving Sanzenin and Ryunosuke left, claiming they had business to attend to, since you led them to the Ruby Court. The rest of the cultists remained behind to keep you all tied up.

Raise Dead
View Location
Consult Oracle
Planar Portal (contains 2 locus glyphs)
Memory Seal

Session Log:



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