Ariel Eveningfall


Name: Ariel Eveningfall

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 19

Height: About the same as Tallon.

Weight: Doesn't tell. Tallon has a few scars to prove it.

Status: Alive and well, currently working with the Order of Vigilance.

Tallon has mentioned occasionally the fate of his former tutors: Saevel Eveningfall and his twin daughters. Roughly 6 months before the Dragon insurgency, Tallon was awakened to find the house that they lived in near Granville burning down around him. After escaping the wreckage he found no trace of his tutors, not even charred bones in the rubble. Since then Tallon has searched for any trace of their survival, but has so far failed to find anything. Having travelled with Tallon even before coming upon the Thunderspire, Lia is quite familiar with his story, while Orsik and the others have so far only heard it in passing.


Though rather unassuming by Tallon's portrait of her, Ariel was the "wild child" of the eveningfall sisters. During their childhood, while Ryn continually holed herself up in her room with her books and pens, Ariel played and ran outside in the sunshine, often trying to drag Tallon into going with her. She would challenge Tallon to wrestling matches and, to Tallon's embarassment, would always win. She possesed great magical talent, more even than Tallon, and far better control over her powers than Tallon could even manage at that age. After running about all day, she would often go out stargazing, sometimes even falling asleep outside and often times out in the snow. On the night of the fire, Tallon admits that he and Ariel had had a fight earlier that night over what he simply states was an "awkward moment."He had assumed that she had fallen asleep outside that night and that whoever had burned down their house didn't see her, which would explain the lack of any evidence of her death.

Ariel Eveningfall

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