Brimtim EarthHammer

Dwarven Earth Warden


+4 Battlemaster’s Craghammer
+4 Abyssal Adornment
diamond Cincture (heroic)
demonskin tattoo
+4 Dawn Warrior Darkhide Armor
Circlet of Continuity
Shield of Deflection
a large bag of rocks


Eldest son to the chief of the the Earthhammer clan, a primitive tribe of dwarves living deep in the mountains, Brimtim was raised to be a member of the EarthShield. The EarthShield was a select few composed of only the bravest, stoutest dwarves of the clan. On average, only two members were inducted per decade. Each member was selected as a child and indoctrinated into the axioms of earth, ancestry, strength, and selflessness. Training was diligently instructed and Brimtim, while not the smartest, was a child prodigy regarding physical prowess.

The intense preparation of the EarthShield was a necessity for the clan. The surrounding mountains contained various clans of duergar, giants, orcs, and goblinoids which frequently raided the clan. While the EarthShield was not the only defense (most adults had some martial expertise, and the clan had the usual dwarven militia) they were the elite caste of wardens who leveraged the power of the surrounding mountains to protect not just the clan, but the natural balance in the land.

For several decades, Brimtim served in the EarthShield. And for several decades, Brimtim increased his skill while protecting the clan and the mountains he called home.

It had been 5 dwarven generations since a drow had been spotted in the area. And even then, they were a lone raiding party that had not dared to challenge the EarthShield. No illithid had been seen in anyone’s memory. The Earthhammer clan had no warning when an allied force of drow and illithids stormed the dwarven stronghold. Leading the onslaught were slaves of various races, drow fighters, and psions followed by powerful drow priestesses with spells that shook the very mountains. Many dwarves were buried alive. Many were dominated by psionic attacks and forced to turn on their own. Still others were captured and taken captive. The riches of the dwarven stronghold were completely looted and the innocent were ravaged. Early during the onslaught, Brimtim detected the unnatural reverberations from the rock and was pursuing its source down a side cavern when he “felt” the mountain overhead beginning to fall. Seeing the mountain of rock weighing on him, he ducked into a small, but naturally reinforced side cavern and was subsequently buried beneath.

Three painstaking days he was trapped. And for three painstaking days he meditated on nothing but strength and stone, with merely inches to move while the unyielding earth pressed in around him. The perpetrators, being content with their pillage, left him for dead under the rubble. They underestimated the tenacity of the EarthShield and their connection to the earth. During his meditation, Brimtim discovered an innate faith in ancient spirits of rock and earth. Three days after his burial, he burrowed to the surface and emerged an Earth Shaker.

Brimtim discovered no survivors.

The only course of action, the only presentable avenue to one of Brimtim’s composition was to pursue the enemy underground. Hoping to find survivors, and endeavoring to pursue justice, for the next seven years Brimtim saw a steady onslaught of battles, mostly underground. Each confrontation compounded Brimtim’s resolute commitment to protect those who would suffer and free those who would be slaves. Making allies where he could, and fighting alone when he must, he pursued the drow and the illithids in alliance with them for seven years. During that time, many slaves were freed, killers met justice, and innocents were avenged.

Ultimately, the strain of warfare (and defeat) dissolved the alliance between the drow and illithids, and forced them to leave the area. The remaining dwarven refugees were mostly scattered. The halls of the Earthhammer stronghold remained empty. With no home to defend and with an emphasized determination to preserve liberty, Brimtim set out to find those who needed his protection.

Brimtim had no way to know how easy this quest really was. Shortly after emerging from the mountains, Brimtim stumbled upon a prison camp under red dragon control and was subsequently captured. Inside the camp, Brimtim learned of an army being raised to combat the dragons. Unable to overcome the dragons from inside the camp and unable to help the prisoners in the camp, Brimtim instead set his sights on escaping the camp himself to join the army to fight the dragons. Only from the outside could he challenge this injustice.

Turning his thoughts to the strength of the earth, Brimtim focused on his objective. When morning broke in the camp, Brimtim was nowhere to be found. Only a dwarf sized burrow (which was mostly filled in) deep into the ground remained.

Brimtim EarthHammer

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