Lia Chaedi


+2 Staff of Winter (E)
+2 Pouncing Beast Armor (E)
+2 Cloak of the Chirurgeon (E)
Iron Armbands of Power (Heroic) (E)


Mannerisms and Appearance
Lia is a noble looking elf, tall and slender and proud. Her long autumn orange hair falls in a wild cascade down her back, and her fierce green eyes peer out from keen, delicate features. She wears a close fitting hide vest and pants, with a waterskin strapped over her shoulder. She walks with a staff made of ash wood and topped with the fangs of a polar bear. In her panther form, her coat is jet black but shot through with subtle orange highlights. Her movements in either form are graceful and feline.

Personality Traits
Lia is a proud but rather uncivilized Elf. Being the second to the throne of her tribe has left her constantly trying to prove herself, to her family, her village, and to herself. Since departing on her vision quest, she tends to stay in her panther form quite often, shifting to human form only when she needs to. She doesn’t have much patience for the customs and manners of typical human society, at least the little she’s been exposed to. But the appearance of incivility only heightens her nobility when it shows.

Born the second daughter to the the queen of her matriarchal society, Lia has always been trying to prove herself. She holds no animosity towards her older sister, but living under the princess’s shadow finally broke her patience. As a druid, she was to undergo a vision quest before she could serve her people as spiritual leader. She left, and it has been a year since she has seen home, far longer than any of her other remote tribe has ever been away, as she still feels that she has something to prove, if only to herself.

Lia Chaedi

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