Lumenai Lothago


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+2 Dread Katana (bastard sword)

+2 Laughing Death Leather

+2 Amulet of False Life

Gauntlets of Radiance


Swordmage Spellbook


Lumenai Lothago, son of Lothar Lothago. Hails from his hometown of Cromlech in an out-of-the-way place built in and around the area of a swamp in Nentir. Normally, it is a beautiful village with lush vegetation and healthy crops, but it holds a bloody legacy. Magic users were put to death periodically by the the warlord governor in a way that would lead the populace to believe it was the will of the gods rather than a discriminatory movement. Every year, on the night following the harvest festival, one magician would be killed brutally, be it by murder, accident or some other means, and one would vanish without a trace. This movement was never announced and many believed the deaths to be unrelated, or that it truly was divine providence leading many magicians to stay and await judgment rather than leave the city. They believed if they left the town for too long, the gods would show no mercy. Lumenai was not one of these thinkers.

Lumenai had always suspected that the deaths were related to the warlord governor and several times has tried to rally against him, to no avail. He also had suspected that some magicians were aiding the warlord in exchange for their life, particularly the ones who had 'disappeared', however there was simply no evidence to support the matter. A few days before the last harvest festival he held in the village, his sister had begun to act strange. She followed Lumenai from behind shadows and when she did speak to him face to face, she appeared increasingly more affectionate to her brother as her conversations and mindset went down a more depressing path. With his sister acting in such a manner, Lumenai began to suspect she too would fall into the society of disappeared magicians in league with the warlord. The night of the festival was when his suspicions fell into full-blown paranoia, and as his sister said the wrong thing at the wrong time, he flew into a fit of panicked, self-defensive rage and cut her apart with the great sword the family hung over the fireplace. Once he realized what he had done, he ran from the village without turning back. The following morning, Lilith Lothago was found in her home horribly dismembered and her brother Lumenai had vanished without a trace, never to be seen in Cromlech again.

    Personality-wise, Lumenai is a smart fellow, sharing his late sister's avid appreciation of books and her magical talent. He laments, however, for not possessing Lilith's creativity when it comes to magic as nearly any spell he can cast seems only useful in a fight. Lumenai is known to be a calm and subdued person until someone hits one of his triggers, and will become quite frightening if one of the triggers hit is either his sister or his former home. He is very lighthearted and finds some humor in a great deal of things. Rather than saying 'I don't know,' he would go to great lengths to avoid the question entirely. He has a taste for items of luxury and adventures to find curiosities he can sell in a store he plans to build when more peaceful times come about. He makes sure all of his spells are spectacular to behold. His sword, named for his sister, was never cleaned of her blood and so replays her final death screams whenever it is swung with enough force.

    Four years after his escape from Cromlech, Lumenai had a run-in with a gold-scaled Dragonborn and an Eladrin rogue (AKA Jiergan and Valek) confronting far too many gnoll bandits than it looked like they could handle. Infuriated at the sight of the barbarians, he jumped into the fray as a way to take a stab at the kind of the tyrant that destroyed his village. The dragonkin, disgusted with Lumenai's malicious style of combat but thankful nonetheless, gave him a letter of recommendation for the Order of Vigilance with some convincing from his Eladrin partner, promising there would be more fell beasts where that lot came from. Neither Lumenai nor the Dragonborn have seen eye-to-eye very well during their service in the Order.

    "If I can leave the past behind me, I have room to walk towards the future."

    "It is not enough for magic to be powerful, it must also be beautiful."

Lumenai Lothago

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