Master Orsik Baern Stonewall


Magic Items
+3 Battering Mordenkrad (Smashy Jr.)(E)
+2 Mithral Finemail Armor (E)
+2 Cloak of the walking wounded (E)
Gloves of Ogre Power (E)
Cask of Liquid Gold
Flask of Dragon’s Breath

x some odd gold (minus the gold cost of the Magic Booze)


Last son of Grandor Baern, Last (dwarf) of the Stonewall clan. Nephew to previous Stonewall Clan Leader.

Cleric of the Raven Queen, Leader of the Stonewall Clan of Dwarves.

Dislikes: Moradin, Cramped Spaces, Demons (Especially ones named Polaroidus), Falling on his face from 20 feet in the air.

Likes: Booze, His Friends, Booze, Large Hammers, Jumping, Running, and Smashing into Things, Magic Booze, breathing fire like his buddy Krayus, walking around town with Tallon and getting into booze fueled craziness.

Carries the stinger of a Wyvern with him. He’s slowly carving the symbol of the Raven Queen On it, and he’s going to attach his Raven Feather’s to it.

Never lets a dead body go to the afterlife without a little prayer, although the length and complexity of it can vary depending on how much time he has to perform it.

Has a Horse who hangs out at Starfall Keep. His name is Logran.

Master Orsik Baern Stonewall

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