Lyricist of the Ages


Spaffy is short, even by Gnome’s standards, barely reaching three and a half feet. His dark orange hair makes up for a little bit of his lack of height, as it points up in several spikes. At first glance, he looks like a traveling merchant without a wagon or packhorse because of all the cluttered items hanging off his body; a lute strung to his back, a small harp hanging from his belt, a backpack that so full it looks like it could burst, two swords on his hip and a flute held in a pocket on his sleeve. Undaunted by his size, Spaffy is a social butterfly. He travels place to place, meeting people and learning their stories. He is always looking for another saga to write.

Recently he has taken it upon himself to follow your exploits and write his next large saga about your adventures.

You learned that you can contact him through the innkeeper at the Blue Dragon Inn and Pub in Granville.



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