Tallon Myrd

A young sorcerer searching for a lost family.


 Character sheet: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=166944

+3 Luckblade Dagger (E)
+2 Elemental Twist Dagger (E)
+1 Tooth of Chaos
The Mantle of the Wandering Master (E)
+2 Shimmering Armor (E)
+2 Amulet of Physical Resolve

Tenser's Floating Disc
Unseen Servant
Detect Secret Doors
Phantom Steed
Brew Potion
Linked Portal
Arcane Lock
Leomund's Secret Chest
Enchant Magic Item
Make Whole



 This fair-haired youth reminds you somewhat of a phoenix. Almond shaped eyes of burning orange gaze past his pointed nose into the distance, fixedly staring at something that might or might not actually be there. Tattoos of flowing arcane sigils dance across his thin, almost apelike frame, up from the feet in his plain sandals, down his long arms and reaching up his neck. You're almost certain they aren't in the exact same pattern they were in yesterday. His fingernails are left long and taper to points, like claws.

Though simple, his wardrobe is bold and striking, the colors reminding you of a beautiful sunset. Blood-red trousers end bunched up just below his knees, tied to his waist with a violet sash. His shirt is loose and tucked into the sash partway, left unbuttoned to reveal his tattoos and dyed in such a way to fade from red to orange nearing the shoulders. The sleeves are short and flared outwards towards the ends. Around his neck hangs a small, jeweled pendant in the shape of the divine symbol of Avandra. Tied at his elbows are three eagle feathers, which he claims are a charm that allows him to fly. His fingers wrap themselves over the hilt of a sharply curved dagger that hangs from his sash in an ornate, jeweled scabbard. The jewels seem to change colors in the light.


  Tallon was the son of a wealthy merchant and, supposedly, also a former adventurer. He lived a comfortable life in the mercantile ward of the Imperial City and was educated at one of the more presigious academies for wealthy, young people. He was known as a notorious troublemaker, but really only by the "teachers" he felt could use a bit of humility. He always felt that those in positions of authority should not simply lord it over others, but rather to do the job they were given the authority to do in the first place, a belief he inherited from his father.

 Once, when defending a poor girl named Kristal from an, albiet wimpy, bully, Tallon suddenly manifested chaotic magical powers in his anger. Tallon's fist sent the bully sailing through the air, numbing his face with cold and setting the grass at Tallon's feet ablaze at once. The incident not only got him expelled from the school, but also alienated him from Kristal and his former classmates, branding him as a dangerous loose cannon delinquent. It was this incident that earned him the name "Tallon the Terrible" throughout the Imperial City.

 About the time of his 10th birthday, Tallon was sent away from the City to study magic with a former colleague of his father's and his twin daughters, Ariel and Ryn. Tallon spent almost ten years with them in their cottage on the outskirts of Granville. While he and Ariel became nigh-inseparable, Ryn remained aloof from the two, preferring to pursue her own ends and sulking in jealousy of Tallon and Ariel's magical talent. Ryn went out on her own and no more than a few days afterward, Tallon found the house burning down around him. As he tried to escape, he became trapped under a pile of burning rubble for what felt like an eternity until he managed to blow it off of him with a spell. With burns and broken bones he fled the burning house as it crumbled behind him. Even today, Tallon still has nightmares about those few moments of helpless captivity, the space becoming tighter and tighter until it crushes him alive.

  The town watch deduced that the fire was possibly arson, but they could not find any suspects in town. Ariel and her father were nowhere to be found, not even as charred bones in the wreckage. Full of hope that Ariel and her father had yet survived, Tallon set out with little more than the clothes on his back and a half-burned portrait of Ariel in hopes of finding his childhood friend and taking revenge on whoever took her from him.

  Though now reunited with Ariel, there is little time for celebration. Tallon continues to follow his group to overthrow the dragon overlords and deliver Illia from their tyrrany.

Tallon Myrd

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