Order of Vigilance Spymaster


UPDATE: In your recent attempt to find Valek, and learn the location of General Eramor, you discovered that he had been tortured and killed at the hands of a small group of tieflings known as the Scions of the Horned Empire. These Scions were performing some kind of experiment on human captives within Alden, and presumably under the direction of Ashwing. The only details you know about the experiment is that it deals with binding one’s soul to another.

Valek isn’t like other Eladrin. He treats the “lesser races” much the same as he would treat an Eladrin; he holds little of his race’s superiority complex. He is subtle and able to do whatever needs to be done. He has dark blond hair and pale green eyes and sports a mixture of black leathers and dark green cloths. Being more personable that Jiergan, he makes frequent trips around Illia when his subordinates need help and to find potential recruits for the Order. Valek is patient and willing to help his underlings learn the ropes, but he takes his job seriously, putting it above all else.

Alchemy recipes known:
Clearwater Solution
Tanglefoot Bag
Blinding Bomb
Bloodstinger Poison
Slow-step Oil
Lockbust Chalk
Tracking Dust



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