Bahamut's Fang

weapon (melee)

Bahamut’s Fang
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Type: Bastard Sword
Critical Hit: 1d6 radiant and fire damage per plus

  • If you worship Bahamut you can use Bahamut’s Fang as a holy symbol.
  • Your dragon’s breath power and Scion of Arkhosia powers gains an item bonus to damage equal to this item’s enhancement bonus.
  • Your dragon breath applies your divine challenge on all enemies hit by hit.


  • Weapon of Bahamut (At-Will • Fire): Free Action. You can choose for untyped damage done by this weapon to instead be fire damage.
  • Lead the Charge (At-Will): Free Action, when you hit with a charge attack. Deal an extra 1d8 damage or push the target 1 square. if you are bloodied, this attack deals 3d8 extra damage, or you push the target 3 squares.
  • Summons from Celestia (Daily – Conjuration): This ability acts as a ritual, requiring 30 minutes to complete, though it does not have a cost. You summon up to 7 adult metallic dragons of varying colors. These dragons act as mounts for you and your allies, have fly speed of 8 and an overland flight speed of 15 (average of 75 miles a day). They do not need rest and last for 24 hours. These dragons cannot attack or be attacked.
Level Bonus
11-15 +3
16-20 +4
21-25 +5
26-30 +6

This blade was first wielded by the hero Rhogar Silvertongue (named so because he was said to breath the radiant light of Bahamut), the sole survivor of the battle for Ustraternes. With Bahamut at his side, Rhogar led the Arkhosian Empire to victory over Bael-Turath; this secured his spot in legends.

This blade is said to have been forged by the platinum fires of Bahamut’s breath. By looking at it you’d certainly think so. The blade shimmers in sunlight and glows in moonlight, always giving off a faint, radiant light that bolsters your courage and resolve. The blade is curved along its sharp edge, while the reverse edge is straight and serrated and barbed like teeth. The hilt is fashioned in the likeness of a dragon wrapping around the top of the handle and the bottom of the blade. The head of this dragon looks up, as if to stare at the foes of the wielder, while the tail curves to the pommel to protect the holders’ hand. The wings of the dragon fan out to make the cross-guard. The grip is made of burnished platinum scales and the pommel features the tail of the dragon wrapped around a single diamond, inside which you can see all the colors of the rainbow reflecting.

Bahamut's Fang

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