Nehima, Charter Blade

weapon (melee)

Nehima, Charter Blade
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Type: Bastard Sword
Critical Hit: 1d12 psychic damage per plus

  • If you worship Corellon you can use Nehima as a holy symbol.
  • You master the Fey Passage ritual, even if you do not have the Ritual Caster feat.
  • Three times per day, you may forgo using components for a ritual. This does not include a focus required for a ritual.


  • Charter Mark of Light (At-Will): Minor Action. Range 5; As the wizard’s Light spell.
  • Charter Mark of Binding (Encounter): Minor Action. Melee touch; You draw a rune on any open-able object (door, chest, window, etc) and that object becomes locked. Make an arcana check: that is the DC to force the locked object open.
  • Charter Mark of Blasting (Encounter): Minor Action. Range 5; You draw a rune of blasting and shattering on an inanimate object. Make an arcana check. The object is destroyed if its current HP is equal to or less than your arcana check.
  • Charter Skin (Daily – Polymorph): This ability acts as a ritual, requiring 30 minutes to complete, though it does not have a cost. Yourself or an ally assumes the appearance of a humanoid creature of your size, even the appearance of a specific individual you have seen. This lasts for 24 hours, or until you remove the enchantment, which takes 5 minutes.
  • Charter Mark of Death (Daily): Standard Action. Make an Int vs Will attack against every creature in 10 squares, including you. On a hit, the creature falls to 0 hit points. On a miss, the creature takes damage equal to half of its current hit points.
Level Bonus
11-15 +3
16-20 +4
21-25 +5
26-30 +6

When the Earth was new, magic was a far and distant phenomenon. The first to learn to use magic were Corellon’s followers: The fey (at this time they were one race). The first uses of magic were much different than they are now. Scholars have deemed the ancient branch of magic to be called Charter Magic, as the implementation was focused around learning, memorizing and then calling on runes, marks and glyphs (called Charter Marks). Each mark (and there were thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Charter Marks) represented a different action that the magic contained therein would perform. For example, there were marks of light, blasting, burning, binding, hiding, moving, flying, etc. Marks could be combined and altered within strings of marks (again, some rituals required several thousand marks to be used) and combined together with a Master Mark.

After the Fey mastered their magic, other races, particularly the humans and dragonborn, began to form their own adaptations on the arcane. Because humans have much shorter life spans, they wanted to wield a magic that didn’t require 100 years of study to master, and so they began taking short-cuts with magic, focusing their arcane powers through gestures and phrases, and eventually it was condensed to a mere application of force of will. Of course, with this short-hand magic there was a significant amount of power lost, but it was enough for many races and became the norm for magic.

However, many Eladrin still hold onto the ancient Charter Magic (albeit in less pure forms) and practice runic magic. This sword, crafted by an Eladrin, is meant to be a focus for charter magic. The blade looks almost liquid as countless Charter Marks swarm over the metal. Etched marks in the blade and hilt glow faintly when activated.

Nehima is a katana-style bastard sword that was created at the pinnacle of Charter Magic. The blade flows with Charter Magic and enhances one’s arcane abilities through innate marks. The sword is one of the few, if not only, remaining spellswords from the time after Creation. The handle is intricately decorated with colored leather, while the hilt takes the shape of a single charter mark: The mark of Binding. From this, it is possible that this sword was created for the soul purpose of binding dark and fell creatures either to the wielder’s will, or binding it for permanent destruction.

The mark of Binding is circular, with a triangle inside the circle, and the triangles points touching the circle. Another triangle is within the previous one, though the second triangle is reversed and points down. A wavy line bisects the circle and triagles.

Nehima, Charter Blade

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