Garb of the Raven Queen


Garb of the Raven Queen
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Critical Hit: 1d8 per plus; only when used as a holy symbol.

  • If you worship The Raven Queen you can use this item as a holy symbol.
  • When you roll a death saving throw, you may expend a healing surge on a roll of 19 or 20.
  • Gain resist 5 necrotic. This increases to resist 10 at level 21.


  • Angel of Death (Encounter): Minor Action. You gain a fly speed equal to your speed + 2 until the end of your next turn and can hover. If you are not standing on solid ground when this effect ends, you float down to the ground safely.
  • Call to the Grave (Daily): Minor Action. Close burst 3; All creatures with the immortal origin or undead keyword within the aura are slowed. When you move, the zone moves with you so that it is centered on you. This effect lasts until the end of your next turn. Sustain Minor: The zone persists.
Level Armor Bonus Enhancement Bonus
11-15 8 +3
16-20 9 +4
21-25 10 +5
26-30 11 +6

Garb of the Raven Queen

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