Mantle of the Wandering Master


Mantle of the Wandering Master
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Type: Neck Slot
Critical Hit: 1d6 per plus; only when used as a holy symbol

  • If you worship Avandra you can use this item as a holy symbol.
  • While wearing this cloak, you gain the benefits of the Endure Elements ritual (PHB 304).
  • Gain a +2 bonus to saves against slowed/immobilized/restrained.
  • The pockets of this cloak can hold up to 1,000 pounds in weight or 100 cubic feet in volume, but the cloak always weighs only 1 pound. Each item stored within one of the cloak’s pockets can weigh no more than 10 pounds. You can retrieve an item from the cloak as a free action 1/round
  • When you apply your wild soul resistance feature, you may roll twice and use either result.


  • Walk Between Worlds (At-Will: Minor Action. Range 20; You create one end of a dimensional rift on any smooth surface. If only one end is active, it does nothing, but while you have two rifts active the two squares are considered adjacent to each other. If you use this power when you have two rifts active, you must remove one rift first. This effects lasts until the end of the encounter, 5 minutes, or until you dismiss both rifts as a minor action.
  • Fortune Favors the Bold (Daily): No action; Use this when you roll initiative. You act first in the round, and gain combat advantage against all enemies who act after you in the first round of combat.
  • Worldly Experience (Daily): Immediate Interrupt; When an ally within 10 squares fails a skill check, that ally may reroll the skill check with a bonus equal to this item’s enhancement bonus.
  • Standard of Command (Daily): Standard Action; Your cloak transforms into a mighty banner bearing your sigil, that you plant into the ground. All allies within 3 squares of this banner do not fall unconscious while at 0 hit points, and do not have to make death saving throws, but are instead slowed and weakened (They still die if they reach negative bloodied value).
Level Bonus
11-15 +3
16-20 +4
21-25 +5
26-30 +6

This cloak was worn by the Avandrian monk Lucan to help him survive his worldly wanderings. As a half-elf he was an outcast in both human and elf societies so he took is life on the road, wandering and never staying in one place too long. He was a great explorer, and an exemplar monk, defeating dark creatures where they spawned. As middle-age descended on him he retired to a monastery to live his life in peace, but that was cut short when a rift from the Abyss consumed his monastery and demons killed his fellow monks.

After that, his adventurings were spurred back into action as he spent his life hunting down the demons and killing them, eventually leading back to the demon lord that began the attack. Lucan defeated the demon lord but was cursed during the battle; a curse that would end his life in only a few days time.

The Mantle of the Wandering Master is a common brown cloak with a hood. However, this cloak holds many secrets, allowing the Wanderer to carry any and all items he may need on his journey. The cloak may looks old and ratty, but it is as durable and time-tested as the mountains.

Mantle of the Wandering Master

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