Skin of the Earth


Skin of the Earthborne God
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Type: Hide Armor
Critical Hit: 1d8 damage per plus (only when used as an implement)

  • You ignore difficult terrain that is rubble, uneven stone, or an earthen construction (Earth Walk)


  • Manipulate Earth (At-Will): You can manipulate earth in its various forms. Manipulating earth in this fashion uses an action, and may or may not require a skill check. The type of action required depends on the complexity, and intensity of the desired manipulation. Turning a patch of earth into mud, or raising a small wall might require a minor action. Creating a pillar of earth to “springboard” you as you jump might require a move action. Raising a large wall in a hallway, or digging a pit might require a standard action.
  • Flesh to Stone (Daily): Standard Action. Targets one helpless creature. The target is petrified for 24 hours.
  • Passwall (Daily): Standard Action. Make an Endurance check. You create a passage through any rock or stone. You choose the orientation of the passage relative to the surface you touch. The passage is 1 square wide and tall. The passage can be a number of squares deep equal to your Endurance check result divided by 5. This passage lasts for 1 minute, and a creature inside the passage when it closes takes 50 damage and is ejected to the nearest end of the passage.
Level Armor Bonous Fortitude Bonus Enhancement Bonus
21-25 +4 +1 +5
26-30 +4 +2 +6

Just holding this crystal allows one to feel the weight of the earth around them. Inside it contains the pure essence of rock and stone, once in the form of a entropic primordial, now it is pure energy, bolstered by the Primal Spirits of this world.

The shard is not much larger than your hand. On one end it is jagged and rough, while the other is smooth, and comes to a point. It glows faintly green, pulsing ever so slightly. Holding it, your skin seems to harden and you feel sturdier, as if you had become part of the earth yourself.

Skin of the Earth

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