Thorn of the World Tree


Thorn of the World Tree
Level: scales with wielder’s level.
Type: Ki Focus
Critical Hit: 1d6 damage per plus

  • If you worship Melora you can use Thorn of the World Tree as a holy symbol.
  • You may shift through difficult terrain.
  • You can shift into your true wolf form. While shifted, you gain an overland run speed of 12, and can use all abilities you could while in human form.


  • Stance of the Coursing River (Daily): Minor Action. You become swift as the coursing river. Until the stance ends you gain a swim speed equal to your speed. In addition, you may move through opponents spaces while moving or shifting.
  • Stance of the Great Typhoon (Daily): Minor Action. You gain the force of the great typhoon. Until the stance ends you take no damage from falling and always land on your feet. In addition, whenever you make an attack, you may push the target 1 square, hit or miss, after the attack is resolved.
  • Stance of the Raging Fire (Daily): Minor Action. You harness the strength of a the raging fire. Until the stance ends you can choose for all of your attacks to deal fire damage instead of their normal damage type. In addition, whenever you take fire damage, your next attack before the end of your next turn deals 3 extra untyped damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Stance of the Dark Moon (Daily): Minor Action. You become mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Until the stance ends you can move your full speed while sneaking and may use normal cover or concealment to hide. In addition, whenever you hit an enemy with an attack, you gain concealment until the end of your next turn.
Level Bonus
21-25 +5
26-30 +6

This foot-long, needle-shaped thorn is wrapped in red cord and can be fixed to a belt. It is a thorn from the world tree, which Melora tends to and protects in her divine realm of Arvandor. Lore would suggest that the tree is large enough to hold the whole of the world in its branches, and that its seeds are the beginnings of all life in the multiverse.

With this single item, Melora has entrusted its wielder with the power of nature itself. It allows one to balance both the serenity and fury of nature, becoming one with the most primal of beasts.

Thorn of the World Tree

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