At World's End

Welcome back to Dorne
A Villain Revealed

Sometimes fate can’t be helped, and there is no good outcome for a situation. Tonight is one of those nights. After retreating from Devonshire in Alden (Krayus’ sweet-talking abilities fell slightly short) with Valek, the small girl, and a ritual book for the ritual used on the two, you return to Starfall to deliver the bad news.

Through some study you find out that the ritual performed is a very potent and intricate ritual designed to draw the victim’s soul out of their body, and bind it to another being, who can control and manipulate the soul like a puppet. The body is left in a catatonic state. Jael theorized that Valek might have died because he resisted (the victim needs to be in a state of terror and panic for the ritual to work properly), or because his death was part of some greater scheme.

After this research, and some ritual mastering, you used a portal to reach Dorne, where the General is being held, as Valek’s dying note said. As a surprise, the Travel Stones in Dorne were moved, and you ended up walking into a trap. Two hulking dragonborn ambushed you, grabbing several of your group and allowing some smaller jailors to shackle you and keep you from counter-attacking. It was a brutal ambush, but you were about to pull through, before fate threw another sucker punch your way.

High Prophet Arjhan Bloodscale and four of his winged sentinels arrived, ending the fight pretty quickly. Wearing bright golden armor that shimmered in a magnificent way (like Tiandra, only more intimidating). He ordered his hulking dragonborn to stop, and requested that you all remain compliant, because he has no qualms with your deaths, but does not want it to come to that.

What his ultimate goals are remains to be seen, but for now, you have no real options besides cooperating. Maybe fate will be more lenient next time.

Session Log:


I added a list of rituals known to the Loot Table page. Let me know what rituals you have so I can add them to the list.

To Devonshire
All Hell breaks loose.

This session saw our heroes returning from their side-trip into the woods surrounding Cromlech, Lumi’s home town. They arrive at Devonshire within 4 days of their detour, and found it guarded by kobolds and dragonborn: not that unusual.

What was unusual, was that the guards mentioned that the Scions of the Horned Empire had taken residence in the local church and town hall, and no dragonborn were allowed in. The group, made up of Tieflings, take prisoners in on a daily basis, and none of them every leave. A sweep of the town revealed Valek prison house (thanks to Wafado’s clue about searching for four of anything as a message), where they found a small note, on which was scribbled

“General sent to Dorne. Send Thalia my love, she was right about one thing. V”

Krayus then demanded entry into the chapel, which, upon entrance, teleported them to an extra-dimensional pocket where Tieflings were performing rituals upon Valek and a small girl no older than 8. Valek was dead on arrival, the girl was pinned, and could only move her eyes.

A fight ensued, which ended rather quickly with the death of the two tieflings and their cambion keeper. The room, which looked like a weird juxtaposition of hell became unstable, with the portal of dark energies spiraling out of control and the ground cracking underneath a blood red sky. The ground fell out from under you, and you fell into darkness, eventually landing in the church that was supposed to be there.

Upon returning to the prime, the girl went limp and the dragonborn began circling the building, looking in. We ended with Tallon hurrying to prepare a portal to Starfall, while Orsik tries to keep Valek from slipping further into darkness, and Krayus tries to reason with the dragonborn and convince them of their innocence…. We’ll see how this all works out next week.

Points of Interest

Next week will be our first Sunday session, and will start at 6pm PST, unless people email me and let me know if they can be there earlier.

You got some loot! +4 Incisive Dagger, +4 Skin of Agonies, and 170 platinum. You can deliberate on distribution in the comments.

Thanks for a great session guys!

Session log:

Dead End... Hell no!
Lilith Returns

A brutal session that involved Lilith, Lumi’s sister, arriving, and demanding to “play” with you after your investigation of the town revealed some scary journals written in blood on the walls, doors, and tables around the buildings.

Lilith appeared to have befriended a dark and powerful creature who has no name at this point other than “Hoodie”, given by Lilith based on the dark robes the creature wears when not in combat. This beast, with its onyx skull head and four clawed arms, tore apart the heroes, inflicting major damage and really pushing you to your max. Lumi and Sorn came close to dying, as did Tallon if it weren’t for a well-placed action point.

Lots of blood and gore all around, but read the log for more information on the dealings with Lilith, who disappeared into the fog with a shadowy creature after Hoodie died, proclaiming that she had fun watching you, and learned a lot. She’ll be waiting for you and that you’ll get a chance to play again.

Session Log:

Dead End...?
... Or is it!

Stuff happened; I’ll update it when I have more time.

Session Log:

Revolution Stirs

After slaying three of the mightiest dragons in Granville, your words stirred a revolution in the hearts of the Granvillians, and got them ready for a war, once the General shows up again. Whether you can get the General before the city is destroyed is another matter entirely…

You also were approached by Jarod Umbermoore, guild master of the Metalsmith and Coiner’s Guild, who offered you a sack of platinum as a token of friendship, now that he’s one of the only remaining guildsmen. During the confrontation he admitted to betraying the Pirate Captain Morgan, though it was a job of his, and he was a mercenary. He did steal a bit of the treasure, and gave out a portion to the crew that mutinied with him.

In the end, you got him to apologize to the dead pirate at the mass grave for criminals. The catch is that Morgan was pissed, and so he ended up possessing Jarod and killing him from within, making him bleed out his eyes, ears and nose. After that, Morgan appeared, and hissed at you: “I’m going to hell… I’ll see you there.”

Lastly, Tallon revealed that one of the two people you rescued from the devils at the Wanton Wyvern was his foster sister Ryn (Ariel’s biological sister). You talked with her about her staying in Granville with Alec, a friend of Tallon’s mentor, but now she’s been sent back to Starfall since Alec was killed in the bar.

Next up is the trip through southern Nentir into Alden for the first time. You’ll be passing through (or around) a crossroads city on your way to Devonshire, the ultimate goal. You’ll have to face patrols the dragons’ minions and the harsh ashen wasteland that is Alden. Fun times for all!

Session Log:

Revenge on the Arcanist
Your Yearly Feel-Good Fight

This session saw the continuation of the riots that started with the destruction and slaughter of the guild masters. With two unconscious guild masters it’s tough to escape the carnage, but you do. As you are about to make your escape the Arcanist projects his voice over the city, calling out to you and challenging you to face him.

In the end you walked out to face him in the Plaza of Remembrance. There was a discussion about what had happened, and its summed up like this:

  • The people blame the dragons for killing their guild leaders.
  • The people no longer trust the dragons.
  • The Arcanist wants you to repair the relations between the humans and the dragons by admitting publicly that your actions were under the command of Ashwing.
  • Krayus would be sacrificed as a show of good faith by The Arcanist, so that the people would see you regret your actions against Granville.
  • After the people and the dragons are once again united, you would be allies against Ashwing.
  • Oh yeah, Ashwing is totally looking to raze Granville and recapture the humans there.

The ensuing combat was between the Arcanist and two other dragons: Relistrasza and Cylogosa. Together, the three proved challenging, though your strength has increased in leaps and bounds since you last fought the Arcanist.

As the session ended, you found a crowd gathered around the plaza, looking on with awe and terror, unsure what to make of the scene. How they react will depend on your next moves…

LEVEL UP! You have reached level 15. Enjoy your new daily power.

Session Log:

High-Stakes Bar Fights!
With 9001% more crits

This session you crashed the high stakes poker game with all the guild masters! You broke in through the upper story balcony after some acrobatics with an immovable rod, and surprised the group. At first they thought it was funny, but after Orsik beheaded on, they began to take him seriously. Some bruisers and hit men attacked, led by the blue dragonborn Nevek Thunderwing, liaison for the Arcanist.

The fight was brutal, and almost led to the (second) death of Lumi, and even got knocked Orsik unconscious. Half way through the fight, when Nevek was looking haggard a new challenger appeared: Howell. A strange half-elf with even stranger powers. He could corrupt the mind, incinerate the flesh, and summon devils! He offered information that he knew of Sorn’s pact holder, and that they could help each other.

Towards the end of the fight Sorn and Howell made a deal, and Howell agreed to stop fighting them, though he summoned a horde of devils to utterly kill the unconscious humans, though you all managed to save 2 (for what reason has yet to be seen).

The end result of this fight is that the bar went up in flames, and the bystanders watched, blamed the dragons for betraying them and killing their leaders (when it you who had killed their leaders). Krayus took the moment to incite riots against the dragons, using their love-turned-hatred for the dragons as a fuel. As the riots started the dragons grouped up, at least 5 where you are, and began turning the rioters to ash with lightning, but the damage had been done. The city burned and will forever be remembered as the Night of Pyres.

Session Log:

Leave comments or question below if you think I missed anything.

Return to Granville
Rendezvous with Wafado

Lots of information thrown around this week!

First off, you emerged from the underground smuggling caves into an abandoned and unused house. This house was in the Sea Ward, in northern Granville. While here, Sorn heard a halfling talking in his head, saying “where are you guys, you were supposed to be here already.” A quick message to Jael confirmed this was Wafado, who was warned of your arrival.

Your next goal was meeting him at the Plaza of Remembrance. On the way, you ran into some guards while looking at some of the wanted posters of your group (turns out Lumi and Tallon DID have wanted posters of them, they just weren’t given to the hired swords in Sigil). Some quick thinking from Tallon and Sorn, and some fancy crowd control by Orsik, and you got away safely.

Once at the Plaza, you were pestered by a young punk kid, who threw an acorn at Lumi’s head. He beckoned you to follow him, and he led you on a nice chase through Granville, avoiding guards and busy streets, until you ended up in a storm-celler, and the kid revealed himself as the Halfling Wafado; an operative in the Order.

He gave you a lot of information about Granville and Alden, so I’ll go through this in a list:

  • Red-scaled dragonborn have been moving into Granville. There are only a couple now, but they are watching the guilds.
  • A Half-Elf who goes by “Howell” is hanging around with the guilds (mostly the Dockhand’s Guild). He showed up with the dragonborn.
  • Nevek, a Blue Dragonborn, is the leader of the Dockhand Guild, and the bridge between the dragons and the guilds.
  • Jarod Umbermoore is a sleazy guild-master who likes easy money, easy women, and kisses ass to Nevek.
  • Valek was last known to be around Devonshire, north of the Imperial City,
  • Valek reported that Ashwing’s forces also had Tieflings, who were performing the sacrifices learned of in weeks prior.

Lastly, Wafado asked for help, since the guild masters were getting together for a high stakes poker game that night at the Wanton Wyvern bar. He said that if the leaders were taken out, the citizens would be impossible to control by the dragons, and it would be easy for the General to move in and claim control of the city.

So you took up this offer, and that’s where we’ll start next week!

Session Log:

Player vs Player is Nasty
Lumi did WHAT!?

This session started with a gauntlet of hazards as you jumped between ships, while avoiding cannons, falling masts, broken flooring, shark infested waters, and hordes of undead pirates. It was tense, and there were a few scares when some of you fell into the water and were almost eaten by sharks, or blown away by cannon fire.

In the end, you escaped to the other side of the harbor and into a small room where Captain Morgan began to mind-control each of you and make you attack your allies. The only way to defeat him was to attack your allies, which hurt the Captain. There was a small puzzle, involving an empty fountain, but Sorn solved it in no time, by filling the fountain with water to dispel the illusion covering the exit.

Lumi’s interaction with the spirit let you in on his reason for being there: His prior first mate, Jarod Umbermoore, betrayed him to soldiers and let him be hanged, while he stole away with most of his significant treasure horde.


80 platinum in gems and coin
+4 Retribution Executioner’s Axe

Session Log:

Leave a comment if you want to add any information you might want to keep.

Zombie Pirates
Got a Little Captain in Ya?

A straight-forward session: You crewed a ship to Granville, where you realized security had been heightened, as the entire bay was blockaded off by warships. Not only that, but there were a couple dragons flying about the city.

So you took Spaffy’s advice, and looked for one of the smuggling passages used in the past by pirates; and you found one. An old smuggling cave, which turned into some weird resting place for a pirate captain, his crew, and his pet shark.

You defeated the captain and his pet shark, but his crew is up next, manning old derelict vessels in a cave harbor under Granville. You’ll have to wait and see what happens next!


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