At World's End

A World Undone

This session saw you return back to Starfall with the dragonborn and Iojad. Jael gave some terrible news on the state of the world:

Granville is becoming more militarized.
Human sacrifices have started in Alden, and Valek is missing
Belegost has been invaded.
The Elven resistance has been destroyed, with Tariel, Ariel and Lia’s sister all taken prisoner.

There was much interaction, and talk between Iojad, Jael and yourselves, but the decision was made to travel to Alden to find Valek and rescue General Eramor. To do that you will need to seek Wafado in Granville, who was the last to know where Valek was in Alden.

To that end, you will take a small replacement vessel to Granville. Spaffy has told you that there are secret tunnels in the cliffs of Granville that lead into the Bastille; pirates used them from time to time to smuggle goods into the city.

While you are doing all this in Granville and Alden, Iojad will take his dragonborn to Eldarnath to do what he can about the Elf prisoners there.

If there was anything important I forget, leave it in a comment. Sorry for the lack of combat tonight, but I promise I’ll make it up next week!

Session Log:

The Filler Episode!

This session saw the heroes messing around after their victory. Along with buying items, they engaged in numerous jovial activities.

Lumenai disguised himself as a really attractive female eladrin, and seduced and charmed Runt, eventually leading to the purchasing of a magic set of dice, which Runt gave to “Kaya”. After that it was one short humiliation before Runt realized it was Lumi, when “Kaya” flashed a pair of scarred breasts, revealing himself as Lumi. Much fun was to be had, read the log for more of it.

Tallon was reunited with his mentor, Saeval Eveningfall, whom he had thought was dead. Apparently he was hiding when the attack happened, and taken prisoner. Ryn is in Granville, though where she is, is uncertain.

Krayus and Iojad had a conversation about each others’ histories, and their future role as world-shapers together.

Sorn did some research in the massive Eladrin libraries, searching for clues to his heritage, leading to a small revelation about himself and which house he belong to.

The day ended with a drinking competition of great proportion, and Orsik, Sorn and Runt faced off by drinking some of the world’s most expensive liquor. From elvish wine, to dragonborn whiskey, to goblin beer, to yuan-ti blood, the three really put their stomachs on the line for this one. In the end, it was a tie between Orsik and Sorn, with Runt having fallen out of the standings earlier.

You can see loot changes at the loot page here.

Session Log:

Showdown with Rime part 2
The fall of the tyrant!

This session marked the downfall of Rime! Though not without its own sacrifices. Lumenai fell victim to a merciless slaughter by the catastrophic dragon. Tiandra did her best to keep the group healthy, and she did. Her blessings ensured the heroes could face off against Rime without it leading to a total slaughter. At the end, Orsik found himself pushed over the edge of the spire, and he fell half way down before he could use his wings to regain control and land safely on a window sill.

After the battle, Skyshatter landed and spoke with you about the nature of Rime’s existence, and how he sided with the Primordials during the Dawn War, forsaking Bahamut and Tiamat after Io was slain by the King of Terror. He was only slightly arrogant and condescending, which is a lot better than usual for dragon-”gods”.

After Skyshatter left, Tiandra had the group move to the Ley Line, where she would resurrect Lumenai. Though not before revealing that her help in the fight was not part of the agreement, and she wanted some compensation for that. Her requirement was simple: a kiss. And Orsik obliged, giving Tiandra a kiss that sucked part of his soul out, and imbuing him with a shard of the Summer Queen’s powers: His hair and eyes are not colored faintly red.

LEVEL UP! You have all reached level 14. Send me a character sheet for next week, and update your tokens.
Your help in retaking the city has left you with a small part of Rime’s horde. You have earned 18,000 gold in gems, jewelry, and platinum pieces.
As a token of good faith, Tiandra has given Lumi an item to keep him safe: A +3 Mantle of Regret, since she regrets having let him die.

Off-Session Notes:
We will have the off-session not next week, but the following week. Please send me a character sheet for your character with the updates.
The updates are – Level 3 with two magic items of level 5 and 6 (or lower).
If you can make your own token, please do so. Justin will send out a campaign file for you to edit your tokens on and make sure they work. You can send me the token and character sheet at the same time.
If you absolutely cannot make a token, let me know and I’ll try to get the token made.
I only expect the off-session to last a single session this time, rather than two, just so you know.

If there are any questions, leave a comment here or email me. Thanks for a great session, I enjoyed it (finally got to kill a PC after 2 years of playing :D).

Session Log:

Showdown with Rime part 1

This session saw the heroes restore power to the ley lines, call forth the portals that would allow the Eladrin to arrive in the city. After this, the Eladrin poured forth in the hundreds, circling around the dragonborn fighting in the courtyard. After returning to ground level, it was apparent that Rime and Skyshatter still battling high above the city. Until now, the battle had been a stalemate, but with the ley lines no longer giving power to Rime, Skyshatter was able to wound the White Wyrm. Rime crashed into a tower, shattering the crystal, while the Blue Wyrm circled overhead like a hawk.

Tiandra, Queen of the Summer Fey, urged the heroes to finish off Rime, and so they were off, racing to the spire, and up to the top, where they find Rime laying on the floor, with a scorch mark on his underside from where the lightning bolt hit him.

A short conversation ensued, where-in the heroes learned that Rime is at least 6000 years old, possibly more so, as he hinted at living during the Dawn War (the cataclysmic war between the gods and primordials). At first the dragon was terrifyingly powerful, quickly making the heroes think that fleeing was a good idea. But after a minute of battle, Tiandra appeared on the tower, stunning the dragon and revitalizing the heroes with her magic.

Thus the fight began. Tiandra used her powers to boost the heroes’ strength so that they might contend with such a powerful beast. Rime struggled to fight back, having already been wounded. In the end, the players struck down Rime. With his dying breath, the White Wyrm uttered a phrase in primordial, cursing the players. With that his body fell away, leaving a husk of a dragon, oozing with elemental and eldritch energy. Rime had showed his true form, revealing his purely elemental nature. This will be a fight harder than any our heroes have faced before.


The Ley Lines are Restored

This sessions saw the heroes treat with Captain Iojad, who has offered his self and the soldiers under him to fight with the heroes. All he has said on why he turned is that he would rather die with pride and honor than as a slave to a tyrannical god.

Once the short discussion ended, Iojad and his men moved to defend the spire so that the heroes could be inside and uninterrupted. There they found a hundred statues made entirely of ice. These statues were amazingly realistic and hyper-detailed, down to eyelashes and stray strands of hair. This is what happened to any left in Mithrendain after Rime took over: they became a frozen statue. It is unknown how they might be revived.

Then it was on to the ley line. Of course things didn’t go as planned and the heroes ended up fighting a huge winter elemental, which was drawing energy from the ley line and using it to freeze the city. The battle was a spectacular one, in which Sorn almost died, but thanks to quick planning and lucky dice rolls, he didn’t.

With the elemental destroyed, the city’s power source was restored, and the ice covering everything was starting to melt as well. The last thing they heard was a mighty roar from one of the dragons, followed by a flash of lightning, a peal of thunder, and one more roar. After that, silence.

Session Log: TO BE ADDED

Behold(er) the Army of Archons

This session saw our heroes running a midnight spy session around the city, distracting guards, sending them off in search other places, scouting out the best routes to the Star Spire, and eventually making it back before dying of hypothermia in the below-zero degree weather.

The next morning, you moved on the spire quickly and easily, as all the guards were missing, oddly enough. The first form of resistance you find is the massive army of archons in front of the Star Spire, led by their commander, Zaelex. The dwarves covered your flanks while you attacked the group directly in front of the entrance to the spire, only to be repelled by a dozen soldiers, a few elite guards, their commander, and their pet beholder, and Eye of Frost. The battle was quick and efficient, though there were casualties on both sides. Several dwarves died, leaving your force at 8, not including Rurik and the dwarves on the airship.

After the Beholder fell, the troops began to flee, as did Zaelex, but all of them met their demise in doing so. The path into the Star Spire is open to you now, and the ley line awaits.

Before you could enter, more dragonborn, several dozen in fact, led by Captain Iojad arrived, facing your small force. Iojad nodded a small nod, looked straight at Krayus, and spoke in a proud, regal and commanding voice. He said, loud enough to echo through the streets, “Do what you came here to do, brother. We are with you.”

Session Log:

Forced to Flee
Perhaps the first time you've had to.

This session started off with Orsik and his dwarf shock trooper buddies rejoining the fight. The dwarves blocked the northern and eastern fronts, so that you could focus solely on the frost giants (and the left over troops from Captain Iojad’s command). The fight was tough, and it was thanks to Orsik, who was fresh and not fatigued that the fight ended with minimal casualties from the dwarves: three dwarves died, while 8 are exhausted and cannot fight until they take an extended rest.

After the frost giants fell, you spotted more dragonborn lining up along the large avenues, blocking your path to the Spire directly, but you found some side-roads to take. Unfortunately you couldn’t decide quickly enough and had to run since a group of soldiers was gaining on you. Then came a series of running, jumping, and crawling over ice and snow to get away from the soldiers, with short breaks to help the dwarves.

When it seemed that you would be caught for sure, you spotted a large building, blocked off except for a few windows that hadn’t been covered in snow. You hid in their, waiting for 10 minutes before the patrol moved on to other areas to search. Once free to roam around, you found that the building you were in was a storage building, containing everything from civic utilities to arcane training implements, to trinkets and decorations. In there you found a few magic items, as well as a hefty sum of gold in the form of valuable silks, gems, trinkets and jewelry. The magic items you found are as follows:

Magicians Ring – lets you cast wizard cantrips as a minor action. +4 Rod of the Solstice (Rod of the Churning Inferno) – burns things. Majestic Tapestry – allows you to use View Location through the tapestry without expending components.

Session Log:

Two White Dragons

Polassar and Polazandar, twin white dragons under the Winter God Rime swooped down and attacked while the heroes were trying to regroup. Along with the dragons, small squads of dragonborn and ice archons arrived and harried you, keeping you split up and letting the dragons threaten to kill Lumenai and Runt.

Several minutes into the combat another group entered, led by the dragonborn named Captain Iojad, who led a group of ice archons and dragonborn. He spoke to Krayus shortly, before being the subject of several dozen points of damage before retreating to safety. Perhaps you shall see him again.

Polassar was slain by Krayus and Runt’s awesome double-teaming, leaving Polazandar facing Tallon and Lumenai. This did not end well. Lumenai was knocked unconscious, and the dragon flew off before Krayus could get a healing power on Lumi, leaving the group facing a squad of dragonborn and archons. Not to be challenged lightly, 3 frost giants are barreling towards the group, chasing Orsik who has been rounding up dwarven shock troopers, and are running from the giants.

We shall see how this battle ends next week!

Session Log:

To Mithrendain
"Lumi... Chill out..."

This session was a doozy! The heroes took off from the Dwarven Kingdom in their airship Death Knell. They flew for 10 days over the icy tundra of north Illia. On the way the party got familiar with the dwarves they were working with. Krayus got to be pretty good friends with a few. Sorn stayed watch for most of the trip, his body heat making it easier to endure the frigid temperatures. Tallon and Lumi worked to keep the generator recharged, which was exhausting work by itself.

Hilarity ensued when Lumi was asleep one night… Orsik dressed up as a boat of death (reference to a comment Lumi made about death being a boat) and woke up Lumi, trying to get him to think he was dead. It might have worked, but Orsik has a very unmistakable dwarven voice. Tallon helped a little, as did Runt. Runt used his magic hat to turn into a ghost and try and get Lumi to hop on the “boat”. Lumi refused to fall for it, so Orsik tackled him, and Runt tied Lumi up. Together they tossed Lumi overboard (he was tied to the railing, thankfully) and left him there until morning, at which point Lumi was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite. Lumi was seething and is currently plotting his revenge.

After the small airship shenanigans the party arrived at Mithrendain, only it was surrounded by a thick coat of storm clouds. Never afraid the group flew straight into the clouds, where they were met with lightning, hail and powerful winds. There were also shadows appearing and disappearing in the clouds that could be seen when the lightning struck.

The party navigated the storm carefully, and without much incident, though the hail and wind did some damage to the ship, nothing was too bad. The real challenge came when the ship burst free from the clouds and spotted the City of Glass. Two dragons took wing from their sentry spire perch and made haste to the ship, while a dragon roared behind them. A gargantuan blue dragon emerged from the clouds and turned back to face the way he came, ignoring the heroes. Soon after a similarly sized white dragon followed, and became the target of the Blue’s lightning breath. The White blocked the attack and rushed forward, but missed as the Blue shot skyward, launching balls of lightning from its mouth. Another roar and the two dragons were gone, back into the clouds.

Rurik then took the helm and the heroes got set to leap from the ship, using the new Windows of Escape to make their fall painless. Each of them leaped from the ship, rolling and spinning to land where they needed to go: The Star Spire, where the ley line was located. 15 dwarves followed soon after, leaping and plummeting into the spiraled streets of Mithrendain. Rurik kept 5 soldiers with him for when they return to the battle after hiding the ship.

We’ll see how well the heroes deal with regrouping in an alien city while under attack by 2 white dragons, along with whatever forces are in the city.

Session Log:

A Meeting with the King

This session started with the return of you all from your fourth trip out on Death Knell in just as many days. You have made the final attack run on the enemy, as their forward lines are all but gone. There has been no resistance from the dragons, though there was a token resistance of wyverns, griffons and drakes.

With the return of your fourth and final attack run, the Death Knell is being put to repairs and upgrades, while Bronn plans the next series of airships, the first of which will be the dwarven flagship. Bronn also informed you that your share of the spoils was 7,000 gold, since there was quite a bit of treasure left buried in the marsh. Bronn also passed on his tinkering gloves: a set of what look like fingerless oven-mitts, made of fine ringmail. The gloves protect against heat and can deliver a nasty zap when charged, thanks to the gizmo attached at the wrist.

After that discussion, you went to see Remnar about borrowing the airship, at which point a mini-skill challenge ensued, and resulted in the king letting you take the Death Knell with a force of 20 volunteer soldiers for help in liberating Mithrendain. He also asked that this offensive be carried out in the name of the dwarves, and that any fallen dwarves be returned to Belegost for proper burial.

After the conversation, a bit of spending went on. Krayus had two Windows of Escape installed on Death Knell (1,040 gold), creating the world’s first dwarven orbital shock trooper. Tallon tattooed Runt with a Quick-Step Tattoo (2,600 gold), and Lumi did some things for which most deities would forsake him. All in all, you are left with 15,800 gold.

Bronn’s Boxing Gloves of Tinkering:

Level: 16
Price: 45,000 gp
Item Slot: Hands
Property: Gain resist 10 fire.
Power (Daily * Lightning): Minor Action. The next attack power you use deals 2d6 extra lightning damage.

Session Log:


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