At World's End

Showdown over Fenreach
With Aldrazat and Azshaldara

The battle aboard the Death Knell airship over the Fenreach Marshes continued with the emergence of Aldrazat, a fully grown adult black dragon. The first half of the battle was slow and Aldrazat took a toll on the ship, and nearly killed Bronn. Luckily Sorn escorted him down below decks and bandaged him up, though he’ll most likely lose a limb or two.

With a well-placed cannon shot Aldrazat dropped down, not dead, but wounded. His return was a surprising one as he ambushed the back of the ship while a younger dragon came flying in perpendicular. This younger dragon was a female black wyrm Azshaldara. Together they fought, but both fell to the might of the Order, and their newest toy, Death Knell.

After the two dragons were slain you turned around, the engineers having dropped all the dragonfire and covered the marshes in green fire. You made it back to the mountains, and the hanger where the ship was originally docked.

NOTES: You all leveled up! Send me an updated character sheet by next week!

Session Log:

Death Knell
Into the Fire

Thus begins the meta-combat airship battle you’ve all been waiting for! The battle began with a heart-stopping plunge off a cliff before leveling out and riding towards the dragon’s army. First you were met with a platoon of wyvern cavalry, all of which took strong measures to pick off Bronn, but you did well to keep him alive. You were also assailed by native vulture drakes. These beasts rammed straight into the ship and attempted to overwhelm you before you could react. Luckily Runt, the newest member of the team, and Orsik were able to beat them back before Sorn finished them off.

Wyverns fell like flies to the mighty cannons and balista the ship is loaded with. Not to mention the lightning generator. All in all, the ship was damaged a bit, and Bronn is slightly bloodied, and the rest of you are still going strong but will need to outlast the rest of the enemies… Namely the black dragon Aldrazat that’s shown his face.

We’ll see next week how you fare aboard Death Knell.

Session Log:

Arson makes Everything Better.
Though not as good as airships.

This session started nice and calm atop a mountain. From there it went downhill FAST. It started with climbing down the mountain, which alerted some wyvern patrols. The patrols didn’t spot you, but notified the camp to increase patrols. Even still, you broke into their camp. From there you made it half way in before a guard spotted you. He went to warn a sentry, but Tallon made his demon turn into a gibbering orb, which scarred the crap out of the guard. Orsik them did a running tackle into a sentry tower, collapsing it on top of the orc, and the yuan-ti sentry. At this point, a raven swooped down and perched on the tower. From here you guys ran.

You ran, and ran some more, trashing tents and towers to cause chaos to throw off the pursuers. You make it to the catapults, but only just ahead of a group of guards. You manage to destroy all the catapults fairly quickly, and take out the squad of orcs and worgs. From there, it’s a straight shot to home. Thankfully, nothing got in your way, though that’s mostly due to some excellent use of powers on the party’s part.

Once back in Belegost, you were whisked away to the upper reaches of the mountain where Chief Engineer Bronn showed you the beautiful airship that is to be either their ace in the hole, or final attempt at freedom. He told you that the ship housed many different weapons, and that you would have to defend the ship while some engineers dropped Dragonfire on the enemies. It will definitely be a fight to remember.

Session Log:

Lia takes her Leave

After first stepping foot in the Feywild Lia began to feel different. Her primal instincts kicked in more, and she felt uneasy. Soon she began hearing muted whispers in the wind, and seeing figures in the shadows. The voices were quiet at first, but grew louder the deeper into the ancient forest she traveled. She could see the trees swaying as she past, almost beckoning to her. The whispering grew louder. She could hear voices, thousands of voices. The wind, the earth, the sun, the moon… They all spoke to her. She felt their calling. She was walking through a land filled with spirits. Filled with ancient vestiges since before time itself had any meaning. This continued on for the remainder of her time here. She was being called by them, though she did not know why.

This escalated to a point where she couldn’t handle it any more. After her companions left to go check out the towers, she felt compelled to wander into the forest, and so she did. She followed the whispers and shadows until she was thoroughly lost. She couldn’t tell how far she’d come, or where she might be. Time stood still. It was there she was able to end the whispers.

She found the spirits, surrounding her. She was overwhelmed at first, but grew comforted by their presence; at least she wasn’t deluding herself that her task was real. There was an exchange. It isn’t known what Lia heard, or what the spirits said to her, but it must have been important. After returning to Senaliesse, Lia made the decision to return to Eldarnath and aid the Elves on behalf of the Order. Something changed within her. Whatever happened with nature’s avatars, she was compelled to return to her forest; she had been away too long.

Such ends the story of Lia Chaedi as a foremost member of the Order of Vigilance.

Faeries and Dwarves
The Race for Mithrendain Begins...

A slow session tonight, the heroes made plans with the Summer Queen to retake Mithrendain, to whom you presented the bloody head of Enaki. Together you agreed that if you retake the city, the eladrin would aid you in combating the more powerful dragons. To that end you learned that the city’s power source is being diverted towards something, and that power source needs to be restored before the eladrin can teleport and provide backup.

To get to Mithrendain you have traveled to the Dwarven Kingdom, in hopes of finding a flying machine. Once you had spoken with Remnar you decided to help the dwarves break their siege so that you may use their flying machine. For that you will have to sneak into the army’s camp and destroy the catapults that prevent the dwarves from launching their airship. Once that is done, you will be able to use the airship to break up Gulgol’s army. From there, it’s your hope that you’ll get to use the ship to travel to Mithrendain.

Session Log:

Enaki the Corrupter Falls

The battle with Enaki the Preserver (or Corrupter) began! Her poisonous and debilitating powers took their toll as you found yourself taking damage or slowed most of the fight. Not only that, but dragonborn-like creatures fought with Enaki. They had wings and looks more like lizard-men than dragonborn, and they didn’t talk, In fact, they were pretty weak, and fell within the first few moments of combat.

With Enaki on her own, she put up a tough fight, using her poison to keep some of you at bay, and protect herself. In the end, Krayus and Orsik double-teamed her and charged her into oblivion, though the rest of the party was quite helpful in locking down Enaki so that she could not move out of your dragon standard’s range.

In the end you were victorious. During your after-battle rest you saw a bulky dragonborn exit the shrine to the north, and upon seeing Enaki dead, he leaped off the tower batman-style and flew between the trees until he was out of sight. In the shrine you found the dragon’s horde, which contained the following:

12,440 gold
+3 Timeless Locket
+3 Sky Dragon’s Armor (Frozen Armor)
Circlet of Arkhosia

You also found a sort of ritual book written in draconic that has several missing pages in the middle.

Session Log:

Lycanthropes Abound!

You started this session knowing what tower you were meant to investigate, and thus you began your search for whatever the Summer Queen wanted you to eradicate. You quickly realized that you were facing lycanthropes: two werewolves and a weretiger. There might have been more, but they had either died or been kicked out.

You defeated the were-creatures efficiently, utilizing teamwork and cohesion to bring your foes down. There was nothing as you ascended the tower until the 5th floor, where the tree took over the fortress and broke through the next several floors, making the ascent much tougher. You also happened to run into a green dragon. Not just any green dragon, but this one you remember as the wyrm that you saw attacking the elven outpost and in the drow cave (where you found out about their experiments). Enaki the Preserver, as she titles herself, held a short conversation and lured you upwards, into the tree. You succeeded in climbing out, but only just. Once you reached the top, you found you stood on the roof, inside the tree-canopy and Enaki was circling, waiting for you. Thus, the battle began…

Session Log:

Eladrin and their Ilk
Lia has never been so pissed

You traveled the Feywild, enduring the psychological effect it has all of you, making true feelings stronger. You took a rope-ride up to the tree-top palace of Senaliesse, home of the Summer Queen, Tiandra. There you spoke with the Queen, who agreed to your plan, though in exchange, you would show her that you are capable of what you say you are, by clearing out a few watch-towers of some mysterious enemy.

There was a lot of good role-playing this session on all parts, so I suggest if you want to remember what happened in detail, you should read the session log. There were quite a few excellent moments that I’ll have to make comics out of.

You purchased two items, and sold one. Tallon sold his +2 Shimmering Robe, while Lumi bought a runed coffin to use with the Leomund’s Secret Chest ritual. For the group, a Standard of the Silver Dragon was purchased, bearing the draconic name D’Argent in elven script. If you would like to keep track of items, you may refer to this page.

Session Log:

The Fanglord Falls
Victory Over Phaervovral

Our heroes slew the Fanglord after a mighty battle, and just barely managed to stop the wretch from killing Lia’s sister, Yelena. The battle was intense, but you came out victorious. After the battle, as you were patching Yelena’s wounds and making sure she was still with the living, Shandria burst into the temple and told you the battle was won.

The drow had been routed, captured, or they had fled. The captured prisoners are going to go before the eladrin court to be punished as proper protocol states; they are prisoners of war and given all the rights there-of. The battle, though, was not without loss. Most of the eladrin survived, but for every elf that remains living, 2 others died. 30 elves make up the resistance now, along with the addition of their new leader, [[:queen_tarial | Queen Tarial]. Lia’s sister, Yelena, will be with them as well, under the protection of the queen. Aramir, since he survived, will also remain in Eldarnath to help the forces.

After the battle, you were payed by Shandria for your help through some spoils of war. You were given 10,300 gold worth of mundane valuables, coins, gems, trinkets and jewelry. Among the pile there was a magic ring, along with of black leather boots. The ring is a Ring of Shadow Travel (AV), and the boots are Shadowdancer’s Boots (AV2). Not only did you find riches in coin, but also in knowledge, for you have earned enough experience to reach level 12.


After returning to the forest and taking a well-deserved rest, our heroes set out with Shandria and her company. Their going is slow, as she and her 15 spell-swords are also bringing with them the 40 or so drow prisoners, who are kept blindfolded, gagged and restrained. You continue to head south, into the very heart of Eldarnath. The forest is less corrupted here, though signs of taint still appear frequently, it is less powerful than before. Shandria explains that is most likely because the Feywild and the Material Plane cross over here, and the Fey energies are enough to counter the corruption.

You reach a fairly large field where grass and multi-colored flowers grow in abundance. The air shimmers and distorts like the air above a fire. The sun in the sky seems brighter, and from in the field, the shadows of the forest seem darker. You hear insects buzzing and birds chirping. The scent of the flowers is intoxicating for everyone, especially Lia. As you move about the field you get the sensation that time has slowed, and that each step you take, each word you speak, requires extra effort to complete. Shandria steps with no uncertainty to the center of the field and pulls out her sword. She draws several runes in the air and on the ground, speaking words of power. Lumenai will tell you that this ritual is the same one that is imparted to him by his sword. It is one to transport you into the Feywild from a crossing such as this.

With her ritual complete, you suddenly stop. Stop moving, stop hearing, stop feeling, but you don’t stop seeing. Your body is frozen in place, but you see the sky turn to orange, then red, purple, yellow, green. The sky, and the world around you, changes colors, changing from vibrant to nearly monochromatic, from bright greens to deep reds. The world stretches, compresses, you feel yourself being pulled in two directions at once, tearing you apart!

Then it is all over. You are standing firmly on the ground, able to move your head around, with only a slight sensation of vertigo. You hear a roaring in your ears, somewhat muted but it soon clicks that you are near a waterfall, which is causing the noise. The world around you is bright, much brighter than your world. The field you are in is both similar and different. The flowers are much more exotic and there is not a river running through the field, which turns into a mighty waterfall at the south end. Beyond that there is no treeline. What was forest in your world is a cliff in this world, and that cliff overlooks a vast ocean, glistening light purple under the too-bright sun. Shandria looks at you, then to her warriors, and issues you the command to move on.

Level 11 Loot List:

Item Value
Platinum Ring w/ Emerald 2500gp
Silver Statue of Lolth w/ 3 black pearls 3,000gp
Box of gems 1,000gp
Spoils of war 10,300gp
Total 16,800 gold
Magic Item
The Raven Queen’s Shroud
+3 Armor of Night
Ring of Shadow Travel
Shadowdancer’s Boots
Undead Servitor Ritual

Leave any comments, questions or concerns below. You can also take this time to discuss loot distribution, splitting the gold, buying items, whatever. You won’t be able to until you get to an eladrin city, however.

Session Log:

Temple of Lolth part 2
The Fanglord Revealed

After disposing of the sadistic drow in their torture chamber, the heroes helped get Yelena, Lia’s older sister, back to consciousness. Even with her conscious, however, the stress of her imprisonment left her slightly hysteric and paranoid. With a bit of effort, however, you managed to calm her down enough to where you could continue with your mission: finding and ending the Fanglord.

The next room in the temple is the grounds for that last trial, as you entered and found out it was the pedestal of the temple, so to speak. A long hallway, lined with spider-web-filled passages leading away from it, with a large stone pillar upon which stood the Fanglord, in his 8-legged glory. After a brief conversation the Fanglord the fight began: spiders emerging from the smaller hallways, flanking you completely.

The fight progressed, but is far from finished. If you fail here, the Fanglord will take his forces and wipe out your elven resistance, along with the rest of the forest.

Session log:


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