At World's End

Khorvash of the Red Hand
With a side of dragon

This week we started with the heroes ambushing a group of human mercenaries and soldiers, along with their dragonborn commander: Khorvash, Sergeant of the Red Hand. The battle was short and fierce, with major wounds all around. Khorvash somehow gleaned power of Tiamat and was able to stun the heroes with his frightening roar and dark presence, but the heroes overcame! They knocked out Khorvash and interrogated him for the meaning of their presence.

Khorvash did not supply anything important, save that they were looking for the tomb of Rhogar to find the powerful artifact sealed with his tomb: these Mortal Instruments must be powerful for the dragons to send such a strong dragonborn to find it. They learned that there was a deep cavern below the ruins that housed a terribly beast to guard Rhogar’s resting place. After leaving Khorvash in the hot sun, our heroes venture down the deep pit that lie beneath Rhogar’s supposed tomb. The pit opened into a vast cavern, filled with jutting pillars of rock from a sandy floor. The heroes stand upon a square platform in the center of the cavern, that looks up to a large semi-circular platform that has a darkened tunnel heading away. To quote the last paragraph of the session:

You all reach the bottom after a strenuous climb, but since you are not rushed you can take your time. When you arrive at the bottom you find yourself standing on a stone platform 20 feet by 20 feet. A series of stairs from the platform lead to a higher platform. Your lights illuminate the cavern. It’s quite huge, with several pillars of rock jutting from the sand 40 feet below. Some pillars rise higher than our platform, some lower. As you step to the higher rise of the platform you hear a voice. It is quiet at first, but grows louder, echoing around the cavern. It sounds… like a laugh.

The sound grows to a crescendo, bouncing off the walls. The hallway to the south is still dark, which is where the laughter is coming from. “Hahahaha…. HAHAHAHA….” From the shadows you hear slithering, before you glimpse a snake-like head rush from the shadow and on to the platform south of you, which is 10 feet above your platform. It is covered in brown scales and spikes. Along it’s serpentine back are two elongated fins that look like wings. It’s forked tongue lashes out at you.

The creature speaks, “You have returned, arrogant mortals. I have yet to finish devouring your commrades, and you bring me more snacks… HAHAHA!” The snake-like dragon leans over the edge and peers at you, sizing you up, presumably to see who would taste the best. It’s tongue lashes out as sand swirls from its scales. “The way is blocked, foodlings. I have not had human in a long time…”

Session Log:

Any questions, comments, concerns or praises can be left as a comment! Question of the week: How did b62 work for you? Was it any faster? It seemed to run faster for me, at least with macros. There were a few bits of slowness, but I don’t think that was from the program, but rather from internet connections.

The Sea of Sand
To the Sandmobile!

Our heroes faced the challenge of escaping Sunspear without alerting the guards. They rose to the challenge and met it head on. Or rather, they sidestepped around and quickly got passed the guards in the city. They talked their way out of the city and met up with a craftsman who builds “dune-gliders” for the army’s scouting missions. These crafts are capable of speeding through the desert and terrifyingly high speeds, which you got to witness first hand as Tallon and Krayus pilot one of these babies south for two days to the coast of [Dorne | Dorne]].

During the trip you came upon a wrecked skiff half buried in the sand. There were several empty crates that once held food (as determined by Lia). You also found a small bag of coins and a jade statuette of a Yaun-ti, all together worth 540 gold. You aren’t sure what caused the skiff to crash, but you do know that it was headed south. Perhaps they were headed the same place you are?

After another day of blistering heat and frigid cold you come upon the coast, where trees and ferns and cacti grow abundant. Not only that, but you find tracks from another dune-glider. These tracks take you through a carefully picked out path in the oasis wide enough for a glider to move through. Close after you arrived at a water hole where some behemoths rested, and the sand glider lie unused. More important are the ruins that lie next to the area. You hear laughter from within and find humans residing in the ruins. They talk and laugh and eat while you sneak into the ruins and hide behind pillars, waiting to attack. You charge, breaking up their meal and combat begins. Can you win after such a difficult trek across the dunes? We shall see next week!

Session Log:

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To Dorne!
The fires of revolution spark...

After a brief rest at Starfall our heroes use the Travel Stones to arrive in a dank holding pen, filled with ravenous dragonspawn. Such creatures were born by mixing the blood of non-dragons with unhatched dragon eggs, and then performing dark eldritch rituals on them. It appears that these creatures were recently bred, as they were terrifyingly powerful but frail. Cages filled with cursed wyrmlings were in the holding pen as well. After a brief but bloody battle to defeat the tortured creatures you stepped out of the cave and into a small fortress area, where three dragonborn sat guard. Well, they weren’t so much guarding as drinking and gambling.

After a fairly quick rush to disarm and restrain the guards Krayus and Tallon scared the piss out of them, and so began a long discussion about loyalties and shame and honor and trust. In the end, Krayus’s words inspired the simple guards to step away from High Prophet Arjhan’s propaganda and quietly spread word of revolution. Will Krayus get his army? How will the prophet react to this? Who is “the Hand”, as the guards called it? Only time will tell. Right now the Order must work on getting out of Sunspear without being capture; a daunting task in its own right. Not to mention traversing several hundred miles of dunes to reach the tomb of Rhogar, and HOPE that the dragons haven’t got there first.

Session Log:

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The Mortal Instruments

This session you finished off the dryad and her entourage, and continued into the tomb. The next room contained the tomb of Lucan, covered by a large tree that extended through the ceiling. The dryad returned, and revealed several treasures for you. The journal and biography of Lucan was the first of these. Along with this you found:

Battlestrider Greaves
Gloves of Missile Deflection
Predator Earthhide Armor
Ritual Book (Call Wilderness Guide, Endure Elements, Traveler’s Camoflage)
Lucan’s Journal

You learned that the he held what is called a Mortal Instrument, which appear to be one part of a collective group of ancient artifacts of great power. You’ve also gained some information about a travel stone in Dorne, where Rhogar’s tomb is supposed to lie.

You are now off to Dorne to track down Rhogar’s tomb and see if there is any extra knowledge there, that can lead you to the instruments.

Session Log:

There was a lot of RP info thrown around this last session. If you need help remembering it all, let me know and I can post more here.

Forest Guardians
"Trees shouldn't have faces"

Our heroes departed from the drow cave after rescuing the elves. Using Tallon’s magical and very fast phantom steeds, they trimmed a 2-3 day walk into a mere 12 hours of hard riding and no rests. Upon reaching the isle in the middle of the Morning Sun lake, they searched for where Lucan’s tomb might be. They found a heart-tree in the center of a clearing, with a small tunnel leading underground. This tunnel lead directly to a small grotto in which several trees grew, despite no sunlight. A single large tree dominated the room.

They met with a beautiful elf, whom mistook them for intruders and power-seekers. Her fury channeled into the surrounding trees, and a treant awoke, along with two woodland warriors. The battle raged, with the treant’s bulk warding against attacks. Even hell-fire and magic had little effect on the power of nature’s furry. Lets hope that our heroes can survive the fight and find their way to Lucan’s tomb. Hopefully that will hold some clues as to what the dragons might be after.

Session Log:

Drow Stronghold
Of poison and dark magic

After defeating the arachnomancer, you decided to try and lure a guard into your trap. Tallon used his bluff skill and made a call like the now dead drow, asking for help. As a drow came to investigate, you ambushed her and interrogated her. You learned that the drow were, under the dragon’s orders, attempting to create a ritual and poison that will transform elves back into drow; a single race, as they once were.

After killing that drow, you barged into the main temple area, where the green dragon was, as well as a priest and several drow warriors. The fight commenced, and the green dragon took flight, leaving the cave. The following fight wasn’t entirely troublesome, but the spiders and did prove troublesome with their poisons and webbing. However, within minutes the two remaining drow warriors surrendered. You cleared away the webbing on the figure atop the ritual circle, revealing a horribly thin and pale elf. The elf, when moved away from the circle, crumbled and swarms of minuscule spiders skittered out of the body. This dark ritual, meant to transform elves to drow, was not completed and the elf died because of it.

The remaining 7 elves that were captured were less damaged, only unconscious from the spider poison. Within a few hours they regained consciousness, slowly gaining strength. Now your goal turns back towards the dragons’ goal; can you reach it before they do?

Level Up! Send me a character sheet and token
Treasure – You found treasure in the drow’s hideout: Assassin Slippers, a Torch of Misery and 1800gp.
You learned that the green dragon you were chasing is named Enaki “the Preserver”.

Session log:

Into the Cave
Inject us with WHAT!?

After defeating the dragonborn raiders, you find that several warriors fled with captive elves. An elf sentinel told you that dragonborn had been raiding their camps for several days now, despite daily relocations. You tracked the dragonborn to an unmarked cave, where you encountered a new foe: Drow.

Sorn and Krayus convinced the drow they were bringing in new “test subjects” for the drow to continue to do experiments on. The drow also mentioned that if they don’t hurry up bringing in the “captives” that she would inject them herself. So far you’ve only seen one drow, though it controls several spiders, all of which group up and attack you in swarm. Combat is not finished, though the battle is looking promising. What you will find further in the cave you will have to wait to find out next week.

Session log:

Leave any questions, comments or concerns as a comment to this post. Thanks for a good session, I loved the bit of bluffing and stealthery. Hopefully you’ll get to do more stuff like that in the future.

Eldarnath Awaits
And the forest burned....

You escaped the hobgoblin pursuit and fled into the sewers, where you teleported back to Starfall. From there you determined your next target would be Eldarnath.

In Eldarnath, at the travel stone, Lia realized that the stones lie in an old shrine devoted to the primal gods, and that her village was not far away. On route to her village, you smelled smoke, and followed it to the inevitable fire where dragonborn were attacking a camp of refugee elves. A green dragon hovered near, watching the battle play out.

The session ended mid-combat, with the heroes close to victory. Will you have to slay this green dragon? That might be a task too mighty for even yourselves.

Session Log:

Tallon deciphered the drawing of the teleportation circle and deduced that it exists somewhere in Dorne, though where he can’t be sure.

FROM THE DM: I was a bit out of it tonight, so I apologize for the slow pace. The subsequent weeks will be better.

The High Arcanist Flees
He's not dead yet!

An exciting battle between the High Arcanist and his hobgoblinm minions ensued. The dragon kept you on your toes as it flew around the room and blasted you with lightning and let its subjects torment you. In the end, you were victorious, though only because the dragon fled through the roof, which is blew open. Many of you are wounded, and Lia fell near death a few times.

You’ve got a few options now: stay in the institute and take a rest. Flee the institute and find somewhere else to take an extended rest. Book it out of the institute and try to make it to your ship to sail out of here. Set up a teleportation ritual and hope you’re not attacked during the ritual completion. Those are just a few of the options, you’ll have to debate your next course of action.

Session log:

I can’t think of any other notes, though if you want to remember something, leave a comment!

PS: I really enjoyed the game tonight. You constantly keep me on my toes with regards to enemy tactics and make it a real challenge to effectively play monsters. If there was anything specifically you liked about the combat (or any combat for that matter) that you’d like to see more of, let me know. I know you didn’t like having the villain get away, but not everything goes entirely according to plan. :P

Clash with the High Arcanist
Shhh! It's a library.

After a romp through the sewers (and a fight with some filth monsters and a foulspawn) our heroes arrived in the institute where they met up with Lyram and Arryn, captive professor and student researching the tombs’ location for the High Arcanist. Luckily, they happen to have found those locations and have them scrawled on a map. They also have a drawing of a Travel Stone, which you can analyze later.

All was going well and you were about to leave, but someone must have warned the Arcanist, for he showed up and ruined your escape. Hobgoblins poured in the doors and blocked your escape, and the Arcanist won’t have any of Krayus’ lies! A battle shall soon ensue, exciting!

You learned the location of Rhogar and Lucan’s tomb
You acquired the image of a Travel stone you can analyze later
The High Arcanist mentioned “Mortal Instruments”
Orsik has Filth Fever
Arryn turned out to be the girl Tallon has been looking for, Ariel! She’s using a glamour to disguise herself

Session Log:

NOTE: there are bits of whispers on the chat log. I’m not going to bother taking those out as it’s all in the past and unless it is really imperative to take it out, I won’t.

Here are the maps give to you:


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