At World's End

The Mistress Falls

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This session was the continuation of the fight with the Black Dragon Gulgol, Mistress of the Swamp. This session saw her downfall, though not before nearly taking Runt, Krayus and Lumi with her. The killing blow was delivered by Krayus, who scored a critical hit on the beast, causing her to rear up and thrash backwards, destroying a section of the wall of her cave, draining much of the water, and revealing a way out.

Shortly after this Sorn was able to pull Remnar out of the deathgrip vines, and through your combined efforts, were able to revive him. As a group, you then escaped, while Rurik used a sending stone to call for the Death Knell to pick you up.

On the return trip you were able to count the treasure left in Gulgol’s horde, which was quite a sum. Remnar, during the trip, spoke with Sorn and, as a champion of Moradin, bestowed upon Sorn Moradin’s Blessing of Iron Might as a boon for rescuing him.

The trip ended with a speech by Remnar about the importance of overcoming racial boundaries and working together, and gave you the princely sum of 300 platinum to fun the war effort.

Session Log:


LEVEL UP! Enjoy level 17, and your new encounter power.

Sorn received Moradin’s Blessing of Iron

Runt got a Blazing Arc Ki Focus

You received two other items: Helm of Heroes, and a Ring of the Spectral Hands

You got 844 platinum from both Gulgol’s horde, and from Remnar’s war funds.

The Mistress Reveals Herself
Fight for the Future of all Dwarves

This encounter started off slow; a careful trip across a swampy cave chamber to rescue Remnar, but it quickly turned into a fight for dwarf-kind when Gulgol leaped from the water and grabbed Orsik in her mighty jaws. Gulgol held fast to Orsik, but Orsik escaped, and the heroes quickly turned against her and locked her down. The 6 heroes opened fire, quickly holding her still and keeping her from doing too much damage. But soon, after the first barrage of attacks was completed Gulgol became enraged and the fight turned for the worse.

Upon reaching her wounded state Gulgol shrugged off your effects and dove underwater, dragging Lumi with her. At first she remained hidden, but not for long as you spotted her thanks to some bubbles rising to the surface. With that you pinpointed her position again, bringing her back to the surface as Lumi teleported away.

She quickly changed targets and started going after Runt, whom she dragged to the bottom of the water, attempting to crush him with her jaws, and suffocate him. It almost worked, he barely made it to the surface before he began drowning. At this point, it’s a race against time, can you kill her before she kills you? She has Krayus in her grasp, and your strength is waning as the fight turns against you.

Can you defeat the second godly dragon? Gulgol, mistress of the black dragons and ruler of the marshes: will you kill her, or will you, as she says, rot at the bottom of her watery kingdom.

Session Log:

Into Enemy Territory
Fighting a Waterfall

This session started off by contacting Rurik, who was en route to the great hall, thanks to the dwarves you sent off as runners. Upon meeting him there you find a few dozen dwarves banding together into groups to defend against the yuan-ti, all of whom appear to be retreating (or trying to). With Rurik at your side, you head off to examine the means by which the yuan-ti infiltrated the city.

This question is answered when you arrive at one of the old swamp reservoirs that is used to collect and filter water from the swamp. It seems somehow Gulgol blocked off the water feeding the reservoir and broke the grating blocking off the reservoir and used it as a tunnel into the mountain.

Like good adventurers, you followed this muck-filled tunnel for a quarter mile before you found an exit. Unfortunately, just before the exit was another tunnel, from which a torrent of water was spewing; the water that at one point filled the reservoir, no doubt. Thus came the challenge of not being flung about like a rag doll by the immense water pressure. Lumi started off by creating a bubble of protection, keeping water from crushing everyone while Sorn ran ahead as fast as he could. Sorn was pinned against a wall by the water, but quickly teleported further ahead, and up onto dry ground. The rest of the group didn’t fare so well, as Rurik slowly slipped outside the sphere of protection, and Tallon and Lumi had to rush to save him. Lumi’s distraction causes the bubble to collapse and water to rush around the heroes.

Now battling for their lives, the heroes attempted to hold fast. Krayus planted the Standard of the Silver Dragon and used his dragon’s breath to freeze and slow the water some. Sorn, safe above the water attempted to blast the tunnel from which the water rushed, closed. At first it wasn’t a success, rocks and debris was thrown loose, which knocked into the other heroes. His second attempt collapses a tree and blocked most of the tunnel, leaving the heroes able to swim to safety, only slightly the worse for wear. Rurik, however, was wounded in the process and is now likely unable to fight.

Once in the marsh-cave that you escaped through, you quickly find a water-filled room. This room had vines and roots hanging from the ceiling, a cluster of which held King Remnar suspended, unconscious. How you proceed with this room is entirely up to you, and will be determined next week!

Session Log:

The Throne Room

This session saw our heroes making their way into the royal quarters of Belegost. First they had to get past the door that closes the area. Two pressure plates, usually reserved for guards, that when stood on, reveal two symbols on the door for the guards to place their hands on, which opens the door. A rather convoluted measure, to be sure, but an effective one at keeping intruders out.

Past this door, you descended to the royal quarters, where the council chamber was upended and destroyed, and where you found more yuan-ti waiting in the throne room and adjoining chambers. Upon the throne was an Oni who loved to curse: Tzaryen Rroc. Leader of at least part of the invasion, this overlord was a pushover without his hordes of yuan-ti to fight for him.

After the fight you witnessed both a very inspiring and a very sad scene. Upon trying to communicate with the corpse of a dead guard you witnessed the very last moments of the dwarven resistance. The yuan-ti pushed the dwarves to the very end, until they were only a dozen, defending the throne room to keep Remnar and his wife safe.

Remnar summoned two elementals of stone to aid in the fight, and together they slew dozens of yuan-ti, but the hordes kept coming, and eventually only Remnar and his wife remained. Remnar was able to keep the hordes back, invoking his shamanistic power to hold the snakes with rock and stone and deflecting arrows with walls of earth…

… Until a stray arrow pierced his wife, and she fell back, poisoned, bleeding, dying. The bindings of earth fell away and the yuan-ti pressed forward, swarming over Remnar, binding him as he watched his wife die. As a final act, Remnar encased his wife in stone under the floor, ensuring the yuan-ti could not touch her. Then he was taken away, bound and unconscious.

After this scene, you spoke with the ghost: it told you that he had died 8 days ago, and that hek knew not where Remnar was taken. Lastly, he said that the yuan-ti arrived through the lower-south reservoir channel. The next move to be made is up to you, what will you do next?

Session Log:


On the Oni, Tzaryen Rroc, you found 56 platinum pieces, and an Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords. I don’t know who got the ring, so weigh in here if you’d like it. I’ve updated the Loot Table page accordingly, so check it out if you have questions.

Onward and Downward
To the King!

This session the heroes took out a large amount of yuan-ti that were in the main hall of Belegost; those that didn’t die to you all were fighting your the eladrin distraction team. Along with destroying more yuan-ti, you had to make sure that the dwarves made it out of the hall alive to warn other dwarves of the attack.

Two of the dwarves got caught off guard and came very close to dying, but thanks to your strength and ingenuity, you kept them alive (if not well). Next up is the King’s chambers.

No session log for this week; I was tired and forgot to save one.

Slaughtering Yuan-Ti
Snakes... Why does it always have to be snakes?

This session saw the players finishing their initial combat with the Yuan-ti assaulting the Travel Stones and keeping a group of dwarves pinned inside a closet for 3 weeks. The yuan-ti are a different type of enemy, able to manipulate their enemies’ minds and force them to attack their allies. The battle was tough, but the heroes came out on top, with only a single Yuan-ti escaping.

After this, the eldarin reinforcements were brought in, led by Varithralis. A short planning session and an interrogation of a dead yuan-ti later, our heroes decided to send the eladrin to attack as a a distraction and draw out part of the yuan-ti forces holding Belegost’s main city hall. This diversion worked, and just in time too, since shortly after reaching the main hall (and seeing the vastness of the yuan-ti forces which numbered at least a hundred), there were sounds of combat and flashes of magic from the higher levels of Belegost, drawing away many of the defenders from the lower level.

This left you three dozen of your own snakes to fight, but how you fare will be determined next week!

Session Log:

Explosive Snakes
Back in Belegost

After spending some time talking around Dorne, and resting up a bit, you have teleported once more to Belegost, where you find the portal moved to a storage chamber. The dwarves that did the moving were trapped, unable to retreat from that storage chamber because the Yuan-ti blocked them in.

In this storage room, you found some neat toys to use later on. Some clockwork bombs, a resonance crystal, and some potions of vitality. The four dwarves were a little edgy after spending 3 weeks huddled up in a tiny storage chamber; even dwarves get cabin fever.

To start off combat, you rigged up a trap to defend the room against attack, and then rushed out, igniting a combat with Yuan-ti (snake-creatures). Their venom proved too much for Krayus, and he ended up succumbing to the mind-controlling aspects the poison can have.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see how the combat resolves, and what will happen next as you attempt to retake Belegost!

Session Log:


This session involved two important plot points. Your discussion and planning with General Eramor informed you to the state of the Imperial City, which is guarded by a barrier of some sort, beyond which patrol fire giants, elementals, red dragons, and creatures of fire and shadow he did not know of.

Important plot point 1: Howell was one of Eramor’s interrogators. He asked if the General knew of the city Vor Rukoth. As a group, you learned that Vor Rukoth was a Tiefling city that was powerful with various families during the Bael Turathi empire, and was important as it was had one of the only refineries for the rare red-gold metal Orium, which was said to be smelted in forges that summoned fire from the Abyss itself.

Important plot point 2: Rurik contacted you via the sending stones, and informed you that he arrived back at Belegost. Unfortunately the city’s main hall had been taken by Yuan-ti forces of Gulgol, and stopped communication between all the branches of the dwarves, so they could not coordinate a counter attack. Rurik will be flying over the swamp, looking for Gulgol, and trying to draw attention away from the mountain.

At the end of the night, Eramor was sent to Starfall to remain safe, and Krayus made the rest of the group Bloodscales, invoking the Blood Trade that intertwines your honors and dishonors.

Now you have the time to craft magic items, so if you would like to make something, look at the Loot Table page to see how much gold you have, and leave a comment saying what you would like.

Session Log:

The Prophet Falls
Viva la Revolucion

This week saw the death of High Prophet Arjhan, who has been a thorn in your side for almost a year now. Before his death he revealed his ultimate goals: The rebirth of Arkhosia. To sum up his pre-death monologue:

In ancient Arkhosia dragons both metallic and chromatic were the rulers, who held the balance of Tiamat and Bahamut. The two gods were worshiped as two sides of the same coin: each needed the other. Arjhan found a dragon that survived the purging of the dragons and downfall of Arkhosia, and sought him out. This dragon was Ashardalon, or Ashwing.

Arjhan and the dragon struck a deal. Arjhan would rally his people and ready them for the coming of the dragons and the rebirth of their empire, while Ashardalon would return and inspire the dragonborn to rise again. Sadly, Ashwing was less noble and had grown hateful over thousands of years. His return brought not the empire Arjhan wanted, but a dark and twisted version.

Then Krayus hatches, blessed with the mark of Bahamut. Arjhan banishes him so that he will see the splintered way the dragonborn live, and eventually desire the same thing as Arjhan. It took many years, but all of this culminated atop Sunspear, where Krayus slew the prophet and took on the his mantle, aspiring to lead his people to glory once again, where Arjhan failed.

Word ran through the city quickly that Krayus had returned and almost all the citizens gathered around the tower. Though dissenters and those loyal to Arjhan were causing destruction and violence. Krayus calmed the masses (he was bloody terrifying), and inspired them to rally around his cause, to restore the empire of Arkhosia. Was this all part of Arjhan’s plan? Guess you’ll never find out now.

After the stirring speech, General Mance Eramor found you, urging you to discuss the retaking of his country, and his return to the Imperial City. One problem after another, it seems…

Session Log:


  • You have reached level 16! Enjoy a new feat, a utility power, and another paragon path feature
  • You have amassed quite a bit of treasure in the last few days, so please look over the Loot Table and make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Send me updated wishlists if you have the time; I use them so long as I get them.
  • Your Mortal Instruments have all received a power boost upon reaching level 16, so enjoy those. You can check them out here.
Tip of the Spear
Fight with Arjhan part 1

A fast-paced session, you were captured and had your weaponry removed from you, and then stuck into sun-rooms, which were exactly as they sound: open air prisons 90 feet above the ground. Krayus, however, was able to fly around to the cells, and deliver some tools to Sorn so he could bust open the locks. Though the commotion caused alerted a Bahamut priest to come investigating; Sorn turned him into a melted pile of bone and cloth.

After everyone had been freed, a second priest of Bahamut arrived, and revealed that he was part of the revolution against the prophet. He had kept all of your gear in the area, to help you escape easier. Along with your gear, you also found a few pieces of loot, but found Krayus’ Bahamut’s fang was missing.

You then raced upward, through Sunspear Tower to find Arjhan at the very top. You found him flying on a drakkensteed on the top of Sunspear, where you began to battle him. The fight seems to be easy, but you’ve only been through the first half so far. We’ll see how things turn out next week!

Session Log:


You found some loot – +4 Elven Cloak, Rapidstrike Bracers, and 110 platinum

Can’t wait to see how this fight turns out next week!


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