At World's End

Mysteries of Granville
What the hell is "polenta"

Another session down, and you learned quite a lot, so I’m putting it in bullet points:

  • Dragonborn/Hobgoblins are more bullies than law-keepers. The Dockhand’s Guild is like a mafia and keeps the “peace” in the city.
  • The High Arcanist is mostly nocturnal, watching the city during the night and resting on in the Institute during the day
  • Crime rates have dramatically increased.
  • The Mayor’s Manor was empty. You found a map of the sewers and a piece of paper saying “Help po~~”. You suspect it might have been “poison”, as the food there was slightly tainted.
  • You recovered a map of the sewers and have a path planned to get into the institute.
  • Lia found a secret path leading along the cliffside to the waterfront out of the institute.
  • Spaffy is still awesome.

Any other notes I forgot, you can leave a comment with. I can’t be expected to remember everything can I :-P

Session log:

Granville: City of Riches

Our heroes ventured forth to Granville, capital of Nentir, to search for information regarding the location of the tombs of Lucan and Rhogar. They sailed to the city to find the harbor blocked, and the Dockhand’s Guild was patrolling the waters. Krayus fooled the sailors into thinking he was an ambassador, and so they pulled their boat to a small pier on a cliff-side inn.

As they tried to enter the city, they were kept from doing so by a line of refugees trying to get into the city. The hobgoblins at the gate were checking each one off before they could enter. A particularly pissy hobgoblin yelled at a woman to silence her child, and thus ensued a fight between the hobgoblin and the party. Before steel clashed, a blue dragon, the High Arcanist, soared down and squished the gobbo beneath his claws. After a brief conversation during which they learn the state of the city, they are allowed in.

Granville is much unchanged; still crowded and busy, only the inflated prices seem to have changed. Although hobgoblins now patrol the city instead of the city watch, a lot of people seem to have take to this switch as almost positive. As long as people stay within the boundary of the dragons’ law, they are left alone.

The party stopped to rest and plan their next move at the Blue Dragon Inn and Pub, where they were told they could contact Spaffy should they need to.

Highlights: Top Blue Dragon – Skyshatter
Lord over Granville – High Arcanist
Dockhand’s Guild – guild of dock workers that are now much more active in city affairs.
Lucan Anaellas – Half-elf monk of Pelor who spent his life banishing demons.
The Drow allied with the green dragons.

Session Chat Log:

DM NOTE: How did you guys like the whole blue dragon scene out front?

Mistress Golgol Flees
Safe for now.

The dragons have been routed, and Hammerfast is safe. You defeated the dragonborn commander Gharash Vren, and his manticore mount, causing the remaining dragonborn to flee. Mistress Golgol, who you learned is not just any dragon but the Queen of the Black Dragons, threatened the dwarves before fleeing. A terrifying sight, and only slightly lessened because she was retreating.

Thus ends this story arc in Belegost, for our heroes return to Starfall to report to the Order of Vigilance, and perhaps get some new bearings. Where their travels take them, only fate can tell, and we have yet to find out whose side fate is on.

Session log:

Rurik's a... Succubus?

NOTE: This campaign started one year ago this week, and even though only 2 of the original group is here, I appreciate all of your dedication and commitment to making this game a very enjoyable weekly event. Thank you everyone.

This week concluded with several more rounds of the siege, all of which went in favor of the dwarves. The giants were slain quickly, and the rest of the orcs repelled. However, as the orcs fell, the dragonborn retreated and fired volley upon volley of arrows at the battlements. This gave their wyvern riders a chance to surprise the archers and kill a full squadron before being taken care of by our heroes.

Not only that, but you learned that a succubus had been the one who infiltrated into the council and pretended to be Blackstone. Dragons and Devils!? What is this world coming to? Find out next week as we continue the Siege at the Iron Gate.

Important notes: The double-agent in Belegost was a succubus, and was taken care of.
One of the dragonborn archers mentioned their prophet Arjhan had informed the dragonborn about Krayus’ banishment and not to listen to him. Who is this Arjhan? Maybe Krayus knows….

Session log:

Seige at the Iron Gate

Our heroes were taken to the city Hammerfast, located at the end of a deep crevasse in the Silver Mountains. There they learned that someone had poisoned the troops’ food supply, ‘causing more than half the dwarves to fall sick, including their commander Rurik. In his illness, Rurik gave command over to Orsik and his gang, adamant in his belief that they are the heroes that will save man-kind. With command, the group set forth making preparations: fixing siege engines, fortifying the wall, organizing mages, healing dwarves etc. They later learned that Blackstone had been dead for the last weak, and whoever they talked to the previous day was an impostor, and had escaped.

After a long night of working, and no rest, the group had a quick drink before the dragons make their presence known. An army of dragonborn and orcs came into view and the siege at the iron gate began.

The battle raged on for several hours, dwarves and orcs falling, though the defense remained. Krayus and Lia lead the battle from atop the battlements, while Sorn and Tallon direct the artilery and arcane firepower. Orsik and Rukahs fight on at the gate, pushing back their foes with bestial ferocity. The defenders were forced to pull back behind the gate to avoid being slaughtered, and as they did so a trio of hill giants rushed the bridge. Krayus gave the order to trigger the land mines, and they blew one of the giants into the lava far below. The other two remained standing and continued to rush the gate. They managed to break the gate open enough to let themselves and orcs in, forcing a rough battle….

And so the siege will continue next week.

Session chat log:

Important notes:
The dragon announced itself as “Mistress Golgol”
Lord Blackstone has been dead
The Blackstone you talked to was an impostor
The Blackstone that is an impostor has escaped

2 squads on defending the gate
3 squads on artillery
start of the 4th round
Defend the Gate: Orsik, Rukahs, Snuffles
Artillery Fire: Tallon, Sorn
Tactical Command: Krayus, Lia

Allies and Intrigue
Ugh... Politics

On their way back from the ruined dwarven citadel they stumble into an ambush. In the opening volley Krayus is shot down by four well-placed bolts. Lia quickly heals him up while the rest of the group begin searching for these assailants. Tallon and Krayus intimidate their foes and force them to surrender with some help from Orsik, who was waving around a rotting dragon tail on his rear.

Once the ambushers gave up you quickly realized that Lord Blackstone was behind this attack, informing this group (led by a Gnome called Smoke) that you were allies with the dragons. Why Lord Blackstone would want you dead remains a mystery.

You trudged back to the council chambers were Blackstone was implicated and put under house arrest by King Remnar. Orsik, the last living member of the Stonewall clan, took up his position as clan lord and gave everyone else an honorary place in his clan, making you citizens of Belegost officially. You also gave Smoke the sigil sequence to Starfall, offering him a position in the Order of Vigilance. Another ally for the side of good.

Lastly, King Remnar informed you that the Dragon army marches closer to Hammerfast, and the troops there are severely needing assistance. Seems that a wildfire has sprouted just as you quenched the bonfire. Clan Lord Ironfist has given you use of his treasury, which includes the following:

Item Item Level
+2 Finemail Mythril Armor 9
+3 Battering Mordenkrad 11
Amulet of Resolution 12
Starlight Goggles 8
+2 Amulet of Physical Resolve 7
+2 Cloak of the Chirurgeon 8
+3 Amulet of Protection 11
780 gold, 95 residuum N/A

Session chat log:

A Challenger Aproaches

You move forward in the forgotten dwarven citadel and find yourself face to face with nothing short of a black dragon! Shadrenezzar put up a tough fight, but you were victorious in the face of extreme danger. After smiting your scaled foe you studied the teleportation circle he guarded, and learned the sigil sequence for the circle. You can now use the circle in the citadel to travel to Belegost from anywhere in the world (with the Linked Portal ritual).

You also learned of someone, or something, hiding in Belegost and acting as a spy for the dragons. You found a note crumpled up under some rocks, and it read:

Major Notes:
LEVELED UP – you are all now level 8
SIGIL SEQUENCE FOUND – you can use the teleportation circle in Belegost

Session Chat Log:

Tombs of Lost Heroes

The tomb of Duron Toughbeard has been found! In a grand chamber, guarded by ancient constructs, the tomb of the Hero of Undermountain lies. In order to avoid confrontation with the sentinels, Orsik and Tallon ventured back to Belegost to see the King, and as permission that they open the tomb. The king, surprised at the discovery of not only Duron’s Tomb, but of the sentinels themselves, sent Tordek Coppereye, a master engineer. Tordek deactivated the guardians and you were able to take a look in the tomb. Inside was a very well preserved corpse holding a greatsword with an amulet of Kord around its neck. On the back of the lid of the tomb was written, in ancient dwarven:

“Of the gods, to man, doth hope spring from darkness eternal. Light the way, light the way, strength through faith will heroes rise. Take up our vestige, everlasting”

When Orsik tried to grab the greatsword he was subject to a vertigo-inducing vision to quote:

“As you touch the ancient weapon your vision goes black and suddenly feel like you’re falling. Within moments your vision returns and you are looking down at yourself and your comrades. Before you have time to wonder just what might be going on, the vision changes. You see the Silver Mountains as if from the eyes of a bird. The visions continue to change, flashing glimpses of different places, all too quickly to think about: mountains, ocean, plains forest, sky, stars, each one more vague than the last. With each passing vision your sight gets a little more blurry. Black tendrils begin to seep in around the edges as your vision darkens. The last vision you see is of the tops of mountains, though you’re not sure which mountains. Your sight zooms in on one mountain in particular, then turns to face the earth and plummets into a ravine, and then blackness….. A faint glow appears in front of you, and as you focus on it the light grows… A door. That’s what you see: a impossibly large door, at least 100 feet tall and just as wide. Runes flash along the doors surface; they’re what’s creating the glowing… You feel as if you are yanked backwards and you land in your own body again, breathless and staggering.”

After this the greatsword dissolved to metal powder, leaving a (now very aged) corpse. With that, our heroes continued to the last unchecked room where they found a shallow basin of Moradin’s Blood: a substance which had been used to fuel dwarven machinery until all sources of it had been run dry.

Once down the pit in the inner-vault, our heroes found themselves in a new world entirely; the floor covered in metal panels, rusting pipes, gages, nozzles and canisters covering the walls, and smaller tunnels leading off from the main one. Further into to this new area they meet their first adversaries: a few kobolds and a party of orcs with a pet troll. Victory was the group’s however, though not without a little fun: you can’t pass up oil spills and NOT set them on fire and push a troll into it. Combat ended as our heroes took the remaining two kobolds hostage….

Session chat log:

RUST Monsters!?
"What will we fight next, a God-damned demon!?"

A tough encounter this was! First you were forced through a gauntlet of traps, only to be rewarded with rust monsters on the other side of the door. But through your heroics you came out victorious. After your fight with the rust monsters, you opened up a set of doors to the inner-area of the treasury and found everything the monsters did not rust up. Gold, jewels and armaments, and lots of it. So this is what the dwarf king expected when he asked that you return any treasure to him. Among the riches was a pit with a ladder descending into darkness.

The treasure includes:

Amount Item
1 +2 Maul
3 +1 Plate Armor
1 +1 Scale Armor
2 +1 Chain Armor
2 +1 Maul
1 +1 Warhammer
1 +1 Greataxe
2 +1 Battleaxe
1 +1 Crossbow

2680 gold
1350 gold in jewels
820 gold in necklaces, amulets, rings and other trinkets. (non-magical)
Several other, non-magical, weapons and armor.

Session chat log:

Note from the GM: Yes, I did throw rust monsters at you guys. In my defense I created the place then decided that rust monsters would fit perfectly in an abandoned storehouse for metal weapons and armor. So when you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. This is just in case you were going to say “GM is mean! He threw monsters at us that wouldn’t really exist there just to be evil!” Yes, I did do it to be evil, but come on! Sorn did 57 damage in one turn, and Krayus did 20 the next, which pretty much killed it. Ah, if only the Dweomer Eater got to dissolve one of your items. That would have been evil. Mwahahahahaha!

The Plot Thickens
Kobolds, Notes and Names

The heroes delved deeper into the lost Dwarven Citadel. They happened upon a band of kobolds who they slew with ease. Their leader, Jarmaag Fireseer, surrendered after Lia tore off one of his arms. This kobold informed the players of a few things.

There is a dragon he is serving somewhere in the mountains.
He had a note, which had six names on it. The names, and any notable achievements of the people, are as follows:
Duron Toughbeard: Dwarf warrior who stopped an orc and giant invasion.
Rhogar Silvertongue: Dragonborn hero of Arkhosia, who led his people to victory over Bael Turath
Feodor Malagant: Follower of the Raven Queen. He stopped an invasion of abominations from the Far Realm.
Paelias Starstrider: An eladrin mage.
Lucan Anaellas: (You haven’t learned about about this guy)
Sylvia Lianna: The first elf to learn the ways of the druid. Killed the drow leader during a war between elves and drow, but died from wounds inflicted during the battle.

On this list, Duron was circled, while Paelias, Sylvia and Feodor were crossed out. The other two, Rhogar and Lucan, were unmarked. The kobold was also mapping the citadel, and marked the southern area with a question mark; a part of the map that was blank beyond a hallway. Lastly, Jarmaag informed you that monsters lurk in the westernmost room of the citadel. With information gleaned, you let the poor kobold go (If only Splug was so lucky).

Orsik noticed a faint marking upon the wall behind the altar area: it was Kord’s symbol, burnt into the rock and decaying from centuries of erosion. After a small prayer to Kord for luck during battle the party left. As they left, they felt a small tremor in the rock. A sign from Kord, or Hammerfast being razed to the ground. Tune in next week to find out!

Sadly, maptools crashed as I disconnected from the server and I don’t have a chat log for this week. If you have any questions, send me an email and I’ll get them answered.


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