At World's End

A New Ally
Krinya submits, Bridge is yours

So this week you continued the battle with Krinya, the commander of the forces holding Bridge. You previously learned she was Arjhan’s niece, and she fought viciously knowing that you had killed him. She presumed that you killed him to take power: to rule over New Arkhosia as High Prophet.

Despite the battle looking grim at times, you subdued Krinya and forced to her talk. With a few well-worded arguments and not a few threats she realized the truth about Arjhan’s death: it was his own doing, and his choices regarding the resurrection of the empire was built on false pretenses. You told her about the dragons’ cruelty and lack of divinity. She did not believe you at first, but slowly came around to see that the dragons were merely using their subjects for selfish reasons; not for any noble attempt to recreate the dynasty.

You asked for her help in the war, if she would join forces and fight with you. She refused to join because the red dragon Rathoraiax (RATH-or-EYE-ax) watched over the lands, and sometimes checked on the city. If he found the city deserted, there is no doubt he would raze the surrounding land until he caught the deserters and slaughtered them. You learned that Rathoraiax is especially cruel and sadistic. You also learned that he keeps his lair built within the ruins of the old keep Harrenhall; some of you have heard of it.

As you relayed this information back to Eramor and the other leaders Jiergan informed you that this dragon, Rathoraiax, is keeping prisoner a very important creature, one that could very well turn the scales in the coming battles. He stressed it was imperative that you rescue this prisoner at all costs, and that slaying Rathoraiax was secondary to this goal.

So with that information you decided, rather quickly, to head to the keep and slay this dragon (your first red dragon) and see what creature could be so important.

Session Log:

Krinya Bloodscale
New leader of the Bloodscales

This week you infiltrated the keep on the Alden side of Bridge. You climbed up to the commander’s window and busted through into the room. You found out the commander was a woman: Krinya Bloodscale, the niece of Arjhan. She’s the new leader of the Bloodscale tribe and the commander of the forces in Bridge, and it seems that she doesn’t know what went on between Krayus and Arjhan.

We ended mid-combat, so we’ll have to see how this ends next week!

The Rebel Alliance
One does not simply rock into Mordor

The Red Dawn began their march! It was along and uneventful 2 weeks of marching, but it was the beginning of the long and final campaign against Ashwing in the Imperial City. After two weeks you made it to Bridge. Well, Sorn and Runt did as they were scouting ahead. They ventured into the city and found it empty and destroyed, likely by the dragons. There were a few makeshift huts and shelters, but nothing substantial. That is, until you stepped onto the main roads, you found several bulwarks and barricades just before you were ambushed and surrounded by men (whom you could have easily taken out on your own).

You discussed a bit with their leader, and gave him a sending stone to communicate with the rest of the group to corroborate your story. You ended up convincing this leader, Logan, and he led you to his office of sorts. There you waited for the rest of the group to meet up with you and discuss tactics.

You learned that the only bridge to the other side of the city is blocked by two large gates, each locks on their own side. The dragonborn guard the far side, which is locked. That leaves only two options: sneak over the 170 foot deep, 145 foot wide canyon, or break down the gates. You opted to sneak across. There, you agreed to make your way up into the keep in the hopes of taking out the commander before a suitable defenses is able to be mustered. Then you can use the chaos to let your army in and wash over the city. That’s the idea at least.

Session Log: For some reason I can’t upload the file, so I’ll get it in the next few days.

Red Dawn
Orsik takes his leave

This session we see a finalization of the war efforts as Krayus puts Iojad in command of the Dragonborn, while Rurik commands the dwarves, Varithralis commands the eladrin and Eramor remains in charge of the humans. At this point you have a plan of attack, and you have a name: Red Dawn. It’s suitably grim and hopeful at the same time. Jael also gave you some sending stones that transmit messages between all the commanders and yourselves for easy communication.

After this meeting Orsik had some good and bad news to tell you. Good news is that the gods have finally started acting on the things that are going on. Bad news is that the gods have to act on what’s going on as it is not localized to just your world. The necromancer Krayus and Orsik killed oh so long ago has been a player in that, and Orcus has remained silent for too long and has the Raven Queen worried. Not only that but Bahamut has been looking into issues that Orsik was not privy to know.

Also in the news is that the Raven Queen has requested Orsik’s presence in the Shadowfelll; she wants him to work for her there. The parting was bittersweet, though Orsik promised it wouldn’t be the last time you saw him, and that you would certainly be meeting again, and for now, he’ll be in the Shadowfell watching over you, keeping you all safe.

After this eventful departure you spent he rest of the day preparing equipment for your push into Alden towards the Imperial City.

Session Log:

To the City!
Warning! A challenger approaches!

This week the heroes return to Granville after their journey in Vor Rukoth. You return to find the plaza rebuilt as a proper staging ground for a war effort. Camps for all factions of the army, training yards, barracks, medical tents, a command center, and even a makeshift alehouse. It’s quite a sight. Too much, in fact. The city was not this well built up when you left a day ago, and could not have been fixed this much in a single day.

That, and Jiergan mentioned that you had been gone for two weeks. Somehow, your time in Vor Rukoth only took you a day, while for the rest of the world passed by 16 days. In that time, however, a great effort was spent into building an effective war strategy. General Eramor and Jiergan have discussed tactics, and with your help, have decided its best to first take the city of Bridge, and then sail your way down the river and across the lake to the east and take the Imperial City by sea. During this time, you will act as distractions and draw their focus away from the fleet on the water.

While this planning was going on, Runt met with a new dwarf that had been talking with Rurik, Brimtim. This dwarf was from the clans in the Dawnforge mountains to the south, and had made his way to Granville when he heard of a resistance there. Runt and Brimtim hit it off well, and eventually Runt invited the dwarf to join in their band, provided the two of them test his worth with a sparring match. It was close for a while there, but Brimtim’s sturdiness proved too much for Runt to handle, and Runt eventually fell unconscious. Thus began a wonderful new friendship.

Next week we’ll find out what the Shadar-kai, Jenit, wanted with Orsik, and Lumi’s interrogation of Ryuunosuke went.

Session Log:

Highway to Hell
Sanzenin Flees

After 3 weeks of battling, you finally destroyed Najala’s gate. For a short while the combat was touch and go, leaving both Tallon and Krayus unconscious during different parts of the fight. Sanzenin attempted to flee through the gate at one point, but Tallon was able to summon a small hurricane and pull her back. Unfortunately for you, Ryuunosuke, being her bodyguard, deflected an attack by Runt and pushed her further into the gate. This attack also left the gate destroyed, knocked off its hinges.

After Sanzenin escaped through the portal, Ryuunosuke tried to get away, but was interception by Tallon and Runt. After a slight beating, he threw down his sword and submitted to be your captive. His short confession revealed that you had acted precisely as planned in opening the gate for Sanzenin to get through, and that his job was done. We’ll have to see where this goes next week.

Session Log:


Congratulations on reaching level 19!
You got some new loot:

  • +4 Liar’s Trinket
  • +4 Shadowflow Feyweave armor
  • Ring of Tenacious Will
Beneath the Ruby Court
The doorway to hell

This session started with the resurrection of Runt, finally. Though he was revived as a pretty chibi schoolgirl, unfortunately, since Lumi couldn’t manage to get his original body. That didn’t last long though, and Lumi was forced to remove the illusion after a beating.

Shortly there-after the heroes picked up the trail of Sanzenin and her bodyguard Ryuunosuke. The two of them descended beneath the throne room into a labyrinthine cavern. Hours of tracking trails later they passed through the home of a medusa, who they found hacked and slashed to pieces. Apparently the two had come through this way.

Further in you passed through a crypt, with unmarked sarcophagi. Further past this you descended deeper into the bowels of the earth. The temperature increased to an uncomfortably high point, and in random spots the temperature plummeted to freezing. It was very strange.

At the very deepest point in the caverns, you entered into a rough cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. At the entrance you could feel a light, warm breeze blowing towards you, making this entire chamber feel like the maw of some monstrous beast.

More to come tomorrow

Session Log:

Also, rest in peace Justin, you will be missed. Orsik is in good hands.

Hideyoshi Falls

This session saw the resolution to the fight with Hideyoshi, right-hand swordsman for Sanzenin. Lumi told you that Sanzenin, the lady you saw when you first returned to Vor Rukoth from the library, was the warlord of his hometown. She had been doing something occult in Vor Rukoth, though he doesn’t know why.

Also, for some strange reason, Hideyoshi was revealed to be undead: a Death Knight. Upon receiving a large wound from Wafado, he began ripping off his skin until he was just a corpse wearing armor. Why Sanzenin would work with an undead is still a mystery, especially since magic in all forms was outlawed in Lumi’s home town.

Session Log:


On Hideyoshi’s body, you found +4 Skeletal Stormscale Armor, which has been claimed by Krayus.

You were able to take an extended rest using the Solace Bole ritual. That does give Sanzenin an extra hour to do whatever she’s doing; hopefully that won’t prove fatal to you.

The Taru Maaj
A Reunion for Lumi

You started off this session looking for a way to to activate the runes that were around the foundation of the missing building. You learned that the runes represented celestial bodies, planes, deities, and elements: These runes were placed in a pattern: an outer pentagon, with a smaller, inner and inverted pentagon, with a smaller triangle inside of that. These runes, when matched up properly, created a bright light to surround the foundation and teleported you to the Taru Maaj library. There you were met by the Luminary, an old tiefling who guards the library. You were able to sweet-talk this tiefling into letting you peruse the library, as well as show you a resurrection ritual. In return, the Luminary took all of Krayus’ memories, magically recording them in a large scale-hide tome.

While in the library you also found several interesting tomes. Krayus found a book on the history of the Turathi/Arkhosian Blood War. Orsik found a book on cults and dealings with Orcus. Tallon found a book on Queen Najala’s history within Vor Rukoth. Sorn found a book about the history of tieflings and how they bound themselves to devils. Lumi had his ritual books, where he found several rituals (detailed below).

Once you left the library you found yourself trapped in a restraining circle of energy that had been placed in the center of the library’s foundation. The perpetrators of this trap were, as you soon learned, cultists from Cromlech, Lumi’s home town. Leading them was the female warlord Sanzenin and her two higher up lackies: Hideyoshi, the human sword-fighter, and Ryunosuke, the dragonborn executioner. Shortly after arriving Sanzenin and Ryunosuke left, claiming they had business to attend to, since you led them to the Ruby Court. The rest of the cultists remained behind to keep you all tied up.

Raise Dead
View Location
Consult Oracle
Planar Portal (contains 2 locus glyphs)
Memory Seal

Session Log:

Within the Ruby Court
There are robots

Delving through secret tunnels! You wander for hours beneath Vor Rukoth trying to find your way into the Ruby Court. You avoid fights with Kruthiks as they just seem to hover at the edge of your vision, not attacking, just lurking.

After hours of wandering you finally find your way out of the tunnels and arrive at the Ruby Court, where you promptly head to the armory. You did not immediately find the Taru Maaj library, but there was an unmarked building foundation where the entire building was seemingly gone; no rubble or ruins, just light debris and a solid foundation.

but in the armory you fought and defeated some of the defenders: golems and homunculi that guard the weapons and armors and other magical items. In the end you had to stop and rest before continuing, though in the 15 minutes you spent destroying and looting you found quite an amount of level quality magic items, as well as a very rare pair of boots.

After leaving the armory so as to avoid any more unnecessary fights you think to look at the empty building foundation for any clues as to what it once was. A preliminary search of the area and you spotted a single faded arcane symbol. What it means you have yet to determine, that will have to wait until next week.

Loot earned:
Swiftstrike Shoes
72,000 gold

Session Log:


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