At World's End

To the Ruby Court

Okay, finally getting to the session log:

You finished up fighting with the undead tieflings of the Zulfura house, though the fight did take its toll on all of you. After the fight you were able to take a closer look at what was in the room that Wafado fell into: lots of treasure: platinum and Orium Turathi-minted coins, worth quite a fortune. Along with the currency you found two magic items still in working order stored in a wardrobe. Finally, you stored the broken Diplomat’s Table so that perhaps it could be put to better use later on after you’ve fixed it up (which will cost 6500 gold in reagents).

You also found a secret tunnel that led under the house in the treasure room. This must be the entrance to the underground tunnels that Sorn wasn’t able to find. Once in the dark tunnel you slowly make your way through the roughly carved rock. As you do so you hear chittering sounds of insects all around you. You stumble upon a old carapace of a bug: a kruthik. Not much danger on their own, but they’re never found alone. By the sounds in the tunnels, this swarm is mighty big. We’ll see if you can survive it!

Loot Acquired: 98000gp, +4 cloak of resistance, Baldric of Shielding, broken Diplomat’s Table

Session Log:

House of the Betrayer
It's a Trap!

After a fairly easy fight with some demons that seemed to underestimate you, you made it to the Zulfura Estate. A very ornate villa that has seen better days, the estate is covered in dust and blood pools that seem to be merged with the marble flooring. Nothing was bad at first; in fact, you seemed to get a good handle on the building. Then Wafado had to try and find the secret room. He ended up falling down a chimney that was meant to be climbed down, and ended up in the treasure room with a ghost. A nasty ghost.

The fight started then, with undead tieflings materializing from the floors and walls, surrounding and surprising you. The tieflings are ruthless, sucking the lifeforce from you. Ask Orsik, he’s at least half dead at this point, with all the healing surges he’s lost. Speaking of Orsik, he totally pulled a kool-aid man/juggernaut move by running THROUGH THE FREAKING WALL when he learned Wafado was trapped in a room full of treasure (and a wight). So manly and heroic. Then there’s Krayus who got pummeled since Tiefling HATE dragonborn. It’s true.

The fight is not over yet, but we will see how our heroes fare next week. With regards to the rest of the house: they found some crumbling books, and a broken Diplomat’s Table that survived the destruction of the house. it could be useful if you fixed it up.

Session Log:

Vor Rukoth Awaits
Runt is way past... *glasses* Overdue.

Session summary coming soon…

Session Log:

The Beginning of the End

This session saw much discussion. Your first decision was to set up a teleportation circle in the Merchant Row of Granville: a large plaza for merchants to sell wares. Once you set it up Varithralis and Rurik both brought through token forces, informing that more would be sent through periodically as the supplies were gathered.

Redfang informed you of some of Ashwing’s defenses, and about the Scions’ involvement. He told you that the Scions showed up the same time a new advisor named Sovocles appeared, and has been in council with Ashwing. The Scions, from your last venture into Alden, have been trying to create rituals to bind a soul of someone to a hellish being. Redfang told you that those are the test trials, and that the real goal is to perform the ritual en masse.

He also told you that Ashwing has an open condiut to the Elemental Chaos, where he draws energy to fuel his defenses: flaming walls, streets of liquid fire, resurrected soldiers to fight for him, the whole shebang.

On the other side of town Orsik ventured to a small Raven Queen temple where he prayed to the Queen to keep Runt safe. Almost as if in response to such a prayer, a tiny raven flew down to Wafado and Orsik. It turns out that the raven was actually Lia, shifted into animal form. She said she came on behalf of Melora, her matron, to bring world that Runt was being kept safe on the Verdant Isles in the Astral Sea; the Raven Queen would not take his soul so long as she protected it. You don’t know why Melora is interested in Runt, but his spirit is safe for now.

Lia also told you that the resistance in Eldarnath has been fighting a losing battle, and Cyan Bloodbane has been corrupting and twisting the forests to his will by using the nobles he has captured.

Now it is up to you to decide your next move. There is a lot that needs doing, a short list of what you’ve got on your plate is below:

  • Raising, training, and forming an army in Granville and its outlying cities. Eramor has asked that you help him with this, as there, as he cannot coordinate with the eladrin, dwarves, and dragonborn at once.
  • Investigating Vor Rukoth. You have been told that there is some ritual for resurrection located in the libraries here. Along with that, this is the home of the Scions of the Horned Empire. you can learn about their involvement.
  • Aiding Eldarnath. You can aid the resistance in Eldarnath, and perhaps learn what Cyan is doing, and where he is located.
  • Scouting into Alden. You can learn the state of the country, perhaps what the Scions are doing, or how to bypass Ashwing’s defences.
  • Looking into the Verdant Isles. Perhaps you can find some way of getting to this dominion to helps Runt.
  • Gaining support in Sunspear. Perhaps you can find some support in Sunspear.

Or you can do whatever else you think might help. It’s all up to you! Leave a comment on this page letting the group know what you want to do, or if you want to split up and tackle different parts at the same time. If you do leave comments, please be specific in what you want to do, and how you’re going to go about doing it. I can’t help move the story along if I don’t know how what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it.

Session Log:

Two enemies defeated, three dead.
A sad, sad day.

This session was a bloody one as the fierce combat between our heroes and the two albino dragonborn known as the Eyes of the Emperor concluded. Towards the end the two dragonborn were almost insane, trying to resist the commands of Ashwing as they were lingering near death. Their connection became erratic, jumping between serving him and pleading for mercy and not to be killed.

In the end they were killed, but as they died, their bodies were taken over by Ashwing, and he spoke through them, threatening you with the deaths of all your loved ones. This threat culminated with his two servants exploding violently, throwing everyone against the walls, stunning them. This force shattered the windows and knocked down some of the walls, along with the burning balcony. Perhaps most importantly this shocked delivered a fatal blow to Runt, who was unconscious still bleeding and taking poison damage from a previous attack while everyone else was too stunned to help him in time, leading to his unfortunate death.

Skyshatter soon appeared at the cathedral, speaking to you through the ruined walls. He spoke of an alliance: he offered protection against Ashwing’s forces while within Granville while you built up your armies. In exchange, you were to acknowledge his ownership of the city, and to include him in your plans to defeat Ashwing.

Out front you met with some unlikely allies. A group of red dragonborn, led by one only known as “Redfang”, allied with Krayus, while the remainder of humans stood listening to General Eramor. Howell soon showed up and you conversed with them. Howell and Redfang mentioned that the Scions have been practicing rituals on humans. Howell said that these Scions come from Vor Rukoth, and that there is a Travel Stone there.

General Eramor also requested you bring all allies to Granville, as well as recruit from the nearby settlements, as there are very few humans left, and the dragonborn are not nearly enough to take on Ashwing. Oh, and Howell mentioned a resurrection ritual used by one Queen Najala. Might be worth investigating

More negotiations will continue next week, along with your decision for what you plan on doing about all of these new advancements.

Session Log:


  • There was some loot that you found. When the Eyes exploded they left behind some magic items that they wore: Kalek wore the Robes of Defying Storms and a Ring of Traded Knowledge. Sithek wore a Helm of Swift Punishment and Shadow Warlock Armor.
  • LEVEL UP. Enjoy your new feat and stat increases. Send me a character sheet for next week.
Eyes of the Emperor

Finished combat on the steps of the cathedral, moved inside, started fight with the twin Albino dragonborn known as the Eyes of the Emperor. More will come when I’m not dead tired.

Session Log:

The Grand Cathedral of Bahamut

You began this session by looking for shelter. Making your way through the city a few bad decisions means you are surrounded by at least a hundred kobolds. After a futile attempt at fighting back, you rush to climb the buildings, where you outsmart a pair of blue dragonborn destroyers in your atetmpt to find a shelter among a fortified piece of real estate.

While rushing across an empty park to your goal, you find yourself chased by both kobolds and the bluespawn destroyers. You also see Skyshatter fighting with a red dragon overhead. Soon though, the red dragon plummets from the sky, crashing into and destroying a tree you were just hiding under. Skyshatter then followed, facing down the enemies behind you while you rushed to safety.

After a short rest, you descended into the sewers and made your way to the Cathedral of Bahamut, where you found Krayus fighting with 3 dragonborn reavers, 2 lay dead nearby. Combat quickly finished and those dragonborn died, but as soon as you think about entering the cathedral one of the dragon statues flanking the doors came to life, glowing red with inner heat, while the glass orb it held filled with fire and began to hover above ground. At the same time, a group of angels descended from the sky through a watery portal and entered into combat with you.

We’ll have to see how this combat finishes next week!

Session Log:

Enter General Brobag

This session started off with a BANG! Right in the middle of mortal combat with a mutated blue dragonborn and its red dragonborn keeper, you struggles to remain conscious as you are continuously beaten back. Sorn jumps into the fray and takes a hit or two to keep the brute away from Runt and the barely conscious Orsik.

The bluespawn ended up falling at the hands of Sorn, and a nicely aimed hellish rebuke to the back of the neck. After the beast was slain, you traveled several blocks through town, until you found a gathering of kobolds in a muddy park. They were being commanded by an inspiring and every eloquent kobold: General Brobag. His speech was stirring, and he inspired the kobolds to rise and fight against the largelings, who drove them underground, to fight for their freedom and honor, and fight to be escape the red dragon tyranny.

His speech was interrupted by Sorn, who stepped between the kobold masses and summoned a bolt of fire from Phlegethos and hurled it straight at the general. Brobag raised his battle standard, a glorious banner dating back to the Nerathan empire, and a golden aura appeared around Brobag, and deflected the bolt so that it directly hit the large beam in the center of the raised platform on which he was standing. This beam splintered under the force, and caught fire. The fire quickly burned through the wood and split the beam so that it collapses, falling onto the platform (20 feet above the ground), and the whole structure went up in flames.

When the smoke cleared you found Brobag, the glorious general, impaled upon a large splinter of wood, decrying that his death was unjust with his kin still not free.

The fight continued, all of the kobolds swarming and attempting to kill Sorn, as the one who killed their leader. Sorn was beaten within an inch of his life, with only the team to account for his surviving. After the fight, however, with everyone thoroughly beaten, Howell spoke with you for a moment, informing you about what is going on. The most important part of the talk is that the attack is led by two albino dragonborn, the Eyes of the Emperor, who are rumored to wander the land razing villages and leading armies in the name of the emperor (for more information see the session log).

The session ended with a cryptic message about Sorn’s debts, and that he would eventually have to pay them off, before Howell disappeared.

Session Log:

Chaos in Granville

After resting in Belegost you struck out again in the Death Knell, this time with General Eramor, on our way to Granville. After a week and a half of traveling you finally make it to the city, only to find it covered in storm clouds, and you get the strange sense that you’ve seen this all before.

As you get closer, you realize that the storm clouds are the same as when you flew to Mithrendain, and Skyshatter was fighting with Rime. Slowing entering the clouds that cover the city, your vision cuts to what’s right in front of your airship. The sounds of battle rise up to meet you, and the smell of smoke mixes with the moist air. Something is happening below, but you’re not sure what.

Then, out of the mists, a colossal red dragon spews a cone of inferno that goes just over the top of your ship, singing the sails and wood. This red wyrm then perches on the front of the Death Knell, snarling and growling at you as it looks down at your crew with malicious intent. All of a sudden the smell of ozone, and a forked spray of lightning blasts the dragon, blinding you momentarily, and Skyshatter, the beast of a blue dragon, descends down upon the red dragon, gripping its back with his enormous claws. Skyshatter rips the dragon from your ship, and a few panels of metal plating along with it. Skyshatter tosses the dragon into the mists again, and briefly turns and looks at you, as if seeing through to your very soul. He then takes wing and flies after the red dragon, leaving your ship shaking and smoldering.

It was at this point that you all descended to the cargo bay and leaped out into the city. Krayus stayed above to watch the city and mind the airship. When you landed, you found the city overrun with kobolds. Mobs of kobolds running through the streets, destroying buildings, setting the place aflame, led by singular commander kobolds. Your fight with then soon escalated as two red dragonborn approached, tailing behind a very large, almost mutant blue dragonborn. This blue dragonborn was grotesquely disfigured, with bulging muscles, an oversized mouth filled with hundreds of needle-like teeth. It wielded a man-sized jagged sword, charge through the streets, lightning crackling under its feet.

To make it all worse, Howell, the warlock that you met when you destroyed the Wanton Wyvern, showed up, first descending down with you using leathery bat-wings that seemed fused to his skin, and then landing with you. He didn’t seem interested in fighting, instead, he spent the time watching you fight the kobolds and dragonborn, offering little tips, like that the general of the kobolds could be found to the east, and was a real blighter. Soon into combat though, he disappeared, only saying that he would see you again.

Session Log:

Looking Forward

This session started with a stirring speech by Remnar, and a joining of forces: the dwarves and eladrin allied against the dragons, and they will be working to restore the world. The first move you agreed upon was moving the dwarves and eladrin forces to Granville, to fortify it and begin any military campaign. To this end, your goal will be to make it to Granville and set up a Travel Stone for them to utilize.

After this, you decided to leave army building/training to Remnar and Varithralis, while you strike at Eldarnath once more, to see what has become of the elves. All of this was discussed over King Remnar’s own store of alcohol, a quaint hole-in-the-wall style parlor.

Session Log:


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