At World's End

Familiar Faces
"I don't mean you any harm at all"

A fight with the wights ensued! It was a short battle, and only left small stains on some of your souls. What came next was much more odd…. A meeting with an old friend. Kalarel was his name, and you already killed him once. At the time he was trying to open a portal to the shadowfell to unleash Orcus’s armies on the world. What he’s doing now you aren’t so sure.

After that meeting, which didn’t end in a fight, oddly enough, Kalarel pointed you to a means of getting back to the material plane. He said that the only he wanted you there was to see how you had grown as heroes. Other than that, it’s still a mystery. Maybe time will tell more of his story.

Once back in the material plane, you trudged through a swamp that was charged with energies from the Elemental Chaos. From frozen crows to living shrubs to flaming snakes, you hacked through the swamp and made your way out of it only slightly the worse for wear. After finding yourselves in the middle of the Nentir hills, you teleported back to Starfall.

Once in Starfall you met some new faces and saw some old friends: Thalia, Wafado, Ariel, Smoke, and Spaffy where all there. The new faces you met were Sora, the female dragonborn, and Aramir, the elf sentry from Torias Syrdaes. You learned of several changes to the way the world is right now:

A group of elves has escaped and formed a guerrilla squad that has been attack settlements then disappearing into the woods. Several prisoner camps have been attacked so far. No word on where they are or who’s been leading them.

The dwarves are under stress again, and Gulgol is pressing the offense and cutting off the dwarves’ food supply. Rumor has it that there is a flying machine being built by them.

The White dragon Rime has been biding his time. It is speculated that he is waiting for Mithrendain to shift back into the Feywild then attack there, most likely destroying the eladrin.

The hobgoblins and goblins have pulled out of Granville and are going back to the Forsaken Plains. Why they are leaving you don’t know. Granville is know controlled by the dockhand’s guild; which was previously notorious for smuggling and other crimes.

Ashwing has begun to expand his borders into Nentir, but that has been met with resistance by the blue dragons so far.

Session Log:

Ambushed in the Streets
And then onto a mysterious crypt

After a rousing evening getting a group tattoo and drunk (total cost of 50gp from your personal stash), you find yourself ambushed on a silent side-street of Sigil. A group of mercenaries and bounty hunters they were; you killed a few minions, but knocked out their leader and the other soldiers quickly surrendered to your might. They showed you several wanted posters from Granville, where the High Aracnist is offering large sums of gold for your capture and return, dead or alive (dead would probably be more merciful to you).

These bounty hunters were given these wanted posters by a mysterious figure, and the only clue you have to finding out who it is, is the wax seal on the envelope: A red 8-pointed starburst. You were told the person had that same symbol on his shirt. Perhaps the crest of an organization. After the scuffle, in return for allowing them to live, the bounty hunters gave you a platinum ring set with a pristine emerald in golden filigree.

The portal, in the Consortium Plaza, is a large half circle placed in the ground like an arch. Once you step through it, however, you don’t find yourself in Tradegate. Rather you have been diverted to some type of crypt. The air is cold, oppressive and a sense of dread and gloom permeates through the stone. Your lights flicker off of several coffins, all of which seem to hold a secret. That secret is revealed when you enter further into the room. Wights exit from the coffins as an unintelligeble whisper breaths through the room like a wind. Fight or flee, these abominations are after your blood.

Session Log:

Hope you enjoyed your first post-paragon battle!

City of Doors

Turns out “crossroads of destiny” was a phrase that activated a portal back to your world. Except that it didn’t go to your world, it led straight to a Cambion’s bathroom wardrobe! Let me tell you, the Cambion was none too happy finding 6 fully armed crazies in his bathroom. After being kicked out of the house, you find yourself in a strange city, where the houses close in on you and the sky is covered in dingy brown haze. Not only that, but the city wraps around in a large donut shape, and you’re on the inside of it: You’re in Sigil!

After some initial panic, you set off to find an inn so you could regroup. A nice female tiefling named Kylie tracked you down and offered her services as a tout (guide), saying that berks like you, fresh off the prime, need a guide to stay out of trouble. Kylie told you all about Sigil, how it connects to all other planes, and portals lead in and out of the city and are activated using gate keys.

Once at the Chirper’s Inn, you regroup and develop your plan of attack: head to the Feywild and convince the eladrin to take back their home. That requires both a way out of Sigil, and a way to the Feywild. Your way out of Sigil was sealed when you visited Lu Ruskin at the shop Tivuum’s Antiquities. Lu is a well-known proprietor of gate-keys, and was able to sell you a key to the city of Tradegate, in north Nentir. From there it’s only a short matter of walking up to Valyria and traveling to the Feywild; if all goes to plan…

In the city, you may purchase and sell magic items as you please. You have a group gold fund of 9590, plus whatever you have. If you split that 6 ways you have 1598gp and 4sp, plus whatever you’re selling. I’ll send out an email about that.

Session Log:

Hope you enjoyed it. I’m still not used to inter-city exploration/intrigue, but I hope I’m getting better! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

The Door
Paragon Status Attained!

You all fought a tough battle versus Energy Darters that threatened to overwhelm you as you tried to get the door open. Half the group slaughtered energy beasts while the other half puzzled out the door. In the end you succeeded, though it was a tense and close battle.

With the door open you entered into an extra-planar vault that contained statues of 7 deities: Bahamut, Avandra, the Raven Queen, Melora, Corelon, Pelor and Kord. The statue of Kord came to life and you conversed with it about the state of the world and your role in shaping its destiny. You were given the Mortal Instruments: items of power that will help you defeat the dragons. I don’t feel like re-writing the conversation, so just take a look at the chat log.

You got a lot of new items. The mortal instruments are listed here:
Bahamut’s Fang
Garb of the Raven Queen
Nature’s Bounty
Emblem of the Darkened Sun
Mantle of the Wandering Master
Nehima, Charter Blade

You also received these items, which were placed in the chests:
10,000 gold
Chord of Natural Endurance (Cincture of the Githzerai)
+3 Drowmesh Armor of Aegis Expansion
+3 Drowmesh Runic Armor
+3 Heroic Dagger (Luckblade Dagger)
Platinum Scale (Battleforged Shield)
Rope of Climbing
Immovable Shaft

So far, your only clue out of the room is the phrase “Crossroads of Destiny” scribed on Kord’s statue.

Session log:

Glad you guys got to paragon! I had a ton of fun with this, and am glad you like the Mortal Instruments. Leave comments, question and concerns below, especially regarding the items; I’d like to clear up confusion with them as soon as possible.

The Six Guardians
Let Sleeping Heroes Lie

Our heroes descending into the cave that supposedly holds the Mortal Instruments. Upon entering they find a trial of sorts. Their resolve and will is tested by the six previous bearers of the Instruments. The battle is long, and hard. The power in the air swirls around, creating an unstable atmosphere for arcane and divine powers. The guardians were fierce, wearing down the heroes one by one until death loomed above everyone’s head.

Then Duron fell, then Rhogar, and Paelias soon after. Sylvia followed suit, with Lucan and then finally Feodor. Nothing would stop our heroes, not even those of old. The guardians, the aspects of the gods, had been defeated. Their way no longer barred our heroes ventured forth into the next chamber, where they encounter motes of light flittering through the air. The motes radiated light that revealed the scope of this chamber: impossibly tall, with pits impossibly deep; are the heroes even in the mortal realm anymore? Have they stepped into some other world? One thing remains certain: they must get passed that bloody door to proceed.

The door that blocks their path is 40 feet tall, 10 feet wide and made of obsidian. Runes of all colors glide along the surface as if the door were liquid and the runes leaves floating on the surface. The door is like one giant lock, with the runes being the keys, if only they could be assembled and ordered correctly. This will be no easy feat, and will require the utmost care and precision…. Will it be too much for our heroes to accomplish? We shall have to find out.

Since paragon is so close, I would like to ask everyone to, once paragon is reached, do a little homework. I would like you to write at least two paragraphs explaining why your character chose the paragon path they did. If that is not enough, or is too obvious, you may instead write about what your character plans to do in the future, what goals drive them, how they have changed or will change.

Session log:

Questions or comments are appreciate. Criticisms of the battle are encouraged! I know it was a tough one, but great job pulling out a win.

Arum-Kel, Friend or Foe
Iron Chef 4e Style!

This week started with some tension as our heroes stare down a fully matured brown dragon! At first it seems combat is inevitable, but some words were traded and you struck a deal: Provide a good enough meal for the dragon and he would let you live and tell you what he knows. And so the challenge began! Our heroes foraged for lizards, rodents and even a behemoth to prepare for this dragon’s dinner. Orsik added in some of his booze while Tallon’s demon friend set up the table just the way a dragon might like it.

Once the meal was prepared, the real problem came: would the dragon like the dinner you just made. It was a close call, but your efforts were rewarded when Arum-Kel invited you into his treasure horde. Full of food, ales, wines, spices and arkhosian artifacts, Arum-Kel’s horde was quite a different cache all together. The crown jewel of his horde was the tomb and biography of Rhogar. The biography can be found here.

Krayus, thinking that they could learn the where to find these instruments opened up the tomb and found it protected by a magic barrier. Hoping that his hunch was right he took a deep breath and doused the corpse in flames. This revealed a dazzling display of smoke-imagery that ended in you finding a map of Starfall! Whether it’s the final resting place or another turning point, Starfall is where you should be headed if you want to find out what the dragons are looking for.

Arum-Kel, in exchange for letting you destroy his most prized possession, requests that you return the artifacts you find to him. He let you use his items to find them, and he wants the end-result of your searching; it is only fair. Your next goal in mind, you return to Starfall.

Session Log:

Great session all! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for next week. Have a Happy Christmas and New Years. Leave questions, comments and concerns as a comment.

Khorvash of the Red Hand
With a side of dragon

This week we started with the heroes ambushing a group of human mercenaries and soldiers, along with their dragonborn commander: Khorvash, Sergeant of the Red Hand. The battle was short and fierce, with major wounds all around. Khorvash somehow gleaned power of Tiamat and was able to stun the heroes with his frightening roar and dark presence, but the heroes overcame! They knocked out Khorvash and interrogated him for the meaning of their presence.

Khorvash did not supply anything important, save that they were looking for the tomb of Rhogar to find the powerful artifact sealed with his tomb: these Mortal Instruments must be powerful for the dragons to send such a strong dragonborn to find it. They learned that there was a deep cavern below the ruins that housed a terribly beast to guard Rhogar’s resting place. After leaving Khorvash in the hot sun, our heroes venture down the deep pit that lie beneath Rhogar’s supposed tomb. The pit opened into a vast cavern, filled with jutting pillars of rock from a sandy floor. The heroes stand upon a square platform in the center of the cavern, that looks up to a large semi-circular platform that has a darkened tunnel heading away. To quote the last paragraph of the session:

You all reach the bottom after a strenuous climb, but since you are not rushed you can take your time. When you arrive at the bottom you find yourself standing on a stone platform 20 feet by 20 feet. A series of stairs from the platform lead to a higher platform. Your lights illuminate the cavern. It’s quite huge, with several pillars of rock jutting from the sand 40 feet below. Some pillars rise higher than our platform, some lower. As you step to the higher rise of the platform you hear a voice. It is quiet at first, but grows louder, echoing around the cavern. It sounds… like a laugh.

The sound grows to a crescendo, bouncing off the walls. The hallway to the south is still dark, which is where the laughter is coming from. “Hahahaha…. HAHAHAHA….” From the shadows you hear slithering, before you glimpse a snake-like head rush from the shadow and on to the platform south of you, which is 10 feet above your platform. It is covered in brown scales and spikes. Along it’s serpentine back are two elongated fins that look like wings. It’s forked tongue lashes out at you.

The creature speaks, “You have returned, arrogant mortals. I have yet to finish devouring your commrades, and you bring me more snacks… HAHAHA!” The snake-like dragon leans over the edge and peers at you, sizing you up, presumably to see who would taste the best. It’s tongue lashes out as sand swirls from its scales. “The way is blocked, foodlings. I have not had human in a long time…”

Session Log:

Any questions, comments, concerns or praises can be left as a comment! Question of the week: How did b62 work for you? Was it any faster? It seemed to run faster for me, at least with macros. There were a few bits of slowness, but I don’t think that was from the program, but rather from internet connections.

The Sea of Sand
To the Sandmobile!

Our heroes faced the challenge of escaping Sunspear without alerting the guards. They rose to the challenge and met it head on. Or rather, they sidestepped around and quickly got passed the guards in the city. They talked their way out of the city and met up with a craftsman who builds “dune-gliders” for the army’s scouting missions. These crafts are capable of speeding through the desert and terrifyingly high speeds, which you got to witness first hand as Tallon and Krayus pilot one of these babies south for two days to the coast of [Dorne | Dorne]].

During the trip you came upon a wrecked skiff half buried in the sand. There were several empty crates that once held food (as determined by Lia). You also found a small bag of coins and a jade statuette of a Yaun-ti, all together worth 540 gold. You aren’t sure what caused the skiff to crash, but you do know that it was headed south. Perhaps they were headed the same place you are?

After another day of blistering heat and frigid cold you come upon the coast, where trees and ferns and cacti grow abundant. Not only that, but you find tracks from another dune-glider. These tracks take you through a carefully picked out path in the oasis wide enough for a glider to move through. Close after you arrived at a water hole where some behemoths rested, and the sand glider lie unused. More important are the ruins that lie next to the area. You hear laughter from within and find humans residing in the ruins. They talk and laugh and eat while you sneak into the ruins and hide behind pillars, waiting to attack. You charge, breaking up their meal and combat begins. Can you win after such a difficult trek across the dunes? We shall see next week!

Session Log:

Comments, questions or concerns? Post a comment below and you get a cookie!

To Dorne!
The fires of revolution spark...

After a brief rest at Starfall our heroes use the Travel Stones to arrive in a dank holding pen, filled with ravenous dragonspawn. Such creatures were born by mixing the blood of non-dragons with unhatched dragon eggs, and then performing dark eldritch rituals on them. It appears that these creatures were recently bred, as they were terrifyingly powerful but frail. Cages filled with cursed wyrmlings were in the holding pen as well. After a brief but bloody battle to defeat the tortured creatures you stepped out of the cave and into a small fortress area, where three dragonborn sat guard. Well, they weren’t so much guarding as drinking and gambling.

After a fairly quick rush to disarm and restrain the guards Krayus and Tallon scared the piss out of them, and so began a long discussion about loyalties and shame and honor and trust. In the end, Krayus’s words inspired the simple guards to step away from High Prophet Arjhan’s propaganda and quietly spread word of revolution. Will Krayus get his army? How will the prophet react to this? Who is “the Hand”, as the guards called it? Only time will tell. Right now the Order must work on getting out of Sunspear without being capture; a daunting task in its own right. Not to mention traversing several hundred miles of dunes to reach the tomb of Rhogar, and HOPE that the dragons haven’t got there first.

Session Log:

Any questions or comments or concerns about the happenings during the session? Leave a comment below! Bonus kharma points for participation!

The Mortal Instruments

This session you finished off the dryad and her entourage, and continued into the tomb. The next room contained the tomb of Lucan, covered by a large tree that extended through the ceiling. The dryad returned, and revealed several treasures for you. The journal and biography of Lucan was the first of these. Along with this you found:

Battlestrider Greaves
Gloves of Missile Deflection
Predator Earthhide Armor
Ritual Book (Call Wilderness Guide, Endure Elements, Traveler’s Camoflage)
Lucan’s Journal

You learned that the he held what is called a Mortal Instrument, which appear to be one part of a collective group of ancient artifacts of great power. You’ve also gained some information about a travel stone in Dorne, where Rhogar’s tomb is supposed to lie.

You are now off to Dorne to track down Rhogar’s tomb and see if there is any extra knowledge there, that can lead you to the instruments.

Session Log:

There was a lot of RP info thrown around this last session. If you need help remembering it all, let me know and I can post more here.


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