At World's End

In Search of Knowledge

After Team A’s debacle in Hell, and Team B’s half-success in the Shadowfell, the two teams regrouped at Starfall to plan their next move. Since knowledge is power, the party decided to travel to the Astral Sea and seek out Ioun, the goddess of knowledge. To that end, they’re going to search for the same portal that kicked them out into Sigil, and see if they can find their way from there. The other option was hunting down a crashed Githyanki dreadnought, stealing its engine, and adding it to the Death Knell.

You decided to go to Sigil, since you found the portal on Starfall still remains. You came out somewhere different, but managed to track down a helpful Celestial who told you about Hestavar, where Ioun is located, and some other tidbits in exchange for some gold. Krayus went on a hunt and found the old merchant who sold you your first gate key, and purchased a similar gate key, this one a glass flower, that leads to a plaza in Hestavar.

You got to Hestavar, and an elf approached you, offering to lead you around, since the city can be confusing to new-comers. As Jon the Elf showed you around, you noticed you were being followed. You kept your distance and kept moving. You focused so much on that stalker, in fact, that you didn’t notice that you walked into quiet back-alley of Hestavar, where a cleverly laid ambush was sprung.

Go to Hell!

Part 2: A Deal with the Devil

Session Log:

Part 1: Ten seconds into Hell, and all I got was captured.

Our first session of the new year saw some trouble brewing for the group. Team A (Lumi, Tallon and Sorn) continued their descent beneath the ruined city of Vor Rukoth, where they previously found, and destroyed, a gateway to hell. When that happened, they also learned that the warlord of Lumi’s home village was also there, and somehow mixed up in all this. She fled through the gate after it had been destroyed, and the team wasn’t nearly prepared enough to go after her, so she got away.

They’re back there now, and searching for this warlord, as she may have some connections the players need to know about. Well, they got to Vor Rukoth, and did a little investigating. A quick View Location ritual showed them the gate, and it seemed that there wasn’t too much activity. Some kind of building was erected on the other side of the portal, but this side had little going on, save for some patrols of devils. The caverns had shifted to a more infernal look: rivers of lava, stone being turned into twisted and jagged metal, the usual.

Well when the group sneaked down and through the portal as boss-status characters are wont to do, they learned that the structure built on the hell side of the portal was a fortress made entirely of metal. Inside, well, were a bunch of devils.

Battle soon broke out between the 3 heroes and the legions of devils, led by three powerful generals: Baalzephus the Iron Tyrant, Mephistus the Mkindbreaker, and Entralius the Thane of Elements. Battle ended quickly in the heroes’ surrender as the devils overwhelmed Sorn by immobilizing him in lava, away from where anyone could save him. This led to his near-death and the surrender.

The heroes later found out they would be taken to the Iron Citadel, wherever that may be, and were clamped in chains and shackles for the trip.

For causing the party of heroes to surrender, Team B’s players all receive 2 prestige points!

The Monstrous Horror
TPK Incoming!

Part 2

Session Log Part A:

Session Log Part B:

Not much happened. Everyone went to sleep and when they woke up, the group was all together again in a burning and ruined forest. Confused at their apparent setting change while sleeping, the group investigated a large crack in the ground that ran on as far as they could see. When they tried to inspect it, large tentacles burst out of the ground and attacked the players. Defeating these tentacles caused a much larger monster to appear in the crevasse, from the depths.

It was a dome-shaped horror, with dozens of mouths all over its yellow-green hide. Eight large Tentacles writhed around it, with fanged mouths where suction cups would have been on an octopus. This creature had no eyes to speak of, yet attacked the players mercilessly, whispering in a strange and alien language.

This creature’s main tactic was to grab the party and overwhelm their fragile minds with its entirely corrupting will and make the characters attack each other. We ended the session with several members close to death, and there’s no knowing what this creature will do next.

Session Log:

The Exarch
A kidnapped avatar of the Raven Queen.


Lots of talking tonight. The team made it back to Letherna with the dead Aspect. They spoke with Orsik at length while trying to resurrect the Aspect, but to no avail. There was a short discussion about needing to see the Raven Queen, and Orsik decided he was long overdue for doing something stupid, and so Team B and Orsik charged up to the top of Fate’s Palace to see the Raven Queen.

There she spoke with you about Kalarel’s newfound powers, and that the use of the Power Words requires divinity, and can only be granted by a deity of that word’s portfolio. The only other god of death is Vecna, as Orcus is a Demon Lord, not a deity. Somehow, Kalarel must have gotten power from Vecna, most likely as part of a bargain.

Lastly, Team B leveled up to level 22. Enjoy your new utility power. Team A will have a chance to catch up when the whole team gets back.

Session Log:

Part 5

A battle with The Judge ensued in the center of the gravity cube. It was a struggle, dealing with gravity changing every round, and platforms moving around. The party did give the Judge a run for his money, and at the end of the fight he got desperate and resorted to drastic measures: he stabbed the Aspect, killing her instantly, and then turning himself to ash. No one is sure if he’s dead, but the Aspect is pretty well dead, and so the group grabbed her corpse and used a Planar Portal to get the heck out of there.

We then switched to Team A, who decided that they were going back to Vor Rukoth and through the portal to the Hells to see if they can’t track down where Sanzenin might have gone. We’ll see how that turns out.

Session Log:

Part 4

Finally, session summary!

We started with Team A: Tallon, Sorn and Lumi, all debating and discussing. Two important decisions were made. 1) They’re going to keep Lumi’s sister with them. 2) They’re going to find a way to Hell to chase after Sanzenin (Lumi’s village’s warlord). Not sure if they’ll wait for Team B before proceeding.

Team B infiltrated the cult’s hideout, passing through lairs of worship, where they found out that the leader of this cult calls himself The Judge, and proclaims to be the scion of an undisclosed deity. They found The Judge on a metal platform suspended in the middle of a enormous cavern, next to him was the Aspect of the Raven Queen, his prisoner. When they stepped onto this platform to face him, the whole room shifted, and they were suddenly on the inside of a metal cube, with floating platforms in the center, facing The Judge, The Rage, and several undead. You’ll have to face him next week, and see how well you fare in the 3d cube with gravity all whacked out.

Session Log:

Part 3

This was a session for strangeness. Team B dove through the portal that the Fear and Blood went through with the Aspect of the Raven Queen. You found yourself on a plane of chaos and madness: Pandamonium. Your introduction to this plane was disorienting. You were in an enormously large cavern, lit entirely by the lava that bubbled on the ceiling. The top of the cavern was a lake of lava, swirling around a huge crevasse into darkness. Upside down lava-falls filled the ceiling of this room, spilling over the edge of the floor, falling up, and meeting with the great lake above you.

For some strange reason, Feria decided to help you.

You stood on a spire of rock, and were able to leave by way of walking down the sides of these spires, to the bottom where there was another river of lava. You then had to jump from pillar to pillar, dealing with gravity changes to get to a singular tunnel; one of the dozens connected to this lower part of the chamber.

You then learned that this whole place must be a honeycomb of connected caves and corridors, and that you had to track the Fear through this series of these corridors. Even with Feria’s help you got lost once or twice, and ended up having to flee from a pack of wights and specters. There was also the issue of having to cross a pool of lava that slowly dripped upwards to the ceiling. That was a challenge, until Krayus breathed cold on the lava, solidifying it to the point where the rest of the group could jump across it, while Brimtim burrowed his way through the walls.

You eventually found the hideout: it’s door was on the ceiling, and required climbing to get to it. only half way up the wall the gravity changed so that you could walk up the walls, which is also very disorientating. To enter, Feria had you all hold on to her, and she touched the door, which rippled and pulled you all through…

… We moved to Team A in Cromlech, to see what they were up to. Lumi used a Make Whole ritual on the charred journal, mending it so that it was once again readable. You can find the journal’s contents in Sanzenin’s Journal.

Note for everyone: Sending me wishlists for your characters with items ranging from level 22 to 27 will get you 1 Prestige Point. You can also get 1 Point for updating your character description on the wiki with some information about how your character is coming to terms with their epic destiny, and how you think it might manifest. Lastly, you can earn a point for making a helpful comment on this post.

Session Log:

Part 2

This week was a hectic session.

It started with Krayus using a new ritual he learned that allowed him to summon seven metallic dragons for you to use as steeds to give chase to The Fear, who had just kidnapped an Aspect of the Raven Queen. Along with some divination rituals, you found where they were going, and gave chase.

An hour and 45 minutes later, you found the group atop a large spire of stone, amidst the Thryn Gol Wasteland. There was some kind of stone archway on the spire, which you learned was a portal gate. you saw that on this spire was not only the survivor’s of the last encounter you had: The Fear and a Shadow Angel, but also another humanoid similar to The Fear known as The Blood, a Slaughter Golem, a half dozen skeletal lich vestiges, and a shadow-wyvern. You had your work cut out for you.

The battle was quick. You killed the golem first, but in the time it took you to kill the golem, The Blood finished the portal ritual required to activate the gate. You tried to stop her but a lot of luck on their part, and very little on your part, left them victorious as the portal activated and they ran through, with the Aspect, while Runt tumbled over the edge of the spire. His death was prevented when one of the dragons caught him, though the shock of the ordeal left him unconscious.

We’ll have to see how this plays out next week.

Session Log:

Part 1

There were two parts to this session:

Part 1 – Team A (Tallon, Lumi and Sorn) finished off the remaining intellect devourers in Cromlech. They’ve got some time to rest now and plan their next move.

Part 2 – Team B (Krayus, Runt and Brimtim) followed Orsik to where the Raven Queen presides: Fate’s Palace. Unfortunately the queen was busy with more important issues, and so they met and spoke with one of the Raven Queen’s exarchs, and an avatar for her when the need arises. The team asked about getting aid in dealing with the undead and the devils, but the exarch could not provide any assistance. Just when she was about to say something that seemed important, something Bad happened.

The room went completely dark, and the sound of glass shattering reverberated around the team. When the light’s returned, they were surrounded by 3 figures: a drow, some skeletal humanoid, and a shadow angel. Not only that, but the spot where the exarch was blocked by some kind of shadowy vortex.

A fight broke out, of course. The team focused on the drow, Zarra, first. While this was going on, the shadowy vortex slowly moved west, off the central dias and closer to the windows. You also were aware that something within that vortex was targeting you, and that the exarch was missing. By the time Zarra was defeated, whatever was inside that vortex had made it close enough to the windows to leap out, taking the exarch with it, and flying away with the shadow angel. You defeated 2 of the assailants, but 2 of them got away. And they took the aspect of the Raven Queen.

There were some new faces this session:

The Fear – An enigmatic creature who used fear and psychic powers.
Feria – A dark angel of some sort.
Mavawhan – A skeletal humanoid. You defeated him and he turned to dust.
Zarra – A drow whom you defeated.

During this session, Team A played the monsters, and since they succeeded in kidnapping the Aspect, they all earn 2 Prestige Points.

Lastly, I would like it if you all could leave a comment on this with some ideas of what your team’s next move will be. Remember that helpful comments will earn you Prestige Points. That is all.

Session Log:

Return to Cromlech
A new challenger appears

A fairly straightforward session: you headed back to Cromlech for some investigating. You found a bunch of corpses of humans, goliaths, and minotaurs that had appeared since you’d last been there. Not finding anything on their body indicating where they were from, you went to Sanzenin’s building, and found it torched all to hell on the inside. Searching around you found a hidden trapdoor that led underground to a stone vault, inside which was a chained devil that had been stabbed to death. Along with that was a mostly burnt journal, which you weren’t able to decipher. Perhaps later you’ll get a chance to fix it or search through it later.

While you were doing this, you began hearing voices in your head, urging you to go back outside. Once there you found Lilith had returned and was insistent on hanging around with you. Soon after this reunion you were ambushed by some of the “corpses”, which apparently weren’t quite dead. After killing one of the, you saw that these corpses were being controlled by intellect devourers, which were moving between corpses, controlling them.

You didn’t finish the combat, so we’ll pick up next week.

Session Log:

Deities and Devils
Gotta meet 'em all!

This week our heroes split into Team Arcane and Team Brawn, and both went separate ways to tackle two problems; Tallon, Sorn, and Lumi went to Granville to speak with Howell about the Devils’ involvement, while Krayus, Brimtim and Runt went to the Shadowfell to speak with Orsik about the undead involvement.

From here, Team B (Krayus, Brim, and Runt) go to see the Raven Queen, while Team A (Tallon, Lumi and Sorn) are off to Cromlech to see about the city’s connection with the hells, and maybe find something about Lumi’s old warlord, Sanzenin.

What’ll our heroes find? Who knows, you’ll have to tune in next week to find out!

Session Log:

Getting your Bearings
You're splitting the party!?

Sorry for the tardiness.

This was a combat-free session. You talked with your remaining allies: Jael, Jiergan, Spaffy, Remnar, Lia and Tiandra. You learned a lot about their histories, and where your Mortal Instruments come from. You also talked about your next moves for figuring out this new situation.

Some highlights you learned about other NPCs’ backgrounds. You learned that Jael was previously an angel lieutenant during the Dawn War between the deities and the Primordials. Afterwards her god was betrayed and usurped by another angel named Asmodeus, who later became the lord of the 9 Hells. Jael was imprisoned in the uprising and tortured to the point where she lost her divine spark, and regressed to a Deva. When she was released, she tried to make it back into the immortal society, but was rejected by all her former peers as being tainted. She moved to the Mortal World to act as an observer. Her holy symbol was tainted with infernal power during her torture, and so she threw it into a chasm, and it became the first Mortal Instrument.

You also learned about Spaffy. He was a wanderer, and wandered all over the world. Through some trickery of time, he was “liberated” from the wheel of life and time. He didn’t age, he could go wherever he wanted, become whoever he wanted. This freedom gave his cloak special properties, and he gave that cloak to Lucan, the half elf monk that dedicated his life to killing demons. The cloak in question was the Mantle of the Wandering Master, and it was the second Mortal Instrument.

You also made your decision on what you were going to do next, about Kalarel and about the issues with the devils. Krayus, Brimtim and Runt would go to the Shadowfell and talk with Orsik about the undead, while Sorn, Lumi and Tallon would go to Cromlech (Lumi’s home) and see if they can find any clues about how to get to the Hells.

Session Log:

Devils vs Undead

Part 1 – Death Knell Down

We began this session with the heroes racing down the Imperial City keep and into the streets of the city. It became immediately apparent that the devils and the undead were fighting over something in the city; you guessed it might be the dead. Ashardalon did say that the city was surrounded by a ritual circle that prevented the dead from passing to their final resting place, and held them suspended in a type of limbo. Maybe the two sides are vying for the unclaimed souls; that many enslaved spirits would be cause for great alarm if they got into the wrong hands.

You arrived at the crashed Death Knell, and found Jael, Jiergan and Rurik defending it from the attackers. The devils and undead were in battle with each other, and you were caught in the middle as you tried to get to the ship with more enemies pouring in on all sides.

There were some tense moments: Runt and Tallon being dragged off by flying hellwasps, Sorn being pummeled by an infernal Gorillon, Lumi’s strange powers killing mooks left and right. Not just that, but there’s also Jael, who is blasting enemies with radiant light, and Jiergan, who is cutting down enemies with a large sword and has draconic wings unfurled. Rurik was just blasting enemies with the ballista at point blank range.

We’ll have to see how this turns out next week.

Session Log:

Part 2 – Fly you Fools

Returning to the fray, our heroes struggle to get to the downed Death Knell. To spur them on, General Eramor arrives, wounded and winded. He struggles, limping around the ship to get to the front. He was fighting off zombies and skeletons in a heroic manner, so that the few remaining soldiers around him might survive.

Around this time, a new face appeared. A lich named Kalarel, riding atop a skeletal steed. This lich took one look at poor Eramor and began speaking words of power: the same words of power that the gods had used to craft the earth. This lich wasn’t crafting anything, however, he was aiming to slaughter. His power word rendered our heroes weak, with vertigo and nausea. However, for Eramor, it meant death: This lich just used Power Word: Kill. Eramor slumped over in a pool of his own blood, while Kalarel rode to his side, lowered his rod made of human spine to Eramor’s chest, and lifted out of him a strand of ethereal energy, and then absorbed it. Eramor’s soul, it seems, had been stolen.

This lich then turned on you, especially when Runt charged head first into him. This resulted in Runt being the next target of his power word. Thus Runt died. Again. Jael tried to defend with power words of her own, but she lacked the divine spark necessary to use such words, and could not hold off, and was the next victim to a power word.

The heroes raced to get to the airship, repair it, and flee before they all were killed, and they hurried as best they could, but not before Sorn fell in battle to the power words. With 4 dead, the players finally repaired the ship enough so that it could fly, and sped out of the city, watching it fall into the hands of the undead. Their army broken, their soldiers dying, dead and worse, and many of their stalwart allies lost.

The trip to Starfall took a month, which was enough time to perform a Raise Dead ritual on Sorn and Runt to bring them to, while Jael naturally woke up from her catatonic state 2 weeks into the trip. Once back at Starfall there were talks of the next course of action, but that was put on hold while the group mourned their lost companions and the death of Bahamut.

After that, Lia and Remnar presented Runt and Brimtim items of legacy, to help them face the foes that are undoubtedly in their future. These items are as follows:

Thorn of the World Tree
Skin of the Earth

Next week you will have time to plan your movements and discuss your options. Remember, there are still magic items that have yet to be claimed on the Loot Table.

Session Log:

Demise of Ashardalon!
All hell breaks loose

Hooo boy, this session was a big one. To start with, you faced down Ashardalon in the courtyard of the Imperial City keep. This was a tough fight, as Ashardalon’s three colored heads acted quickly and dealt lots of damage. You held tough and forced Ashardalon to retreat once more, this time to the top of the keep, where the elemental conduit was.

You had to rush through the keep then to get to the top, and found out that due to the proximity to the conduit, and how much energy it was channeling, the nature of the keep was changed: floors had been replaced with endless lakes of lava, gravity was distorted, jets of fire erupted randomly in places. You quickly passed through all of that and made it to the top with enough time to stop and marvel at the size of Ashardalon’s treasure horde (see below).

After that you clamored up the ladder to the very tip top of the keep, next to the elemental conduit. Ashardalon was waiting, his three heads dripping with elemental energy: acid falling between his claws, lightning crackling between his wings and beams of fell light from his eyes. Here you would face him down once and for all. He acted first, blasting all of you with an explosive breath weapon, but you retaliated quickly, and with the help of Krayus, you damaged him very quickly.

Ashardalon returned the favor, attacking Runt, Brimtim and Krayus ferociously, and 3 critical hits, and Action Point, and 4 more attacks later, Runt was unconscious, Krayus was at 1 hit point thanks to his tenacious will, and Brimtim was below 0 hit points but still standing thanks to his diehard toughness.

Ashardalon then rushed to Lumi and Tallon, breathing an explosive breath in their faces, but Sorn and Lumi quick teamed up together to bring and end to this foul beast. With some quick blood magic Lumi finished off Ashardalon once and for all!

As Ashardalon died, he burst into flames and a Phoenix escaped from the ashes, then disappeared into the conduit, which imploded and winked out of this plane. The elemental energies within the city dissipated and you were left with a moment to catch your breath.

(The following is much better stated in the chat log, check it if you want more detail) It was then that Bahamut was drawn into the mortal world, and his size, which is normally that of mountains, diminished to merely the size of half the city. He shined radiance down upon you from the sky and warmed your soul. This was short lived though, as soon after Tiamat followed him, arriving on this plane. A fight broke out between the two, and during it much of the town was destroyed with Bahamut’s disintegrating breath, including the Death Knell, which had taken a hit and crashed into the city.

Bahamut was forced to the ground after having a wing ripped off, and Tiamat covered him in all five breath weapons of hers, leaving the platinum dragon charred and dead. A darkness crept over the land, and Tiamat flew to the top of the keep, just above you, proclaiming to let you live so that you may pass on that her rule is absolute, and there can be no denying it.

Then, without warning, an army of the dead rushed into the city from the outlying forests; undead of all kinds from nowhere appeared and began slaughtering any who survived the brutal siege. Not only this, but Sovocles, and an army of used portals to arrive in the city and began fighting the undead; over what you’re not sure.

All you know now is that Tiamat killed Bahamut, and there are thousands of undead fighting thousands of devils in this city. Ashardalon had told you that anyone who died in this city would have their soul held in pergatory, unable to pass to the afterlife. If that’s true, there thousands of unclaimed souls floating around this city, most of which are those of your friends. So it seems your first goal as epic characters… Is to flee this city.


  • You’ve reached level 21, the start of epic tier. Enjoy your new feat, and epic destiny.
  • You got lots of loot! You’ll find it below
  • Your Mortal Instruments have increased in power along with you. Find them here.
  • Please leave a comment with what epic destiny you chose.
  • Don’t forget to send me an updated token and character sheet.
  • I’m adding two new house rules to our campaign. Find them here
  • Don’t forget that upon reaching level 21, your “Paragon Defenses” bonus feat is replaced by “Robust Defenses” as a bonus feat.


460,000 gold
Hood of the Wolf
Manual of the Planes
Ring of Heroic Health
+5 Wyrmtooth Dagger
+5 Quickcurse Rod
+5 Fireflower Pendant
+5 Abyssal Adornment
+5 Fleece of Renewal
+5 Parchment Snakeskin Leather Armor


  • Send me an updated copy of your character sheet and token. The easiest way to do this is to make your character on the online CB using my DDI login info. I’ve also put a link to the campaign file we’re using, so you can update your token using that, then save it to your computer, and send it to me. Anyone that does this will get 1 prestige point.
  • I’ll send out emails about epic destinies, and we can work on getting that to work within the campaign. For this part, anyone that updates their character bio with their transformation into their epic destiny (on the wiki) will get 1 prestige point. This might be a mock journal entry, or a narrative bio in 3rd or 1st person, or something else entirely.

Session Log:
Campaign File for token editing:

The Imperial City
A beacon of fire and death

The Battle for Alden

Here will be a running commentary on your efforts to secure the Imperial City back from Ashardalon and his forces. As the conquest continues, I’ll update this single log rather than post separate ones for each session.

Part 1

After defeating Rathoraiax and freeing Kurya you went back to Bridge and the Red Dawn, to find that Rath had flown back to Bridge for some reason, only to be killed by Jiergan, from what you’ve been told. You also finally joined up with the Dwarven Armada when their three airships arrived in Bridge: The Titan, their flagship airship, and two smaller vessels much like the Death Knell.

You then decided the best course of action would be to outfit the Death Knell with a Portal Circle so that you could fly over the city and drop soldiers directly into the Imperial City. The armada would join you in this, while the navy dropped troops off on the docks, and the dragonborn fought outside the city to draw forces away.

With that plan, you took off for the city. It took a little over a week but you made it there and grouped with the ground and sea forces. A small recon trip to the capital revealed some new issues: The prisoners that were kept in prison camps all around the country have been moved to outside the city. They seem to be hypnotized, un-moving, starring blankly at the city. This includes the elven prisoners from Eldarnath. Along with this, there were two Githyanki warships flying above the city; for what reason the Githyanki are joined in this fight you have no idea. Seems like the coming battle will be a tough one.

Session Log – Part 1:

Part 2 – The Siege Begins

The battle commences as you strike first at the capital. Iojad leads his dragonborn into battle just outside the city, away from the prisoners, while you fly with the armada above the city. On your way you are intercepted by the two Githyanki warships. Just before the clash, a bright flash lit up the sky and metallic dragons appeared, seemingly from nowhere, to fight the dozens of red dragons that took to the sky. Six of those metallic dragons parted with the rest of the group to aid you by letting you ride them as mounts, making the battle with the githyanki easier.

To disable the ships, Runt dropped onto one and punched a hole in its engine, while Krayus lit the other on fire after slaughtering the crew on board. With those taken out, you can securely drop troops into the city. At least, that was the idea, until General Eramor spoke to you via sending stones informing you that the navy is ready to dock, but there are a strange type of siege tower preventing them from doing so. Looks like you’ll need to take care of that before they destroy the ships and all the passengers.

Session Log – Part 2:

Part 3 – All is Well? Not Quite.

Okay, summary time! After receiving word that Eramor and the navy was in trouble, you headed to the docks, only to find that the docks were guarded by 4 large siege towers that belched fireballs with explosive force. Not only that, but there were 4 fire giants there as well, controlling the towers. You took them on fearlessly, and were able to take out half the towers with a devious ploy cooked up by Tallon: Teleport them over the water and let them sink to the bottom of the ocean. Of course you didn’t plan on them exploding when destroyed, which made destroying them all the more difficult.

After your victory, Eramor got the ships docked and soldiers assembled in the harbor. You spoke with him about your tactics a bit, then left to see how the front lines were doing outside of the city. Much to your surprise, they were luring large portions of the city’s defense away so that it was taking them longer to retreat back to defend against your sudden airstrike invasion. That was helpful. What wasn’t, though, was when the sun showed up for a moment. Only it wasn’t the sun. It was the elemental conduit at the peak of the keep’s tower shining brightly over the city. This, coupled with the appearance of a hulking, winged beast, made your stomachs drop.

It was Ashardalon, he had actually shown up. He stood at the top of the keep for a moment before flying at blazing speed towards your airship armada. You tried to race him back to the fleet but were a moment too late; he rammed into one of the smaller ships, grabbed it with his claws, spun around twice, threw the ship 50 feet away and destroyed it with a single fireball. A devastating display of power to be sure. You intercepted him before he could take out the Death Knell, and exchanged words with the tyrant. Now we see if you can stop him from destroying your ships and drive him away long enough to finish deploying your troops…

Session Log – Part 3:

Part 4 – Ashwing Disengages: A New Challenger Appears!

You started this combat off by kicking Ashardalon’s ass (props to Sorn for dominating him!), to the point where he retreated back to the elemental conduit atop the keep’s highest spire. There he stayed while an enormous fire colossus titan emerged outside the walls of the city. Almost 100 feet tall and 50 feet wide, this colossus slowly waded his way through your front lines, crushing anything that got in the way. Its body dripping with lava, it left a wake of destruction wherever it stepped. To stop it, you quickly set out to find its power source. You learned that it wasn’t the conduit at the spire powering the construct, but rather a devil working withing the city.

This devil, named Sovocles, was gentlemanly and charming. He offered you a simple choice: Sorn goes with him, and the colossus will stop its rampage. He also held up the contract Sorn made to get his powers, saying that he’s “been on far to long a leash, and its time he repaid the freedom his master had granted him.” The party was quick to condemn this devil, refusing to let Sorn leave. To that, Sovocles lit the contract on fire, ending the bond between him and his pact holder. What this means for his powers no one is really sure, but things will get stranger from here no out for sure. It also cements the idea that Ashardalon is allied with devils for some reason.

Oh, and the devil mentioned that it would be a shame for you to die within the city, considering the circle around it. Not sure what that means either. But you’ve threatened him, and to deal with you he summoned 2 Reaper Devils: these are the same as the blood sucking monster you fought in Lumi’s home village, and now you get to fight TWO of them together.

Session Log:

Part 5 – Sovocles flees, Ashardalon Resurfaces!

We’re nearing the end of this epic trial! You defeated Sovocles and his hellish servants quickly, though not without a Lumi and Runt getting dangerously close to falling unconscious. Sovocles, upon becoming bloodied, teleported away, had his fire imp pet open a portal, and fled the fight, leaving his two devils to keep you occupied. After the fight Sorn attempted to take control of the fire titan colossus by imposing his will on it, succeeding marginally, able to stop its rampage while Lumi destroyed the altar controlling it. The titan crumbled and was reduced to a pile of burning stone.

From there you took wing on your dragons again and headed towards the keep, where Ashardalon was. You found out that the entire keep was blocked by a spherical barrier; a force wall of fire. Some detecting and searching led to the realization that the gates to the keep were still not open. As you headed for them, a group of dragons, giants, salamanders and elementals ambushed you. Your dragon allies urged you to press forward while they took care of the riff-raff out here. You did so and stepped through the gates to the keep, after which they sealed up with the barrier, locking you inside with Ashardalon, who strode out of the castle and into the courtyard. His whole body on fire, he beckoned you to fight as his body contorted and morphed; like a hydra he sprouted two new necks and heads on either side of his original head: a white dragon’s head and black dragon’s head. Seems Ashardalon has some tricks up his sleeve.

Session Log:


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