At World's End

Vale Road Skirmish
June 22nd, 2009

The players left Thunderspire Mountain and trecked down the vale road on their way to Fallcrest, but were interrupted by a handsome eladrin named Valek. This eladrin told the party to protect him while he performed the ritual Linked Portal. While he was doing this, the party was attack by a party of Dragonborn and Orcs, though what they were doing in the hills of Nentir you don’t know. It is most definitely odd…

After stepping through the portal the party arrives at the headquarters for the Order of Vigilance, Starfall.

Adventure Summary

Our brave heroes found themselves in the outlying village of Winterhaven. Each there for their own purpose, but brought together by the town’s plight. They set out into the wilderness and rid the land of an infestation of kobolds, who were under the order of a goblin named Irontooth. From here they learned that foul creatures lurked within the ruined basement of “The Keep.” Investigating this keep, they found a slew more goblins, killing their leader Balgrom the Fat, as well as zombies, skeletons and ghouls. They came across the tomb of an old Nerathan general who had gone mad and killed his troops. It was from his spirit that they learned of the keep’s true intent.

It was built on top of a rift that is connected to the Shadowfell; that is what drove the man mad. It turns out that someone else had descended into the bowels of the keep and was trying to open that rift back up. (cue dramatic music) The heroes chased after him and fought the necromancer at the threshold of the Shadow Plane. Kalarel, his name was, the necromancer intent on opening the rift and letting forth all sorts of undead on the world. Karalel fell and was snatched up into the portal and disappeared, though we can’t say if he died or not.

On Kalarel’s body they found a letter from one the Bloodreaver Gang, asking for any prisoners that they could buy as slaves. Following this lead our heroes made way to Thunderspire Mountain, where the gang stated they were located. Upon arriving they found a part of the gang, hobgoblins, torturing a captured halfling. Valiantly saving the halfling they were on their way to the Seven-Pillared Hall, an outpost for trade and research.

Once there, they did some research and learned that the Bloodreavers were located in the Chamber of Eyes, and quickly set out to look for them. And find them they did. The hobgoblins were short work for the heroes, and they learned, to their dismay, that the slaves that had been captured were already sold to another group; the Grimmerzhul duergar clan. Some more information gathering ensued and they were off to the Horned Hold, the duergar’s fortress in the Underdark. After battling their way through foe after foe they reached the prisoners and took them back to the hall, but not before smiting Murklemor, the Grimmerzhul clan leader.

Once back in the hall more misfortune strikes, as our heroes find out that two of the captured people were sold to the gnolls! And away the party goes, once more into the Underdark, to find the gnolls, who holed up in the Well of Demons: an ancient minotaur proving grounds for Baphomet. They slay the gnolls and demons within, recovering the four key magic items, and trigger the doorway to the inner sanctum when their passage is blocked by deadly traps and a green dragon. Not daunted by size nor ferocity, our heroes slay the dragon and avoid the traps, and are granted passage to the inner sanctum. There they showdown with Maldrick Scarmaker, the “owner” of the last two captives. Armed with his demonic and undead cohorts Maldrick fights to the death, almost killing one of our heroes, but they pull through and rescue one of the captives; the other was sacrificed to the rituals of Scarmaker. On the corpse of the demon-gnoll there was a small silver key that magically gravitated towards a magic door, which led to them to the Tower of Mysteries.

The Tower of Mysteries is the home of Paldamar, the rogue Mage of Saruun. There they faced off against this worshiper of Vecna and his Bronze Warder servants, slaying the mage and smouting his reign upon the mountainside.

Thus continues the story of our six heroes and their pet wolf.


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