At World's End

Confronting Drakenrad

Drakenrad is a mithril dragon that conspired to rule in Bahamut’s stead. When he brought this to Bahamut’s council, he was flatly denied, and cast out of Celestia for his insolence. It was then he conspired with an archdevil to regain the radiant throne, and with this archdevil’s help, assaulted Bahamut’s realm. Drakenrad slew the council members, the angelic hosts, and any others that were unfortunate enough to be there, including Jiergan, who only just barely managed to send a message for help.

That message got to our heroes, who were back from Granville and dealing with Howell. They quickly traveled to Celestia and found the place looking pristine. Everything in Bahamut’s realm looked as if it were made of precious metals or gems; leaves looked to be made of emeralds, skin looked like agate, the sea seems to be made of liquid silver crystal. Angelic blood stained the floors gold.

After battling through a host of infernal defenders, as well as a colossus of justice, the heroes found Jiergan recently deceased. Lumi got to work resurrecting the dragonborn, and when he had returned, he sought to enter the fray once more, and he did so, defending the halls from more hordes of devils while the heroes dealt with Drakenrad in the Hall of Judgement; a courtroom where Bahamut doles out his justice.

Drakenrad was not like normal dragons; he was instead snake-like, with no wings and short clawed legs (like an East Asian dragon). When the heroes first saw him he was talking with a regal devil, who disappeared soon after their arrival. Drakenrad informed the characters that their efforts to defeat Tiamat and resurrect Bahamut was folly, for the two exist as two halves of a whole. With one, so must there be the other, and so if Bahamut were to return, Tiamat must inevitably return as well. His goal was not to resurrect Bahamut, but to end both of them, and in doing so, end the war that has existed between them since their birth.

Needless to say, the characters found his actions deplorable, and a fight broke out. The fight ended, however, when the characters, through a combination of tactical genius, clever improvisation, and a lot of luck, subdued the dragon. Krayus offered him a choice: Either he dies, or he surrenders his shard of Io’s essence and can live. Drakenrad took the latter option, relinquishing his shard of Io’s divinity to Krayus.

After the battle, the powers blocking the portals in the chamber were released, and two portals activated, and figures stepped out of either of them: Moradin, and Kord, the two other deities residing in Celestia. The talk with them was also brief, but they vowed to aid the characters, and to marshal their armies against Tiamat to end this conflict. The characters were tasked with one thing: to find the location of Tiamat’s lair, so that it could be assaulted. Before they left, Moradin gifted the hammer War to Brimtim.

After the deities left, a third figure entered: the devil the characters saw with Drakenrad appeared in the room, stating how impressed he was, and that he has a proposition for the characters that they’ll certainly be interested in…


Deals with Devils and Dragons

After defeating Kalarel and relocating the remainder of the Red Dawn army, the heroes set their sights back to Granville, where Howell and Skyshatter both were. After making a deal with Dispater, they promised to kill Howell, and as well they learned that the only way to defeat Tiamat feasibly is to craft or augment weapons and armors from the remains of one of her slain exarchs, of which Skatter was one.

So the group teleported the Death Knell into Granville’s airspace and disembarked to see Howell. Upon meeting him they gathered in Howell’s tea room is his recently furnished civic hall and office. There they shared some very fine brandy in an attempt to loosen Howell’s lips. Some conversation passed and the heroes began to suspect that Skyshatter might not simply be “away”, but in fact might be kept as prisoner by Howell.

With some gut intuition to go on, the heroes made the short trip across the bay to the city’s abandoned island-prison. After searching through the creepy atmosphere the heroes found a pit in the lowest levels of the prison; a pit that descended into a series of lava tubes. It seems this island was once a volcano. A volcano that, in the central magma chamber, holds Skyshatter, who is indeed a prisoner, held by magical chains and barriers, as well as inside the soul-stealing magic circle they’ve seen so often.

The heroes decided the best thing to do was to release Skyshatter (using up Tallon’s expensive dagger in the process) and let him kill Howell. However, as soon as Skyshatter was free the volcano began to erupt. To make matters worse, several lava wyrms attacked the party, threatening to keep them in the volcano for too long to escape. But escape the heroes did, back to the city as the volcano blew and filled the harbor with ash and steam. Meanwhile the heroes high-tailed it back to find Howell, as a storm was brewing (literally, a lightning storm raged in the skies).

What was supposed to be the death of Howell quickly turned around as Howell held Skyshatter immobile and quickly beheaded him when he realized that you didn’t believe him. Along with killing him, he absorbed part of Skyshatter’s soul, despite your best efforts to prevent that. Though he only got a portion of it; Tallon got a portion as well.

Howell, seeing that he no longer had to play nice, teleported the heroes to a ruined building atop an icy mountain in the middle of a infinitely large snow-field. Here Howell and the heroes battled it out, finally. Jenkins (Howell’s pet fire imp) joined in the fray, making the heroes’ job more difficult. And when Howell looked to be defeated, he summoned another servant: a pit fiend named Alfred. The fight was gruesome but quick, and ended when Runt smashed Alfred into Howell, knocking them both unconscious.

At first Howell seemed dead as fire enveloped his body and his corpse burned. His flesh and clothes burned off until nothing was left but ash-white skin. That’s when he stood up. The burned figure stood up and the heroes recognized him for who he really was: Sovocles, the devil they encountered in the Imperial City. The devil who destroyed Sorn’s pact. The same devil stood before the heroes now.

Conversation was brief afterwards. Sovocles admitted to disguising himself as “Howell” to ingratiate himself with the party and to build a reputation. He admitted that his patron was Mephistopheles, lord of the Eight Circle of Hell, the Icy Wastes of Cania. He also said that his patron would likely contact them in the future. Though with that said he returned the party to Granville, where Skyshatter and Howell’s body both lay amidst the chaotic and frantic city.

As the heroes rest, Tallon attempted to control the power of Skyshatter’s essence, as it began to manifest by crackling lightning between his fingers. After some effort at channeling the energy he was able to manifest it in a needle-like lightning bolt that he could grasp in one hand and wield like a weapon. While this was going on, the rest of the group searched Howell, and the rest of his office. On Howell’s body was found the rod that he wielded in battle, as well as a key. This key, after some searching, unlocked a small trapdoor in the basement which was revealed after Skyshatter destroyed the building), and that descended into a vast chamber filled to the brim with treasures and riches, all of which is likely Skyshatter’s. Or was.

Treasure you found includes:

Also of note:
h3. You leveled up! Enjoy level 25.

Kalarel Falls
A long way

The heroes fought a short and violent battle with Kalarel 200 feet above the ground. Several of the heroes were injured and it was looking grim, but their victory was sealed when Runt leaped onto the flying dracolich and punched Kalarel off his mount, sending him falling 200 feet, and killing him.

Kalarel’s death rippled through the hordes of undead, causing them to lose their coherence and begin wandering aimlessly; it was a simple matter to clean up the rest of the enemies. Of the 180 troops that went into this battle 145 remain standing, if a little worse for wear.

Upon inspection the heroes found that Kalarel’s body is missing and left in the spot where it would be is a pile of ashes ground up into the muddy rock, and a mummified hand, severed right below the elbow. This hand seethes some kind of dark magic, but you have yet to unlock its powers. When Lumi touched the hand, it sprang to life and attempted to claw at his left arm, and became still when he quickly dropped it in response. Lumi has tucked this hand safely away in a locked box and is keeping it on his person for future study.

In the aftermath of the battle, the soldiers begin talking about relocating to a castle town a few days away; with the undead threat gone for now they can make the trip without being attacked. The heroes decide this is a good idea and accompany the fighting force. Runt even convinces the Shifters to go with, and begins integrating them into society. To mark Runt’s newfound leadership, his pack has gifted him with a set of cloth armor made for the leader.

Meanwhile, Tallon has become a popular person among the soldiers: the youthful face of the new order. When everyone arrives at the town and discover its citizens were spared Ashardalon’s wrath there is hope for a new life. The noble running this town was not so lucky, however, and had gone mad what with everything going on, leaving the people to fend for themselves.

Next session will see the heroes traveling back to Granville to confront Howell, as they were told to by Dispater. Perhaps while they’re there they will find Skyshatter, whom they know is an exarch of Tiamat, and they know that to face the Dragon Queen, they’ll need to craft weapons and items from the remains of a slain exarch.


  • You all gains 2 levels! You can earn a prestige point by sending me your character sheet and updating your token before our next session (I’ll start the server early)
  • Runt, thanks to your new leadership position, you were given some really nice cloth armor
  • Leave a comment and let me know if there’s anything specific you want to do with this town situation, otherwise I’ll assume that nothing of interest happens, and we can move on.
Fight for Survival

Sorry for the delay; there isn’t much special that’s going on except for combats, so I’ve not recorded anything important.

However, last session something new happened: Kalarel arrived, riding atop a dracolich, and threatened to destroy your army, forcing you to take to your airship and fly up to meet him. We stopped before the fight started since only 3 people were there, and I didn’t want to slaughter you. Next session you’ll have to face off against him and save your army!

Part 2

Session Log:

Part 1

This week, At World’s End, the heroes finished their research at the Swan Tower in Hestevar and returned to Starfall to discuss their next move. They have 3 options sitting before them:

1) Travel to Granville and confront Skyshatter the exarch of Tiamat and as such, he could be the key to defeating Tiamat. While in Granville, they can also deal with Howell, whom Dispater told Lumi, Tallon and Sorn to kill.

2) Find a way to get to Celestia, home plane of Bahamut, and find out what’s going on with Drakenrad, the Mithral Dragon who sent assassins to kill the group while in Hestevar.

3) There is report of a small group of survivors from the attack on the Imperial City that are located in some ruins in a forest south-west of the city. Rurik was dispatched to see what’s going on, and hasn’t reported back. It might be worthwhile to see if these survivors are still alive.

In the end, the heroes chose to investigate the reports of survivors in the forest. Jiergan had gone away to Celestia to deal with Drakenrad as well as he could, and left word that he would bring the players there if he needed their help. And Howell or Skyshatter weren’t in immediate need of dealing with.

The trip took a week on the Death Knell, but they eventually found the hidden ruins among the forests, where Rurik came to greet the heroes, and show them back to camp. We’ll see how this turns out next week.

The Swan Tower


The session started with you hailing a patrol of angels to your location, and immediately after you were accused of murder, as you were sitting on top of the bodies of two slain dragonkin. However, you convinced the angels of law and order to go along with a speak with dead ritual on one of the dragonkin, and the results proved your innocents; the patrol let you go.

You made your way to the Swan Tower, where you spent the better part of a day searching through tomes, guided only by the spirit of pure knowledge. You learned much in the library, including some information on how you might oppose Tiamat, resurrect Io, as well as a biography on Skyshatter, who you learned is one of the exarchs of Tiamat.

On the subject of Tiamat, you learned that the only way to slay her is to either lure her to a place blessed by Bahamut, or by crafting weapons and items made from the flesh, bone and blood of her exarchs; the only one you know still living is Skyshatter.

While researching, Tallon was approached by an exalted spirit, claiming to have seen them in a prophecy, and in the vision she was showing them a room. And so she waited at the library until this day. She showed Tallon into the room in her prophecy, as was her duty.

In this room was a cache of items and money, along with a small piece of parchment, addressed to whomever was reading it. It contained short passages for each of the heroes, offering insight and advice on your futures, assumed to be written by Ioun herself. The items you found consisted of:

Ancient Warrior’s Ringing Hammer Grandmaster Training**
Property: Whenever you score a critical hit, you deal an extra 3[W] damage, as the spirits inside you come to life and fight by your side.

Session Log:


The heroes were ambushed! While traveling in Hestevar, the heroes were ambushed by a group of devils and dragonkin, all of whom were very intent on killing the group. In fact, there were a few times when the enemies were one or two strikes away from killing the whole party.

Still, like the stubborn heroes they are, the group pulled it together and hung onto victory and defeated the assailants. The devils’ corpses didn’t remain long to be examined, but the dragonkin, which you found out were a strange type of Mithril Dragonkin, had some kind of religious symbol emblazoned on their armor: a multicolored circle with golden threads trailing off the top and bottom of it. You’re not sure what this could imply, but it’s something you could look into at the Swan Tower.

In other news, you found some magic items!

  • 2 Astral Diamonds on the dragonkin
  • +5 Mithril Dragonscale Armor (in compendium: Pelaurum Rampager’s Scale Armor)
In Search of Knowledge

After Team A’s debacle in Hell, and Team B’s half-success in the Shadowfell, the two teams regrouped at Starfall to plan their next move. Since knowledge is power, the party decided to travel to the Astral Sea and seek out Ioun, the goddess of knowledge. To that end, they’re going to search for the same portal that kicked them out into Sigil, and see if they can find their way from there. The other option was hunting down a crashed Githyanki dreadnought, stealing its engine, and adding it to the Death Knell.

You decided to go to Sigil, since you found the portal on Starfall still remains. You came out somewhere different, but managed to track down a helpful Celestial who told you about Hestavar, where Ioun is located, and some other tidbits in exchange for some gold. Krayus went on a hunt and found the old merchant who sold you your first gate key, and purchased a similar gate key, this one a glass flower, that leads to a plaza in Hestavar.

You got to Hestavar, and an elf approached you, offering to lead you around, since the city can be confusing to new-comers. As Jon the Elf showed you around, you noticed you were being followed. You kept your distance and kept moving. You focused so much on that stalker, in fact, that you didn’t notice that you walked into quiet back-alley of Hestavar, where a cleverly laid ambush was sprung.

Go to Hell!

Part 2: A Deal with the Devil

Session Log:

Part 1: Ten seconds into Hell, and all I got was captured.

Our first session of the new year saw some trouble brewing for the group. Team A (Lumi, Tallon and Sorn) continued their descent beneath the ruined city of Vor Rukoth, where they previously found, and destroyed, a gateway to hell. When that happened, they also learned that the warlord of Lumi’s home village was also there, and somehow mixed up in all this. She fled through the gate after it had been destroyed, and the team wasn’t nearly prepared enough to go after her, so she got away.

They’re back there now, and searching for this warlord, as she may have some connections the players need to know about. Well, they got to Vor Rukoth, and did a little investigating. A quick View Location ritual showed them the gate, and it seemed that there wasn’t too much activity. Some kind of building was erected on the other side of the portal, but this side had little going on, save for some patrols of devils. The caverns had shifted to a more infernal look: rivers of lava, stone being turned into twisted and jagged metal, the usual.

Well when the group sneaked down and through the portal as boss-status characters are wont to do, they learned that the structure built on the hell side of the portal was a fortress made entirely of metal. Inside, well, were a bunch of devils.

Battle soon broke out between the 3 heroes and the legions of devils, led by three powerful generals: Baalzephus the Iron Tyrant, Mephistus the Mkindbreaker, and Entralius the Thane of Elements. Battle ended quickly in the heroes’ surrender as the devils overwhelmed Sorn by immobilizing him in lava, away from where anyone could save him. This led to his near-death and the surrender.

The heroes later found out they would be taken to the Iron Citadel, wherever that may be, and were clamped in chains and shackles for the trip.

For causing the party of heroes to surrender, Team B’s players all receive 2 prestige points!

The Monstrous Horror
TPK Incoming!

Part 2

Session Log Part A:

Session Log Part B:

Not much happened. Everyone went to sleep and when they woke up, the group was all together again in a burning and ruined forest. Confused at their apparent setting change while sleeping, the group investigated a large crack in the ground that ran on as far as they could see. When they tried to inspect it, large tentacles burst out of the ground and attacked the players. Defeating these tentacles caused a much larger monster to appear in the crevasse, from the depths.

It was a dome-shaped horror, with dozens of mouths all over its yellow-green hide. Eight large Tentacles writhed around it, with fanged mouths where suction cups would have been on an octopus. This creature had no eyes to speak of, yet attacked the players mercilessly, whispering in a strange and alien language.

This creature’s main tactic was to grab the party and overwhelm their fragile minds with its entirely corrupting will and make the characters attack each other. We ended the session with several members close to death, and there’s no knowing what this creature will do next.

Session Log:

The Exarch
A kidnapped avatar of the Raven Queen.


Lots of talking tonight. The team made it back to Letherna with the dead Aspect. They spoke with Orsik at length while trying to resurrect the Aspect, but to no avail. There was a short discussion about needing to see the Raven Queen, and Orsik decided he was long overdue for doing something stupid, and so Team B and Orsik charged up to the top of Fate’s Palace to see the Raven Queen.

There she spoke with you about Kalarel’s newfound powers, and that the use of the Power Words requires divinity, and can only be granted by a deity of that word’s portfolio. The only other god of death is Vecna, as Orcus is a Demon Lord, not a deity. Somehow, Kalarel must have gotten power from Vecna, most likely as part of a bargain.

Lastly, Team B leveled up to level 22. Enjoy your new utility power. Team A will have a chance to catch up when the whole team gets back.

Session Log:

Part 5

A battle with The Judge ensued in the center of the gravity cube. It was a struggle, dealing with gravity changing every round, and platforms moving around. The party did give the Judge a run for his money, and at the end of the fight he got desperate and resorted to drastic measures: he stabbed the Aspect, killing her instantly, and then turning himself to ash. No one is sure if he’s dead, but the Aspect is pretty well dead, and so the group grabbed her corpse and used a Planar Portal to get the heck out of there.

We then switched to Team A, who decided that they were going back to Vor Rukoth and through the portal to the Hells to see if they can’t track down where Sanzenin might have gone. We’ll see how that turns out.

Session Log:

Part 4

Finally, session summary!

We started with Team A: Tallon, Sorn and Lumi, all debating and discussing. Two important decisions were made. 1) They’re going to keep Lumi’s sister with them. 2) They’re going to find a way to Hell to chase after Sanzenin (Lumi’s village’s warlord). Not sure if they’ll wait for Team B before proceeding.

Team B infiltrated the cult’s hideout, passing through lairs of worship, where they found out that the leader of this cult calls himself The Judge, and proclaims to be the scion of an undisclosed deity. They found The Judge on a metal platform suspended in the middle of a enormous cavern, next to him was the Aspect of the Raven Queen, his prisoner. When they stepped onto this platform to face him, the whole room shifted, and they were suddenly on the inside of a metal cube, with floating platforms in the center, facing The Judge, The Rage, and several undead. You’ll have to face him next week, and see how well you fare in the 3d cube with gravity all whacked out.

Session Log:

Part 3

This was a session for strangeness. Team B dove through the portal that the Fear and Blood went through with the Aspect of the Raven Queen. You found yourself on a plane of chaos and madness: Pandamonium. Your introduction to this plane was disorienting. You were in an enormously large cavern, lit entirely by the lava that bubbled on the ceiling. The top of the cavern was a lake of lava, swirling around a huge crevasse into darkness. Upside down lava-falls filled the ceiling of this room, spilling over the edge of the floor, falling up, and meeting with the great lake above you.

For some strange reason, Feria decided to help you.

You stood on a spire of rock, and were able to leave by way of walking down the sides of these spires, to the bottom where there was another river of lava. You then had to jump from pillar to pillar, dealing with gravity changes to get to a singular tunnel; one of the dozens connected to this lower part of the chamber.

You then learned that this whole place must be a honeycomb of connected caves and corridors, and that you had to track the Fear through this series of these corridors. Even with Feria’s help you got lost once or twice, and ended up having to flee from a pack of wights and specters. There was also the issue of having to cross a pool of lava that slowly dripped upwards to the ceiling. That was a challenge, until Krayus breathed cold on the lava, solidifying it to the point where the rest of the group could jump across it, while Brimtim burrowed his way through the walls.

You eventually found the hideout: it’s door was on the ceiling, and required climbing to get to it. only half way up the wall the gravity changed so that you could walk up the walls, which is also very disorientating. To enter, Feria had you all hold on to her, and she touched the door, which rippled and pulled you all through…

… We moved to Team A in Cromlech, to see what they were up to. Lumi used a Make Whole ritual on the charred journal, mending it so that it was once again readable. You can find the journal’s contents in Sanzenin’s Journal.

Note for everyone: Sending me wishlists for your characters with items ranging from level 22 to 27 will get you 1 Prestige Point. You can also get 1 Point for updating your character description on the wiki with some information about how your character is coming to terms with their epic destiny, and how you think it might manifest. Lastly, you can earn a point for making a helpful comment on this post.

Session Log:

Part 2

This week was a hectic session.

It started with Krayus using a new ritual he learned that allowed him to summon seven metallic dragons for you to use as steeds to give chase to The Fear, who had just kidnapped an Aspect of the Raven Queen. Along with some divination rituals, you found where they were going, and gave chase.

An hour and 45 minutes later, you found the group atop a large spire of stone, amidst the Thryn Gol Wasteland. There was some kind of stone archway on the spire, which you learned was a portal gate. you saw that on this spire was not only the survivor’s of the last encounter you had: The Fear and a Shadow Angel, but also another humanoid similar to The Fear known as The Blood, a Slaughter Golem, a half dozen skeletal lich vestiges, and a shadow-wyvern. You had your work cut out for you.

The battle was quick. You killed the golem first, but in the time it took you to kill the golem, The Blood finished the portal ritual required to activate the gate. You tried to stop her but a lot of luck on their part, and very little on your part, left them victorious as the portal activated and they ran through, with the Aspect, while Runt tumbled over the edge of the spire. His death was prevented when one of the dragons caught him, though the shock of the ordeal left him unconscious.

We’ll have to see how this plays out next week.

Session Log:

Part 1

There were two parts to this session:

Part 1 – Team A (Tallon, Lumi and Sorn) finished off the remaining intellect devourers in Cromlech. They’ve got some time to rest now and plan their next move.

Part 2 – Team B (Krayus, Runt and Brimtim) followed Orsik to where the Raven Queen presides: Fate’s Palace. Unfortunately the queen was busy with more important issues, and so they met and spoke with one of the Raven Queen’s exarchs, and an avatar for her when the need arises. The team asked about getting aid in dealing with the undead and the devils, but the exarch could not provide any assistance. Just when she was about to say something that seemed important, something Bad happened.

The room went completely dark, and the sound of glass shattering reverberated around the team. When the light’s returned, they were surrounded by 3 figures: a drow, some skeletal humanoid, and a shadow angel. Not only that, but the spot where the exarch was blocked by some kind of shadowy vortex.

A fight broke out, of course. The team focused on the drow, Zarra, first. While this was going on, the shadowy vortex slowly moved west, off the central dias and closer to the windows. You also were aware that something within that vortex was targeting you, and that the exarch was missing. By the time Zarra was defeated, whatever was inside that vortex had made it close enough to the windows to leap out, taking the exarch with it, and flying away with the shadow angel. You defeated 2 of the assailants, but 2 of them got away. And they took the aspect of the Raven Queen.

There were some new faces this session:

The Fear – An enigmatic creature who used fear and psychic powers.
Feria – A dark angel of some sort.
Mavawhan – A skeletal humanoid. You defeated him and he turned to dust.
Zarra – A drow whom you defeated.

During this session, Team A played the monsters, and since they succeeded in kidnapping the Aspect, they all earn 2 Prestige Points.

Lastly, I would like it if you all could leave a comment on this with some ideas of what your team’s next move will be. Remember that helpful comments will earn you Prestige Points. That is all.

Session Log:


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