At World's End

Adventure Summary

Our brave heroes found themselves in the outlying village of Winterhaven. Each there for their own purpose, but brought together by the town’s plight. They set out into the wilderness and rid the land of an infestation of kobolds, who were under the order of a goblin named Irontooth. From here they learned that foul creatures lurked within the ruined basement of “The Keep.” Investigating this keep, they found a slew more goblins, killing their leader Balgrom the Fat, as well as zombies, skeletons and ghouls. They came across the tomb of an old Nerathan general who had gone mad and killed his troops. It was from his spirit that they learned of the keep’s true intent.

It was built on top of a rift that is connected to the Shadowfell; that is what drove the man mad. It turns out that someone else had descended into the bowels of the keep and was trying to open that rift back up. (cue dramatic music) The heroes chased after him and fought the necromancer at the threshold of the Shadow Plane. Kalarel, his name was, the necromancer intent on opening the rift and letting forth all sorts of undead on the world. Karalel fell and was snatched up into the portal and disappeared, though we can’t say if he died or not.

On Kalarel’s body they found a letter from one the Bloodreaver Gang, asking for any prisoners that they could buy as slaves. Following this lead our heroes made way to Thunderspire Mountain, where the gang stated they were located. Upon arriving they found a part of the gang, hobgoblins, torturing a captured halfling. Valiantly saving the halfling they were on their way to the Seven-Pillared Hall, an outpost for trade and research.

Once there, they did some research and learned that the Bloodreavers were located in the Chamber of Eyes, and quickly set out to look for them. And find them they did. The hobgoblins were short work for the heroes, and they learned, to their dismay, that the slaves that had been captured were already sold to another group; the Grimmerzhul duergar clan. Some more information gathering ensued and they were off to the Horned Hold, the duergar’s fortress in the Underdark. After battling their way through foe after foe they reached the prisoners and took them back to the hall, but not before smiting Murklemor, the Grimmerzhul clan leader.

Once back in the hall more misfortune strikes, as our heroes find out that two of the captured people were sold to the gnolls! And away the party goes, once more into the Underdark, to find the gnolls, who holed up in the Well of Demons: an ancient minotaur proving grounds for Baphomet. They slay the gnolls and demons within, recovering the four key magic items, and trigger the doorway to the inner sanctum when their passage is blocked by deadly traps and a green dragon. Not daunted by size nor ferocity, our heroes slay the dragon and avoid the traps, and are granted passage to the inner sanctum. There they showdown with Maldrick Scarmaker, the “owner” of the last two captives. Armed with his demonic and undead cohorts Maldrick fights to the death, almost killing one of our heroes, but they pull through and rescue one of the captives; the other was sacrificed to the rituals of Scarmaker. On the corpse of the demon-gnoll there was a small silver key that magically gravitated towards a magic door, which led to them to the Tower of Mysteries.

The Tower of Mysteries is the home of Paldamar, the rogue Mage of Saruun. There they faced off against this worshiper of Vecna and his Bronze Warder servants, slaying the mage and smouting his reign upon the mountainside.

Thus continues the story of our six heroes and their pet wolf.

Vale Road Skirmish
June 22nd, 2009

The players left Thunderspire Mountain and trecked down the vale road on their way to Fallcrest, but were interrupted by a handsome eladrin named Valek. This eladrin told the party to protect him while he performed the ritual Linked Portal. While he was doing this, the party was attack by a party of Dragonborn and Orcs, though what they were doing in the hills of Nentir you don’t know. It is most definitely odd…

After stepping through the portal the party arrives at the headquarters for the Order of Vigilance, Starfall.

Port Caelin
"We know you're out there!"

Our heroes arrived at Starfall and met the three leaders of the Order of Vigilance: Valek, Jiergan, and Jael. They learned that the world as they know it has been over-run with Dragons of all different flights. The Eternal Emperor (a red dragon) sits in the Imperial City and rules the world now. The group decided it would be best to travel to the Dwarven Kingdom to aid in breaking the siege the black dragons have them under. They took a ship to Port Caelin, a small fishing and mining village east of the Silver Mountains, and were attacked by a band of dragonborn who have sacked the town.

"This isn't a mine.... It's a tomb"

Our heroes slew the raiders at Port Caelin and said their farewells to Valek as they continued to Maernaborn; the Dwarven outpost for trading with outside races. What they found was straight out of a horror story: Bloody floors, broken furniture, corpses and perhaps the most bothersome, live, trained kobolds ready and waiting to kick your butt. Tune in next week to see who wins this dual to the death!

Quest notes: Valek informed you that you are officially part of the Order of Vigilance and your first goal is to help the Dwarves with the siege against them. Your secondary goal is to search for any lost Travel Stones; the dragons could wreak havoc if they manage to gain control of glyphs near the Dwarves’ capital.

Kobolds in the Hall

A mighty battle between our heroes and a band of Kobolds ensued. The kobolds were tricky adversaries, but justice proved the stronger as our heroes defeated the kobolds. Those that died when the dragons claimed Maernaborn have been avenged…

The Dwarf King's Halls
"Something is here.... Something is waiting"

This week our heroes found a group of Ironhelm clan members keeping the dragonkin from delving into Belegost. There they met Rurik Ironhelm, who told them that the dragons attack from inside the mountain. Rurik led them to Belegost, where they met with the Dwarf King.

The King, familiar with the Order of Vigilance, requests the characters search for the source of their foe: the group believes there is a Travel Stone within the mountain, and the dragons are using that to get inside.

The party returned to where the dragons were last noted to come from and have begun searching the ancient dwarven citadel.

Chat log

The Plot Thickens
Kobolds, Notes and Names

The heroes delved deeper into the lost Dwarven Citadel. They happened upon a band of kobolds who they slew with ease. Their leader, Jarmaag Fireseer, surrendered after Lia tore off one of his arms. This kobold informed the players of a few things.

There is a dragon he is serving somewhere in the mountains.
He had a note, which had six names on it. The names, and any notable achievements of the people, are as follows:
Duron Toughbeard: Dwarf warrior who stopped an orc and giant invasion.
Rhogar Silvertongue: Dragonborn hero of Arkhosia, who led his people to victory over Bael Turath
Feodor Malagant: Follower of the Raven Queen. He stopped an invasion of abominations from the Far Realm.
Paelias Starstrider: An eladrin mage.
Lucan Anaellas: (You haven’t learned about about this guy)
Sylvia Lianna: The first elf to learn the ways of the druid. Killed the drow leader during a war between elves and drow, but died from wounds inflicted during the battle.

On this list, Duron was circled, while Paelias, Sylvia and Feodor were crossed out. The other two, Rhogar and Lucan, were unmarked. The kobold was also mapping the citadel, and marked the southern area with a question mark; a part of the map that was blank beyond a hallway. Lastly, Jarmaag informed you that monsters lurk in the westernmost room of the citadel. With information gleaned, you let the poor kobold go (If only Splug was so lucky).

Orsik noticed a faint marking upon the wall behind the altar area: it was Kord’s symbol, burnt into the rock and decaying from centuries of erosion. After a small prayer to Kord for luck during battle the party left. As they left, they felt a small tremor in the rock. A sign from Kord, or Hammerfast being razed to the ground. Tune in next week to find out!

Sadly, maptools crashed as I disconnected from the server and I don’t have a chat log for this week. If you have any questions, send me an email and I’ll get them answered.

RUST Monsters!?
"What will we fight next, a God-damned demon!?"

A tough encounter this was! First you were forced through a gauntlet of traps, only to be rewarded with rust monsters on the other side of the door. But through your heroics you came out victorious. After your fight with the rust monsters, you opened up a set of doors to the inner-area of the treasury and found everything the monsters did not rust up. Gold, jewels and armaments, and lots of it. So this is what the dwarf king expected when he asked that you return any treasure to him. Among the riches was a pit with a ladder descending into darkness.

The treasure includes:

Amount Item
1 +2 Maul
3 +1 Plate Armor
1 +1 Scale Armor
2 +1 Chain Armor
2 +1 Maul
1 +1 Warhammer
1 +1 Greataxe
2 +1 Battleaxe
1 +1 Crossbow

2680 gold
1350 gold in jewels
820 gold in necklaces, amulets, rings and other trinkets. (non-magical)
Several other, non-magical, weapons and armor.

Session chat log:

Note from the GM: Yes, I did throw rust monsters at you guys. In my defense I created the place then decided that rust monsters would fit perfectly in an abandoned storehouse for metal weapons and armor. So when you think about it, it all makes perfect sense. This is just in case you were going to say “GM is mean! He threw monsters at us that wouldn’t really exist there just to be evil!” Yes, I did do it to be evil, but come on! Sorn did 57 damage in one turn, and Krayus did 20 the next, which pretty much killed it. Ah, if only the Dweomer Eater got to dissolve one of your items. That would have been evil. Mwahahahahaha!

Tombs of Lost Heroes

The tomb of Duron Toughbeard has been found! In a grand chamber, guarded by ancient constructs, the tomb of the Hero of Undermountain lies. In order to avoid confrontation with the sentinels, Orsik and Tallon ventured back to Belegost to see the King, and as permission that they open the tomb. The king, surprised at the discovery of not only Duron’s Tomb, but of the sentinels themselves, sent Tordek Coppereye, a master engineer. Tordek deactivated the guardians and you were able to take a look in the tomb. Inside was a very well preserved corpse holding a greatsword with an amulet of Kord around its neck. On the back of the lid of the tomb was written, in ancient dwarven:

“Of the gods, to man, doth hope spring from darkness eternal. Light the way, light the way, strength through faith will heroes rise. Take up our vestige, everlasting”

When Orsik tried to grab the greatsword he was subject to a vertigo-inducing vision to quote:

“As you touch the ancient weapon your vision goes black and suddenly feel like you’re falling. Within moments your vision returns and you are looking down at yourself and your comrades. Before you have time to wonder just what might be going on, the vision changes. You see the Silver Mountains as if from the eyes of a bird. The visions continue to change, flashing glimpses of different places, all too quickly to think about: mountains, ocean, plains forest, sky, stars, each one more vague than the last. With each passing vision your sight gets a little more blurry. Black tendrils begin to seep in around the edges as your vision darkens. The last vision you see is of the tops of mountains, though you’re not sure which mountains. Your sight zooms in on one mountain in particular, then turns to face the earth and plummets into a ravine, and then blackness….. A faint glow appears in front of you, and as you focus on it the light grows… A door. That’s what you see: a impossibly large door, at least 100 feet tall and just as wide. Runes flash along the doors surface; they’re what’s creating the glowing… You feel as if you are yanked backwards and you land in your own body again, breathless and staggering.”

After this the greatsword dissolved to metal powder, leaving a (now very aged) corpse. With that, our heroes continued to the last unchecked room where they found a shallow basin of Moradin’s Blood: a substance which had been used to fuel dwarven machinery until all sources of it had been run dry.

Once down the pit in the inner-vault, our heroes found themselves in a new world entirely; the floor covered in metal panels, rusting pipes, gages, nozzles and canisters covering the walls, and smaller tunnels leading off from the main one. Further into to this new area they meet their first adversaries: a few kobolds and a party of orcs with a pet troll. Victory was the group’s however, though not without a little fun: you can’t pass up oil spills and NOT set them on fire and push a troll into it. Combat ended as our heroes took the remaining two kobolds hostage….

Session chat log:

A Challenger Aproaches

You move forward in the forgotten dwarven citadel and find yourself face to face with nothing short of a black dragon! Shadrenezzar put up a tough fight, but you were victorious in the face of extreme danger. After smiting your scaled foe you studied the teleportation circle he guarded, and learned the sigil sequence for the circle. You can now use the circle in the citadel to travel to Belegost from anywhere in the world (with the Linked Portal ritual).

You also learned of someone, or something, hiding in Belegost and acting as a spy for the dragons. You found a note crumpled up under some rocks, and it read:

Major Notes:
LEVELED UP – you are all now level 8
SIGIL SEQUENCE FOUND – you can use the teleportation circle in Belegost

Session Chat Log:


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