Character Creation

A game should not be work.
Simple = Good
Have fun!

Character Creation Rules:

Deva, Dragonborn, Dwarves, Eladrin, Elves, Gnome, Half-Elves, Halflings, Half-Orcs, Humans, Tieflings
All classes in the Players Handbook and Players Handbook 2 are available for play.
Use the standard 22-point buy-in when choosing abilities.

Character Creation Guidelines:

You’re not a peasant. You should have power.
But, balance is more interesting.
Background is good, but plot hooks are better.
Dramatic roleplaying isn’t the same as emo bullshit.
Funny is good!

Developing Your Character

Characters are people, and they should grow.
But they still make mistakes.
Focus on what your character can offer the group.
Remember that you are part of a team.

Character Creation

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