The Continent of Illia

he continent of Illia is a land of diversity. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragonfolk and even the occasional Eladrin all interact throughout the continent. The people are lucky in that peace has existed for several decades. Even creatures of the Underdark occasionally surface to deal with those above ground. Many, though, are hesitant to learn of the past, for fear that even knowledge of this land’s dark history would somehow bring the peace to an end. This land was built on strife; ancient wars that shook the foundation of the earth.

But those times are history; it is time for people to make their own history. Illia is made up of six territories, mostly defined by the dominant race of each territory. Click the links below to see each of the countries

Scattered throughout the world are Travel Stones. Ancient teleportation circles that allow you to cross the continent instantaneously.


Alden Dorne Dwarven Kingdom Eldarnath Nentir Valyria

Forsaken Plains Starfall Summer Isles Wildlands

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