House Rules

There are a few rules that didn’t make their way into the 4th edition rule books that I would like to implement. This list is by no means definite, and I’m open to discussion on any of the rules here. It is also subject to change if I don’t like how a rule pans out during the sessions, or I feel another rule should be added.

Prestige Points – Addition
A new system for getting in-game benefits for out-of-game punctuality and helpfulness. The rules for these can be found on their own page here.

Turn Timers – Addition
With how long it takes to complete encounters at such high levels, I am going to be using a new method to try and speed combat along. With this rule, players have between 15 and 20 seconds to acknowledge their turn has started, and begin taking it. This means players must say something over Ventrillo or in Maptools about what they’re planning on doing, and then do it.

Turns should only take a minute or two, not 5, not 10 minutes. If you don’t acknowledge your turn, then your character will be put into “total defense” and their turn will end. I’ll be calling out who’s turns it is, and then who’s on deck to better facilitate this change.

Along with this change, I’ll be implementing a “one-turn rule” for retroactively adjusting a turn. Both myself and players have 1 turn to retroactively adjust their actions, whether its because they forgot to use a minor action to sustain, or forgot a bonus that would have let them hit with an attack. After that 1 turn leeway, your turn is set in stone and won’t be adjusted. this goes for me as well. This rule also applies to immediate actions: you have 1 turn to acknowledge and use immediate actions.

Extended Rests – Adjustment
Due to the exploratory nature of this game, you may only benefit from an extended rest if you’ve past at least 2 milestones. This is to avoid situations that arise due to the characters traveling somewhere that requires more than one day of travel. It can mess with the balance of encounters and throw off the difficulty of battles. Example: The battle with the treant and dryad. That was meant to take place without an extended rest, so I had to up the difficulty and, in general, make it more grindy, to accommodate for the extra resources.

Mathematical Fixes – Adjustment
Due to the several “feat taxes” that players are forced to take in order to balance a mathematical oversight by Wizards of the Coast, I will be removing the Weapon Expertise, Focused Expertise, Implement Expertise, Paragon Defenses, and Robust Defenses feats. Instead, players will receive the bonuses for those feats as part of their natural character progression, starting at level 11. Upon reaching Paragon, all players who chose an expertise feat may retrain that feat to something more flavorful for free. Players will also receive the “paragon defenses” for free (later replaced with robust defenses at level 21) at level 11.

To makes these adjustments in the character builder, simply add two house rule feats, and select your appropriate expertise feat, as well as paragon defenses.

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House Rules

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