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Welcome to the At World’s End campaign wiki!

Here you will find information pertaining to the campaign setting, including history, cosmology, geography, known places and NPCs, and bits of story. I will do my best to keep this wiki page updated and current with the players’ adventures.

Recent Changes

Mass Combat: Mass combat rules added.

House Rules: Added two new house rules that will take effect when the characters reach level 21 (epic tier). These two rules are the Prestige Points, and the Turn Timers.

Loot Table: A list of all the loot you have to keep track of magic and wonderous items, as well as unused, but unsold items. This does not track personal gold.

Illia Adventures: The short side track adventure series that highlight different parts and players on the continent of Illia from the world of “At World’s End”. (Feb 9th, 2010: Justin)

NPC Tracker – I’ve added in the five primary dragons that you’ve been fighting against this entire time. The are under the names Content Not Found: ashardalon_, Content Not Found: gulgol_, Skyshatter, _Content Not Found: rime, and bloodbane" class=“wiki-content-link”>Cyan Bloodbane

Combat Rules – Added some new criteria for paragon tier. (Jan 10th, 2010)

Original Artwork – Added a page for artwork for or about the campaign. So far, I’ve got four pieces, three of which are from ValkyrieSinger. (Nov 28th, 2009)

House Rules – Added a feat adjustment that is to be enacted upon reaching level 11. (Nov 11th, 2009)

Granville – Added a page detailing this metropolitan city. (Sept 23rd, 2009)

Mechanical Rituals – Added details about the mechanical rituals, of which Sorn knows one.

Forsaken Plains – Detailed a previously unmentioned section of Illia. (Sept 5th, 2009)

House Rules – clarified rules on death saving throws and the bloodied status. (Sept 2nd, 2009)

Belegost – Added a page about the city and how it is run, along with campaign notes. (Sept 2nd, 2009)

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