Travel Stones

Ancient standing stone circles known as Travel Stones exist throughout Illia. With the proper Arcane Ritual (Linked Portal [level 8]), and knowledge of the Locus Glyphs of the destination circle, it is possible to use these Travel Stones to travel instantaneously across the land. The Order of Vigilance possesses one of those stone circles, having relocated it within Starfall. The stones have not been used in almost a thousand years and much has been forgotten about them.

Most teleportation circles are created in pairs, with the intent that the circles will only go to and accept travelers from the the circle that it is created with. Travel stones are much more ancient than conventional teleportation circles and don’t have those restrictions. Travel Stones can accept portals from anywhere, and can go to any other Travel stone that you know the locus glyph for.

It is a concern how suddenly and coordinated the assaults of the dragons and their followers were. Forces struck nearly simultaneously at many distant locations across Illia. How the dragons were able to travel and communicate so efficiently and undetected is disturbing – the possibility that they possess intimate knowledge of the ancient Travel Stones is chilling.

Known Locus Glyphs
Order of Vigilance Headquarters

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Travel Stones

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