At World's End

A World Undone

This session saw you return back to Starfall with the dragonborn and Iojad. Jael gave some terrible news on the state of the world:

Granville is becoming more militarized.
Human sacrifices have started in Alden, and Valek is missing
Belegost has been invaded.
The Elven resistance has been destroyed, with Tariel, Ariel and Lia’s sister all taken prisoner.

There was much interaction, and talk between Iojad, Jael and yourselves, but the decision was made to travel to Alden to find Valek and rescue General Eramor. To do that you will need to seek Wafado in Granville, who was the last to know where Valek was in Alden.

To that end, you will take a small replacement vessel to Granville. Spaffy has told you that there are secret tunnels in the cliffs of Granville that lead into the Bastille; pirates used them from time to time to smuggle goods into the city.

While you are doing all this in Granville and Alden, Iojad will take his dragonborn to Eldarnath to do what he can about the Elf prisoners there.

If there was anything important I forget, leave it in a comment. Sorry for the lack of combat tonight, but I promise I’ll make it up next week!

Session Log:



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