At World's End

Eldarnath Awaits

And the forest burned....

You escaped the hobgoblin pursuit and fled into the sewers, where you teleported back to Starfall. From there you determined your next target would be Eldarnath.

In Eldarnath, at the travel stone, Lia realized that the stones lie in an old shrine devoted to the primal gods, and that her village was not far away. On route to her village, you smelled smoke, and followed it to the inevitable fire where dragonborn were attacking a camp of refugee elves. A green dragon hovered near, watching the battle play out.

The session ended mid-combat, with the heroes close to victory. Will you have to slay this green dragon? That might be a task too mighty for even yourselves.

Session Log:

Tallon deciphered the drawing of the teleportation circle and deduced that it exists somewhere in Dorne, though where he can’t be sure.

FROM THE DM: I was a bit out of it tonight, so I apologize for the slow pace. The subsequent weeks will be better.



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